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Include US Civilian Contractors in Deaths/Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on December 15, 2011

The President of the United States: Include U.S Civilian Contractors in Deaths/Injured in Iraq & Afghanistan

Please go here to sign the petition at

Why This Is Important

As Americans, we all feel a sense of patriotism when it comes to our great country. The men and women who chose to go to Iraq and Afghanistan in a civilian capacity to serve our country are NOT included in the numbers when they tally the numbers of Deaths and Injured. Why should they be included you may ask? Why should they be excluded I ask.

When a civilian contractor is killed or injured the American people are paying the bill. Survivor benefits, worker’s compensation, funeral expenses, medical expenses etc are all paid for by the American people. While the multi-billion dollar private military companies like (DynCorp, KBR, Xe, etc.) sit back and continue to reap the benefits of the continued international conflicts.

If you know a civilian contractor who is currently employed, has been injured, has been killed please sign our petition. Although many of these men and women who chose to serve our country in the civilian capacity are retired military personnel, they receive no acknowldgement of their sacrafices when they are injured or killed.

Instead our Government wants to hide these brave men and women and not include these losses in the numbers of Americans who have sacrificed

Please go to to sign the petition

3 Responses to “Include US Civilian Contractors in Deaths/Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan”

  1. Richard said

    Hey you got one right here and there are more of us Injured Contractor’s out there. We number in the 1000’s and this is growing every day. I was injured there in Iraq, in Oct 6 2006. I was there to support our Armed Force’s and for supporting my family back Stateside. We all were there for one reason or another, but once we got there and stayed awhile our outlook on supporting the US Arm Force’s changed. The one’s that stayed after their contract was over, well we stay to HELP and support them in every way possible. I paid my dues there with my life almost. I took a IED hit on MSA Tampa on our way back from Qwest, was pulling JB-8, jet fuel. The tanker caught fire and so did I. 2 weeks on a coma and 2 yrs in rehab, it ain’t fun. I will always support our Armed Force’s in any way that I can. See I grew up military with my Dad, he was a Lifer in the USAF.

    • Please pass this on to EVERYONE you know… it is so important. If we get enough signatures we can make a difference!! I have two senators that I can work with to hopefully get some changes and acknowledgement.

  2. VJ said

    This is a very important issue. Not only that…these men and women who have been injured get no continuing help after their “worker compensation” benefits and disability payments quit. Right now I am dealing with my husbands PTSD after he took an IED when recovering equipment that had previously been damaged by an IED. His friend and coworker in the truck with him was killed instantly. My husband was three years out of work as a result. I have been trying to get some assistance and there are few and far between and groups that will work with this without expecting a high amount of money. I am and will be signing this and will forward to as many as I can.

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