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Who Pays Your Defense Base Act Attorneys Fees: Dante replies to Gary Pitts

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on October 18, 2011

Who Pays Your Defense Base Act Attorneys fees  to see the original thread with comments

Gary B. Pitts said

October 15, 2011 at 5:11 am e

Mr. “Dante,” does not identify himself, but his allegation is in every respect a a lie. I have never represented any client who had an email address address or referred to himself as “Dante.” I have never been paid any money from any Defense Base Act client ever. If they win or settle a DBA case, attorneys representing DBA clients get paid whatever the U.S. Dept. of Labor orders the insurance company to pay them, usually years after beginning work on the case. If there were a lot of money in handling these cases there would be a lot of attorneys handling them. There are very few who are willing to handle them. If Mr. “Dante” will be kind enough to identify himself and his address to me, I will be happy to consider suing him for libel.

Gary Pitts

Dante replies with (forwarded):

6 Responses to “Who Pays Your Defense Base Act Attorneys Fees: Dante replies to Gary Pitts”

  1. Superman said

    Wow, looks like this Pitts guy is busted!!! Caught in the act lying!! Wow. And how unprofessional to make baseless threats I sue. I don’t think he should be worried about suing. He needs to be looking for a good defense attorney.

    Typical scumbag lawyer who takes cases and might as well be in bed with the other side. Something tells me there is more evidence to come.

  2. greg stokes said

    Guys, I am a contractor currently being represented by Gary Pitts and the accusations are completely false. He has done an absolute fantast job representing me the past year and now we finally have a court date coming this Feb. I don’t appreciate your comments towards him. The “evidence” above is something anyone can write into a check book, then throw away the original as “Void”. Find something productive to focus on, normally the INSURANCE COMPANIES who want to slow roll guys who have done nothing more than step up and perform in all conditions, with no excuses.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Now how would you know these accusations were false, if in fact they were?
      Ask your attorney if he took this money, plus an additional $3,000
      He knows who it is.

      Gary Pitts had a lot to do with the “slow rolling” of our own claim and many many others.

      Hope he does better with yours

  3. Richard said

    How come you didn’t show a copy of the canceled check as opposed to just the copy- which in effect is…nothing?

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Certainly this was enough to remind Mr Pitts that he took money from a claimant without being approved by an ALJ, without posting personal banking information publicly.

  4. Rev. Joseph Twomey Sr. said

    Gary has been in bed with AIG from 2003 to my records. Gary and John Schouest are very close Friends, in fact, Gary will send his Attorney Bill to John to let John ether to add or he tells Gary to drop a charge. Gary will tell you that he is the best, until you ask him for Subpoenas. That one person that thinks that he will win is right, you will win Penny’s on the dollar, plus if Gary doesn’t file all of the Documents at one time, all of the rest is dropped and you can’t ever use them again. I bet that Gary told you that AIG has your Money and now you have to go and get it. WRONG. It’s always the Climate suing AIG, why don’t AIG sue the Climate. If they do then they have to show Documents, if you file then you have to prove your case. That is not allowed in the DBA. Go to your Congressman, Senator, Get Your Records From Gary Pitts, he will not give them to you. The only way is to Fire Him and hire another Attorney, or go to the 3rd District Director in the last 3 years, like John Schouest. They All are Crooks

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