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Casualty List Afghanistan Chopper Crash

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 7, 2011

Overseas Civilian Contractors is compiling a casualty list with links

Casualty List Afghanistan Chopper Crash 8/6/2011

We are updating as the families release their names

Photos of the Fallen

Click on each name to read their story

Aaron Carson Vaughn    SEAL

and here

John W Brown    USAF Tech Sgt Pararescueman Medic

Chief Petty Officer Robert James Reeves  SEAL

Lt. Commander Jonas Kelsall SEAL

and here

Jon Tumilson   SEAL

Kraig Vickers   Navy EOD

and here   and here

Kevin Houston  SEAL

and here

Chris Campbell   Christopher Campbell SEAL

Spencer Duncan   Army Specialist 4 Door Gunner Bravo Company

Patrick Hamburger    Army Sgt Nebraska National Guard

and here

Michael Strange    Petty Officer First Class

and here

Tommy Ratzlaff   SEAL

Matt Mills  Chief Petty Officer Stephan Mathew Mills SEAL

and here    and here

Jason Workman  Petty Officer First Class SEAL

Nick Spehar   Nicholas Spehar SEAL

Matt Mason  Mathew Mason  SEAL

and here

Derek Benson  Darrik Benson SEAL

Brian Bill    SEAL

and here    here

Alexander Bennett  Army Specialist  Flight Mechanic

Bryan Nichols   Chief Warrant Officer 2  Pilot

Dan Zerbe   Daniel Zerbe Airman  E-5 Staff Sergeant Pararescue Medic

and here    and here

Lou Langlais  SEAL

John Douangdara  SEAL  Lead Dog Handler

Dave Carter   Chinook Pilot  Army National Guard

and here   and here

Army Aviator, Co Pilot, Colorado Guardsman, Name not yet announced

Jesse Pittman  SEAL

Heath Robinson

Nick Null  Navy EOD

and here   and here

Unnamed Navy SEAL from West Virginia

Jared William Day  Information Systems Technician First Class DEVGRU

Statement by Family of Jared William Day

John Weston Faas   Chief Petty Officer

Statement by Family of John Weston Faas

Andy Harvell   Staff Sgt  Combat Controller

and here

Please send info or updates to

Finally on August 11

Pentagon releases Identities of Troops killed in Afghanistan Crash

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