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Blown up in Iraq Eight Years Ago Today, Still getting Screwed Over by CNA

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 7, 2011

DBA CNA Anniversary

July 7, 2003

At the risk of sounding repetitious:

Merlin Clark Blown up in Iraq Eight Years Ago Today

Still getting screwed over by CNA

7 Responses to “Blown up in Iraq Eight Years Ago Today, Still getting Screwed Over by CNA”

  1. It’s very understandable if you repeat things when lives are being destroyed by evil organized criminals while the U.S. Government sets and watchs. God please be with Merlin and his family !!

    • daffodils said


      you are a very brave man. they tried so hard to make you go away, as they did with many others but here you are and refusing to let up.

      may you and your very special wife have many more anniversaries.

      you are both an inspiration to so many contractors and their survivors from across the globe, don’t think we can ever thank you enough.

  2. Superman said

    Don’t worry Merlin.. CNA will be getting screwed over soon enough.

    I can’t wait to see what politicians scurry to help.. considering they have done nothing..
    but its election time and if they don’t step up they are going to look pretty stupid considering many of us protected them..

    But ultimately CNA and their co-conspirator Levy will go to jail.. just watch and wait

  3. Dave said

    Im waiting on my trial date with CNA :O( , 3 surgeries later after being injured in Baghdad one of the best doctors in the US doing the work and they still want to stick it to me. They say that even though I was a cop making 30k my earning potential should be over 100k so they pay me $200.00 a month in benefits. I pray it goes back to the full amount because my injury stopped me from making good money and from going back to doing what Ive done all my life. Wish they couldnt get away with this.

    • daffodils said

      They won’t get away with this unless they (the employer or another employer) offers you the same or comparable job you had done when you got injured.

      don’t know what you did or how bad your disability is, but the burden is on CNA to show jobs available where you live right now with the residual earning potental they claim you have. 100k sounds ridiculous. Alj Jennnifer Gee just issued an instructive decision on this very issue, your may want to look it up.

      would advise you to read some of the case law on the website but the truth is that the applicable law is one thing but their rulings are all over the show, totally inconsistent, depending on who the judge in your case is.

      put in some applications around your area for 100 k and keep record of the response before you go to trial. just in case you are cursed with one of the Covington Cabal but there are more rotten apples in other circuits.

      hope this helps a little. best of luck.

  4. […] claims process being drug out for as long as nine years with no end in sight while the defense racks up ever more legal fees, the insco keeps charging […]

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