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Military contractor death is a loss for Oklahoma soldiers in Afghanistan

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on December 5, 2011

KRMG Talk Radio Tulsa by April Hill  December 5, 2011

Spc. Douglas Pugh, of Company A, 1st Battalion, 179th Infantry, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team scans the mountainside on Oct. 2, as fellow troops move through the Sangar Valley. The Afghan National Army and the 45th IBCT moved through the valley to dissipate insurgent activity, but to also connect with the people

We had another recent death in Afghanistan.

This time, it was a Tulsa man who works as a military contractor.

Bob McCullough had a sudden heart attack at 55-years-old while working for DynCorp.

Some of our KRMG listeners may think that sounds sad, but wonder why his death is making news.

There’s one big reason.

He played an important role for our Oklahoma soldiers and their families, and they might never have heard his name until now.

By all accounts, McCullough was a mechanical magician who could fix anything.

He recently moved from Iraq to Afghanistan.

His job was to make the military vehicles mine resistant and ambush protected.

He had just started putting reinforced armor on the bottom of each one.

The roadside bombs under the military vehicles are the reason we have lost so many Oklahoma soldiers in recent months.

His efforts were working to save our soldiers overseas.

In the missions with vehicles with McCullough’s armor, only one soldier came back with an injury, and that was only a broken ankle.

His memorial service was Saturday at Victory Christian Church.

He was so well know by the soldiers overseas, that they held a military funeral for him in Afghanistan

A DynCorp representative spoke to family and friends at Saturday’s service.

She said, “They held a memorial for him at Kandahar Airforce Base on Novermber 30th, and it was attended by a lot of people. You guys should be really proud of him.”

McCullough leaves behind his wife Debbie and five children.

A medical examiner’s office on the east coast is performing an autopsy.

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