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Injured War Contractors Sue Over Health Care, Disability Payments

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on September 27, 2011

T Christian Miller ProPublica September 27, 2011

Private contractors injured while working for the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan filed a class action lawsuit [1] in federal court on Monday, claiming that corporations and insurance companies had unfairly denied them medical treatment and disability payments.

The suit, filed in district court in Washington, D.C., claims that private contracting firms and their insurers routinely lied, cheated and threatened injured workers, while ignoring a federal law requiring compensation for such employees. Attorneys for the workers are seeking $2 billion in damages.

The suit is largely based on the Defense Base Act, an obscure law that creates a workers compensation system for federal contract employees working overseas. Financed by taxpayers, the system was rarely used until the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the most privatized conflicts in American history.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians working for federal contractors have been deployed to war zones to deliver mail, cook meals and act as security guards for U.S. soldiers and diplomats. As of June 2011, more than 53,000 civilians have filed claims for injuries in the war zones. Almost 2,500 contract employees have been killed, according to figures [2]kept by the Department of Labor, which oversees the system.

An investigation by ProPublica, the Los Angeles Times and ABC’s 20/20 [3] into the Defense Base Act system found major flaws, including private contractors left without medical care and lax federal oversight. Some Afghan, Iraqi and other foreign workers for U.S. companies were provided with no care at all.

The lawsuit, believed to be the first of its kind, charges that major insurance corporations such as AIG and large federal contractors such as Houston-based KBR deliberately flouted the law, thereby defrauding taxpayers and boosting their profits. In interviews and at Congressional hearings, AIG and KBR have denied such allegations and said they fully complied with the law. They blamed problems in the delivery of care and benefits on the chaos of the war zones

7 Responses to “Injured War Contractors Sue Over Health Care, Disability Payments”

  1. RichyRich said

    This is great.. this is a travesty just how American companies manipulate our system for profits. They should all be ashamed of themselves…. Hopefully there is a judge out there that can not be corrupted.

  2. Bamanator said

    And who are the attorneys??? So I can throw my hat in the ring?????? I just got another letter that said my date of 1st lose was Feb 2010. When it should be June 2009. I’m contacting DOL and asking them how these government documents can so easily be lied on.

    • Superman said

      dude the DOL is in bed with these scum back lawyers..

      You need to contact a good private lawyer to help you..

      I would recommend contact this guy Scott Bloch who is suing them and ask what he recommends..

      PS.. what they are doing in your case as they described is protocol they do it to everyone …

  3. The DOL is as evil as the insurance companies. To see evidence of this please click on my name.

  4. I hope no one will forget that Obama, Bush and their DOl and DOJ’s have also committed treason and deadly organized crimes by protecting insurance companies that are committing identical crimes in five different types of insurance.

    ProPublica wrote :

    Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials.”

    “CNA withheld portions of the investigators’ findings when it submitted the claims to the Labor Department, court records show.”

    Here’s proof insurance companies are removing medical records in two more types of insurance :

    The following quotes were written by the Honorable Judges from the 6th Circuit in the case of Wanda Glenn verses Metlife, (Case Number 05-3918)

    “This inappropriately selective consideration of Glenn’s medical record was compounded by the fact that the occupational skills analyst and the independent medical consultant were apparently not provided with full information from Dr. Patel on which to base their conclusions.”

    Please remember WFAA wrote this about Workers Comp claims :

    “Some insurance companies send peer review doctors medical files “stripped” of records important to the possible approval of workers’ comp claims.”

    So … you have records removed from injured War Zone Contractors claims, disability claims, and workers comp claims !!

    DOL Secretary Solis “is responsible” for protecting the disability claimants and the injured contractors, and the DOJ should investigate the suicides of the injured workers mentioned below, but they have done nothing after reviewing volumes of evidence I have submitted.

    WFAA – TV also wrote :

    “a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care.”

    I have sacrificed my life to try to stop this destruction of the lives of thousands of very sick, injured and dying citizens. Many of the injured and deceased war Zone Contractors and their families and the administrator of this blog have done the same.

    I desperately pray that the War Zone Contractors will never forget that the crimes that have destroyed many of your lives are continuing to destroy injured workers and disabled Americans, and Obama and Bush’s DOL and DOJ have willfully protected these crimes !!

    Here is evidence that proves the U.S. Government is protecting huge money laundering crimes, and then you will see a few more quotes from Judges that prove insurance companies and gtheir doctor’s are ignoring life threatening medical conditions :

    Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion for mass murdering Mexican drug cartels who are responsible for the deaths of 35,000 human beings. No one was prosecuted by Obama !!

    Wachovia was fined 110 million which is only one third of one percent of the amount of money they laundered !!

    Wachovia gave Obama and other candidates $1.3 million in contributions in 2008. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia and they also gave huge contributions during this time period.

    In 2008 President Obama received $30,000 from MetLife VP James Lipscomb, and $2,600 from attorney Bruce Yannett. Obama also took hundreds of thousands more dollars from MetLife and the law firm named Debevoise & Plimpton LLP that employs attorney Mr. Yannett !!

    Then Lipscomb and Yannett signed MetLife’s third Non Prosecution agreement for committing multiple frauds and rigging bids to increase sales of disability policies;

    BUT when sick and dying patients file claims on these policies Obama’s DOL/DOJ will do nothing about doctors paid by MetLife ignoring brain lesions, Multiple Sclerosis, cardiac conditions of many patients, and a foot a new mother broke in five places, as evidenced by quotes from numerous federal Court Judges.

    Here are quotes that Obama’s DOL and DOJ reviewed and then refused to take action.

    U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen wrote :

    “Metlife and its henchmen should appreciate that such conduct may itself precipitate the suicide death of a person who has placed implicit trust in their organization. This record is an open indictment of MetLife’s practices and treatment of the mentally-ill and long-term disability benefits.”

    U.S. Judge Jennifer Guerm wrote these quotes in Wright verses Metlife :

    “MetLife relied on clearly erroneous findings of fact in making its benefit determination. MetLife’s review of Plaintiff’s appeal consistently omitted or misrepresented relevant information in several ways. On October 18, 2004, Dr. Barnett wrote a letter to MetLife stating:

    “I am gravely disturbed by your misrepresentation of the facts with regard to my discussion with your independent physician consultant. Mr. Wright has ongoing cardiac disease including ischemia and loss of function due to previous myocardial infarctions.”

    U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner won the Thurgood Marshall Award of the American Bar Association in 2008.

    Here are two important quotes Judge Gertner wrote about Metlife:

    “It misquoted Whitehouse’s doctors and cherry-picked or took out of context statements made. The denials continued to press factual inaccuracies even after being informed of the errors.”

    “Perhaps most egregious of all, it misquotes Dr. Bhan as stating that Whitehouse “[was] able to function” AR 116 when, in fact, he said “she was not able to function.” AR 121 (emphasis added).

    (end of quotes)

    Please click on my name to see much more evidence.

    I desperately pray that the War Zone Contractors will never forget that the crimes that have destroyed many of your lives are continuing to destroy injured workers and disabled Americans, and Obama and Bush’s DOL and DOJ have willfully protected these crimes !!

  5. Abandoned said

    its amazing how an event like this, uncovers the true moles, the weak, the cowards, the ones who are in bed with the insurance companies. this is going to be far reaching.. not only those named in this law suit feet will be held to the fire but all those malingering attorney’s who have done nothing for their clients except for help the defense delay their cases. WOW.. unbelievable..

  6. Tampa Boy said

    those of you who are involved in this case let me tell you what happened to me my DBA lawyer here in Tampa dropped my DBA case he was handling for the past 2 1/2 years. Well, let me be fore specific he was sandbagging my case for at least one of those years as every time it came to going to court he made every excuse to avoid fighting the Insurance company lawyers. He wrote me and told me that because I was involved in a Class Action law suit he would not represent me. Wow. I am sure nothing more needs to be said. I guess the only thing that needs to happen now is to add him as a defendant.!!!

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