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Defense Base Act Insurance Companies: Prescription Drug Abuse

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on November 29, 2011

Guest Post by Marcie  Hascall Clark November 29, 2011

Under the Defense Base Act the Employer/Carrier are responsible for the Injured Contractors medical to include all necessary prescriptions and supplies required by their Doctors.

Evidently the Department of Labor deems it proper to first abuse the injured and/or their caretaker when it comes to approving and if ever, providing these necessary prescription drugs and other medical items.  Nothing has been done in an entire decade to assure the injured receive necessary medications and medical supplies.

Since our first experience with this in 2003 with CNA, which continues to this day only they don’t even bother approving prescriptions or anything else, not one entity has done as much as acknowledge the dangerous life threatening practice of running the injured in circles trying to get prescriptions filled.

You may receive a prescription card from a Third Party Administrator that you are required to use when trying to fill your prescription.  Only when you arrive at the pharmacy you are told that your prescription is not approved.  You must then contact the TPA, who claims that is not true and that your prescription has been approved.  Back to the pharmacy who apologizes but does not have approval for your prescription.

Back to the TPA who SAYS they must then contact CNA but it seems the claims adjuster has just gone back to hell for a few weeks and no one else can approve your prescription.  In another scenario they give you Debra Donato’s number to call who is filling in for the Claims Adjuster that is back in hell for a month this time.

Debra Donato’s number is a recording asking you to call another number.  The other number asks you to call the number you first called.

When the injured is unable to have the prescription filled using the “required” card,  under the DBA everything must be approved by the insurer, they are left to fend for themselves.  Most injured cannot afford to purchase these expensive drugs on their own and if they pay for them themselves the chances of being reimbursed are slim.  We’ve turned in receipts starting in 2003 and have never been reimbursed.

This abuse is being played out everyday causing overworked, overtired caregivers to have to run laps to pharmacies for no reason other than harassment.  Often the injured cannot be left unattended making a trip to the pharmacy, or anywhere else, an ordeal.

Often the injured goes without the medically necessary medications for months on end causing further physical and psychological damage.

All because of the Defense Base Act Insurance Companies abusive treatment of injured contractors.

An Award by an Administrative Law Judge and the Department of Labor will do nothing to assure that the Insurer provide these with or without the abuse.

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