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Fluor employee victim of brutal rape at FOB Shank in Afghanistan in Critical Condition in Germany

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 25, 2011

Update:  Fluor states that the rape victim did not die but is in critical condition in Germany.

This post has been edited to correct errors in the original that reported the victim had died in Germany of her injuries.-Yes, sometimes I get it wrong too. Ms Sparky-July 26, 2011

Cross Posted from MsSparky  July 25, 2011

I’ve just learned there’s been a brutal   at in . The victim was reportedly a female Fluor employee from the Macedonia region.

I’m not certain of the date, but the attack occurred between July 17-22. She was reportedly found unconscious and was medi-vac’d to Bagram Air Field (BAF) and then to Germany where it has been reported, she died of her injuries.

This crime has apparently got the entire FOB locked down. Hopefully, they’ll find the person(s) who committed this heinous crime and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

This is but another on the long list of tragic rapes and murders in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As soon as I get more information on this sad tragedy I will update the post.

My most heartfelt condolences to the friends, family and co-workers of this victim.

Ms Sparky

10 Responses to “Fluor employee victim of brutal rape at FOB Shank in Afghanistan in Critical Condition in Germany”

  1. defensebaseactcomp said

    Comments crossposted from Ms Sparky

    I work for Fluor in Afghanistan and I heard she had died as well. If Fluor would have told us what was going on to begin with there would be no rumors. But they try to cover these things up and that’s how rumors start. They wouldn’t have even sent out the email if Ms Sparky hadn’t posted something about it here. So instead of flipping her a bunch of shit we should be thanking her for forcing Fluor to communicate with us. I have never in my life worked for such an f’d up company.

    Ms Sparky says:

    July 26th 2011 at 7:58 am

    I do my best to try to publish the facts. I got two separate emails stating she had sadly died in Germany. That was heartbreaking, the whole situation is heartbreaking. I still would not trust Fluor to tell you the whole truth about her condition in Germany.

    • J Nemeth said

      I worked for Fluor also. They are the worst for cover ups and lying. Much worse than the Company they replaced. No performance bonus on the contract for 3 years, no wonder they have to hire all there employees from the Balkins. US gov getting screwed by the lack of experience and no qualifications. Sad, used to be a good company till they ingested the dirt bags that brought down KBR.

  2. popeye said

    Ms Sparky, why dont they give an update on this, and why is fluor trying to cover this up, I heard that they still havent captured the one who did it? also I heard that there was more than one. also fob shank is not locked down, If this was done by her on people, punished the one or 4 who did do the killing and send the rest home. This is KBR all over, same people trying to run it, the blind leading the blind, I know because I worked for KBR in Iraq.

  3. Spar said

    Can anyone tell me where I can find information about all the rape/misconduct reports against women who work for contractors overseas (Iraq/Afghanistan)?

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Try, they follow these more closely.

      • Spar said

        Thanks. There’re a lot of links there. Is there a specific link I should look for? Sorry….. don’t mean to be lazy. However, if you can help I would really appreciate it. I’m just trying to talk my friend out of accepting a job with a DoD contractor overseas and I thought that showing her some facts about the abuse would steer her away from this. I know for a fact that contractors overseas prefer to hire women because of what they can get away with and still satisfy their desires. It’s a shame, but this is still happening. It’s free for all over there.

  4. popeye said

    Its December here and they still have not captured the one who did it, maybe Flour doesn’t care about the forigon nationals working for them. can anyone tell me what her name was?

  5. Keoni R. May said

    What is really disturbing, is the actual number of sex crimes committed, and hidden from everyone, until the rumor mill takes over. The criminals will not be caught and prosecuted, because the management, will bury the crimes, as deep as possible. Rape victims who die, before they can talk, will bring great relief, to the management.

  6. eldon said

    When you agree to work overseas for a contractor – be sure to read the contract and
    see it covers all types of insurance. Worked overseas many years, always read & reread the contract.


  7. Boue said

    Ok Fluor knows what is going it was said by people from Macedonia that this was done by her husband he had this done because of what he was told she was doing over there. After this lady was left for dead a few more ladies demob stating they were not safe working over in Afghanistan a total of about 25 I know because I work for Fluor and they say that management in her department knew her, her husband and her family most of these people worked with the FN in the Balkan Region before and that is how there where personally hired when Fluor kept the same management. My heart goes out to her but things like this happen all the time even when female soldiers are molested and rapped.

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