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Another TBI, PTSD Trajedy

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on September 23, 2011

What is the situation with the thousands of contractors who are being denied diagnoses and treatment for TBI and PTSD?

How many further deaths and injuries have CNA, AIG, and ACE caused with their denials?

His widow is broken-hearted and believes the military deserves some blame for the accident for not treating the Sciple’s disorder.

Remarkably, those sentiments are echoed by Marine Corps investigators who examined the case and wrote an 860-page report with recommendations for top brass. The report says the corps should be more thorough in evaluating and treating post-traumatic stress disorder, especially in Marines with brain injuries.

“This investigation reveals a disturbing vulnerability in the support we provide our combat veterans suffering the invisible wounds of PTSD,” wrote Col. John P. Crook of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, in a Sept. 26, 2010 letter. “It is folly to expect a wounded mind to diagnose itself, yet our Marines still depend on an anemic system of self-diagnosis and self-reporting.

Marine claims brain trauma led to fatal DUI crash  September 23, 2011

(AP) TAMPA, Fla. — It seemed like an open-and-shut DUI manslaughter case. Officers said Scott Sciple drove the wrong way down a Tampa interstate in April of 2010 and plowed head-on into another car, killing the other driver. According to court records, Sciple’s blood-alcohol level was more than three times Florida’s legal limit.

But as the case unfolded, so did the unusual circumstances of Sciple’s life. He was a Marine captain who had earned three Purple Hearts for injuries and the Bronze Star for heroism in Afghanistan and Iraq. He had nearly died from blood loss, suffered severe head trauma and once dug a mass grave for Iraqi civilians.

It’s these mental scars of combat, his lawyer says, that are to blame for the accident. Brain damage and post-traumatic stress disorder caused Sciple to blackout in a dissociative episode the night of the crash, said defense attorney John Fitzgibbons. Sciple has pleaded not guilty, and his attorney will offer an insanity defense at trial.

The other driver, Pedro Rivera, left behind a wife, two children and three stepchildren. His widow is broken-hearted and believes the military deserves some blame for the accident for not treating the Sciple’s disorder

Please read the entire story here

One Response to “Another TBI, PTSD Trajedy”

  1. Joe Blow from Idaho said

    let me tell you I have had to seek TBI care from the DBA system as well as the VA..

    First of all the DBA should have care for me but when they refused to care and intentionally delayed care .. I was forced to us the VA. I thank the VA for at least starting the care even though I could have been treated better from a kinder garden class..

    let me make is very easy to understand… Under the DBA system the insurance companies just wont treat you unless forced to.. by the time you get treatment… your condition is worse or in some cases they guys have committed suicide.

    The VA.. they are completely incompetent. Yes you can get in for treatment quickly but they will misrepresent the severity of your condition, all the doctors do .. how do I put it.. they are “Pill Pushers”.. they do nothing for treatment. They will probably make you worse. They won’t give a proper diagnosis because they are instructed to “Curb” their findings… this is for the sole purpose of when it goes in front of a compensation board they can “intentionally” give a lower rating, hence pay less benefits than required. Essentially, screwing the veteran.

    Now your best bet for a proper diagnosis is through the proper civilian care. Now if DBA ever approves it and does not harasses the physician so much they refuse to treat.. the Civilian is your best bet. But you must find a doctor that has balls.. not one of those pussy doctors that just follow the crowd.. one that is willing to tell the truth and document it as well.

    Take that diagnosis to the VA and they have no choice but to go with it as their doctors are a bunch of bumbling idiots.. O yes make sure you involve your Congressman and don’t be afraid to embarrass the VA’s bumbled or intentional misdiagnosis..

    I hope that helps..

    ***To those of you in Congress, The Senate, The DOL . you need to get off your asses and do your job..Hold these Criminals at AIG and CNA responsible for manipulating your system to deny, and injure veterans.

    ***Those of you from the scum bags at AIG and CNA.. ROT IN HELL…

    ***Those of you at the VA.. don’t allow your supervisors to curb your medical reports and if they do…. REPORT them under the Whistle Blower program, you will be doing a service to your country as well as the thousands of injured Veterans that are getting screwed due to politics..

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