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Ron Paul only Presidential Candidate not influenced by Insurance Company Money

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 19, 2012

from the Health Care Renewal blog

Addressing threats to health care’s core values, especially those stemming from concentration and abuse of power. Advocating for accountability, integrity, transparency, honesty and ethics in leadership and governance of health care.

US Presidential Candidates’ Financial Relationships with Health Care Organizations

As the leadership of the large field of Republican candidates for the US Presidency shifts, different candidates come in for increased media scrutiny. Recently, reporting about former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum focused on his financial relationships with a health care organization. Senator Santorum, however, is only the candidate with ties to health care organizations to come into the spotlight most recently. We will review the report on Santorum, and then summarize the publicly known relationships of the other candidates.

Please go here to read about each candidates connections to the people who are bleeding you to death


2 Responses to “Ron Paul only Presidential Candidate not influenced by Insurance Company Money”

  1. Leaders of both parties have sold their souls to corporate criminals who are mass murdering many to increase profits !! Obama and Hilda Solis and her top managers are equal to mafia bosses !! Injured and Deceased War Zone contractors are one of the groups being repeatedly victimized while Obama and Bush’s Directors did nothing !! Here is the introduction to

    (1) Murderous Drug Money Laundering and Bid Rigging Including Wachovia Bank Laundering $378 Billion, and Bank of America Laundering $3 Billion and No One Was Prosecuted !!

    NBC Links Prove A 12 year Old San Diego Boy Was Kidnapped and Forced To Decapitate Four People For the Cartels !!

    40,000 Murders Have Occurred Since 2006 !! 35 Bodies Were Recently Dumped in Front of a Busy Mall !!

    Many People are Disemboweled and Hung from Mexican Bridges !!

    American Farmers on the Border Are Moving Their Families Off of Their Farms and Wearing Bullet Proof Vests !!

    (Please read this entire document before clicking on links below)

    Obama Has received Huge Contributions From Many of the Corporate Criminals as Seen at :

    (2) Multiple Counts of Bid Rigging By JP Morgan, AIG, MetLife, Prudential and Others That Are Linked Below !!

    (3) Stop MetLife, AIG and Other Insurance Companies From Rigging Bids To Increase Sales of Health and Workers’ Comp Policies While Ignoring Life Threatening Medical Conditions Including Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and Cardiac Conditions of Many Patients and Destroying the Lives o f Thousands of Injured and Disabled Americans, and Injured War Zone Contractors As Seen in the Links Below !!

    That is the intro from and more evidence has been sent to friends and media and will be posted soon !!

  2. I forgot to add that if I vote it will be for Ron Paul just like last time. The networks have done everything they can to lower votes for Ron Paul. I do have some concerns about racist news letters posted in his name many years ago, but Ron Paul said he did not author or approve them and I don’t trust what the major media sources say about this, because they are either owned by major corporations and/or receive huge money from corporations that purchase ads.

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