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RIP Dennis Nalick

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 21, 2011

With heavy hearts we must announce the passing of

Defense Base Act Attorney Dennis Nalick this morning.

Dennis was a friend to many and one of only a few DBA Attorneys who devoted the time and effort necessary to secure a fair outcome for his clients.

Dennis was responsible for the Zimmerman case which set the precedent for proper AWW rates under the Defense Base Act.

One of Dennis’ last and most important DBA battles was winning the Dill KBR/AIG PTSD Suicide Claim.

Rest in Peace our troubled friend

Funeral Arrangements

15 Responses to “RIP Dennis Nalick”

  1. Thanks to Jim Zimmerman Dennis agreed to try to pry our claim out from under the bus that Gary Pitts had thrown it under.
    After one year with Mark Schaeffer, and nearly three with Gary, Dennis arranged for our First Informal Conference with the Department of Labor in August of 2008, five years after the injury and disabilities.
    Five years and we’d never heard the term Informal Conference, one of the most vital steps in a DBA Claim.
    Cannot imagine where we’d have been without his help.

    Dennis, I needed some more questions answered yesterday but decided maybe they weren’t important enough to bother you over.
    I am so so sorry that I did not bother you yet again.

  2. Rest In Peace, Dennis. You were a delight to work for and I’m very sorry it turned out this way. I know you helped many many people and hopefully they will remember you for the hard work you put in and the relief that you helped bring to so many.

  3. James Zimmerman said

    Dennis was a very good lawyer for me and my family.He secured a seetlement for me that has me set for life,He was a fighter for the little man and didnt take any shit from AIG,or the big lawyers from NY.Without him winning my case at different levels of the DBA a lot of people would be a lot worse off today.You will be missed Dennis,RIP!!!!
    Your friend,Jim Zimmerman

  4. Denise T. said

    Dennis was a kind, thoughtful and caring lawyer for me and my family. He helped me through an ordeal and refused to accept payment of any kind. Rest in peace my friend.

  5. Louise said

    The world is definitely sadder and less hopeful with the passing of this good and generous man.

  6. Fred Busse said

    Dennis, was a great friend and lawyer, After Mark Schaeffer tried to sell me down the river with AIG,, I found Dennis and chatted with him, he told me things was not wright and he would make corrections to the case, Aig tried playing games and Schaeffer actted like theres was nothing he could do. It was a complete sell out,Back door deal. Dennis forced them to court and won every time makeing Aig look like the fools they are, He sent my file to another attourney telling him how to wrap up my cases against Aig before he took his own life, even in the end he worried about taking care of me, Dennis will be missed and in my prayers

    • Mr. Fred Busse……..Good Morning sir,, My Name is Joseph Kujawa, I have been to hell and back (IRAQ) and I am trying to deal with life back in the states.
      Dennis Nalick was my attorney also and I knew something was very wrong cause I had not heard from him in about a month. Now that Dennis is gone I do not know what to do.
      Sir ,,,,you mentioned Dennis gave your file to another attorney to take over your case . Would you be kind enough to send me that other attorneys contact info. God Blees You………………….Joseph Kujawa

      • Georgia Carter said

        Before he died, Dennis had a young lawyer from St. Louis helping out with my husband’s case, Matthew Singer. Although Matt did a good job while Dennis was alive, I haven’t been able to get him to respond to my e-mails since Dennis died. If Matt is the one Dennis gave your file to, I hope he did a better job for you than he did for us.

        • Melani said

          As a former legal assistant to both Mr Nalick and Mr Singer, my best advice is to email Mr Singer at He has been very busy dealing with all of Mr Nalick’s D.B.A. cases, as well as Nalick’s personal arrangements. Best of luck to all of you still struggling with these very serious matters.

          • defensebaseactcomp said

            Unfortunately Mr Singer has left many of Dennis’ clients hanging in the wind. Many of those he has contacted have no idea what the status of their claim is. Further he is unresponsive and is not cooperative in forwarding files to clients new attorneys.

            • Matthew T. Singer said

              Really? I havent heard from them. Everyone I have heard from I responded to and made arrangements to meet or transfer their files. If there is someone out there trying to get in contact with me my contact information is:


              I represent my clients well and although some people think that their case is my only case I represent many clients who need attention. I took over Dennis’ case load in addition to my own in addition to dealing with a number of his private affairs. It did take me some time to sort things out as they were quite a mess when Dennis left us. I have transferred all his cases electronically and physically from his office into storeage at a significant cost to myself never asking for reimbursement from clients.

              Again my only goal is to represent good honest people the best I can.

              Very truly yours,

              Matthew T. Singer

  7. Georgia Carter said

    Dennis represented my husband in a claim against AIG and KBR. He was a fighter and a joy to talk to. He will be very missed.

  8. anonymousonpurpose said


    I KNOW that if I had Dennis as my first lawyer (instead of the sawed off runt prick in Georgia)…there is NO WAY I am still fighting for spinal surgeries three friking years after coming home with MRI’s from Kuwait!

    This is such an abrogation of the intent of the Defense Base act that any Judge who rules this way is complicit in fraud! Still in disbelief how crooked and rigged the system is against injured AMERICAN (and TCN) WORKERS!!!!

  9. anonymousonpurpose said


    Rest in peace Dennis, you made a mistake. I am sorry you could not face the consequences.

  10. widow in california said

    It was hard for me to face Dennis Nalicks death. He was the one attorney that was there for me at the final hearing and we won after a long five year fight. It isn’t easy to find an attorney that wants to fight for you. He made a mistake, it wasn’t worth his life. He spoke highly to me of his family. He was so proud of them. I miss you Dennis, I could have used your wise advice lately! You would have been there at the appeal. You would have NEVER sold out to the other side and screw your client over. I miss you!

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