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Who Owns John Boehner?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 29, 2011

We only discuss politics as it pertains to our battle with the insurance companies and the Department of Labor so that you can make up your own mind about who is or is not looking out for our cause.  Only a very very few truly are.

Today we bring you John Boehner  from The Center for Responsive Politics

Over the years, Boehner has received many millions of dollars from industry. For the next campaign, Boehner has already raised almost $8 million dollars from industry and their PACs. The average Congressman has picked up less than a million.

The top  industries that purchased shares of Boehner during the last campaign cycle (2009-2010 campaign season) are:

  • Insurance $609,290
  • Securities & Investment $509,520
  • Retired $394,649
  • Electric Utilities $363,372
  • Lobbyists $353,814
  • Health Professionals $332,865
  • Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $329,350
  • Real Estate $285,400
  • Lawyers/Law Firms $264,050

Also according to The Center For Responsive Politics , Johnny’s top twenty individual shareholders during the 2009-2010 campaign year were:

Some of this was taken from an article by Jillian Barclay at OpEd News

One Response to “Who Owns John Boehner?”

  1. I believe the Devil owns him and most of the rest of the politicians. His name should be spelled Burner, because he seems to be from the depths of Hell, just like OBombaLot.

    The “wickedness in high places” mentioned in Ephesians 6:12 is the only way I know to explain it. Please click on my name to see more.

    When you review the evidence of all the Non Prosecution agreements received by AIG and other major corporations that are seen at the first link on that site, please remember that Bush’s former Attorney General John Ashcroft made between $28 and $52 million monitoring one of those agreements, while many injured war zone contractors and injured and disabled Americans struggle to survive everyday !!

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