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True to Insurance Company Form ‘Miracle’ tornado survivor denied workers’ comp

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on October 24, 2011

CNA, AIG, ACE, and Zurich will be trying this one next…..

You were at no greater risk  than anyone else of getting blown up or getting PTSD/TBI in the War Zones !!

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America

Jim Salter Associated Press at Yahoo News

JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — By all accounts, Mark Lindquist is a hero, an underpaid social worker who nearly gave his life trying to save three developmentally disabled adults from the Joplin tornado. Both houses of the Missouri legislature honored Lindquist, the Senate resolution calling him “a true hero and inspiration to others.”

But heroism doesn’t pay the bills. The tornado’s 200 mph winds tossed Lindquist nearly a block, broke every rib, obliterated his shoulder, knocked out most of his teeth and put him in a coma for about two months.

Lindquist, 51, ran up medical expenses that exceed $2.5 million, and the bills keep coming. He requires 11 daily prescriptions and will need more surgery.

But he has no medical insurance. Lindquist couldn’t afford it on a job paying barely above minimum wage. He assumed workers’ compensation would cover his bills, but his claim was denied “based on the fact that there was no greater risk than the general public at the time you were involved in the Joplin tornado,” according to a letter to Lindquist from Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, his company’s workers’ comp provider.

Please read the entire story here

One Response to “True to Insurance Company Form ‘Miracle’ tornado survivor denied workers’ comp”

  1. Vince said

    I read this article on Yahoo this morning. Insurance companies do some pretty nasty stuff to people to beef up their bottom lines. It’s wrong!

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