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Defense Base Act Claimant Alert, Bruce H Nicholson Clients

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 18, 2012

It has been brought to our attention that the following claimants at  some time thought that their DBA Claim was being handled by Bruce Nicholson and/or his assistant Ken Youngman, of Los Angeles California at Peyman Rahnama.  Ken Youngman now works for a lawfirm that represents AIG and ACE, though he most recently reported working at Law Office of Bruce Nicholson as a Federal Workers’ Comp GURU on LinkedIn

If your name is listed below you need to find out the status of your claim immediately if you have not already lost your claim or found another attorney.  If you recognize someone’s name please contact them. 

If your with the DoL, the BRB, or an ALJ, and recognize these names it would certainly be upstanding of you to let these people know they are not being represented.

Maybe even an Insco Defense Attorney out there that can resist an easy kill just because it is the right thing to do.

 Dill  (never responded to the appeal but was negotiating a deal, settlement, with the defense attorney Michael Thomas)

Reuben  (we believe this claim was lost due to failure to respond to a motion)

11 Responses to “Defense Base Act Claimant Alert, Bruce H Nicholson Clients”

  1. I found this also to be true with Barnett and Lerner who delayed, stalled my claim far beyond any reasonable time only to find out Michael Thomas was attempting to corner me into a settlement and using the threat of having to pay back AIG ten’s of thousand of dollars. Little to no representation was brought forth by Barry Lerner and his dealings with Thomas are highly suspect. Thank God I was able to at the last minute find real and honest representation. I have since found that this tactic of cornering a client and the scare tactics of telling the client he will be forced to either take a ridiclous low settlement or have to repay thousands of dollars, and his Comp checks will stop immediatly, is common practice especially when Michael Thomas is involved in anything. The client has to be aware that the client is entitled to a Motion of Modifaction on anything, and that Comp payments cannot be stopped at the will of AIG but only by the ruling of a Federal Judge at a Hearing. Don’t let them them play this scam on you, it is a well used fear tactic.My best advise is to follow this web site, follow the Blog, and be informed. I’m sorry to say the only real remedy when finding out that your attorney is not supplying you with all documents, actions, etc., is to look hard for a new attorney, and refer to this site for the ones to stay clear of, like Barrent & Lerner. Do not be afraid to contact your DOL office at any time, it is your right.

  2. Causally Connected,

    Sorry you had such problems and I am glad you made it through OK. I did want to follow up on something you said, so that there is no confusion.

    If AIG is voluntarily paying someone (like at the start of a claim), they can turn benefits on and off like a lightswitch. They do not need a judges order and there is no ability to file a section 22 motion for modification. I did not want someone reading this to get the wrong impression. While they are “voluntarily” paying, and most claimants are paid voluntarily even if at the wrong amount or for the wrong periods, the insurer holds all the cards. You effectively have to sue them and prove they are wrong (dramatic oversimplification of a complicated process).

    After a judge has ruled and a comp rate has been set, EITHER party may file for modification of the order. This can result in new discovery, new witnesses, more depos, and even a new trial. There is no statutory limit on how many of things either side can file. What this basically means is that no order is ever truly FINAL since itnis always up for revision and review as soon as a fact changes (newly discovered evidence, change in health for better or worse, chamgein job market for better or worse, claimant gets a college degree, AIG gets some surveillance on you, etc.)

    It sounds crazy, but that is the law. So when you win your trial and do not settle get ready for round 2, and 3……..

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Thanks Aaron
      What we’re seeing with Causally Connected and some others who have orders in place is that they are being told that AIG/CNA/ACE are going to cut them off immediately if they do not accept some ridiculous settlement.
      When an order is in place the insco must follow procedure to have the order modified.
      A shame there is not something in place that keeps them from denying medical despite an order being in place.

      • That is exactly right Marcie. While a judge orders the insurer to pay X dollars per week until the order is changed, the medical awards reads something like ” Claimant, John Smith is entitled to reasonable and necessary medical benefits under 33 USC 907.”

        So to screw with a Claimant, they controvert a medical issue as being either unreasonable or uneccessary. You then need an award from the judge on that particular point. This can go on forever.

    • Made it through okay? Sure, if you think ending up with a terminal condition and the constant battle with sold out attorneys and the highly suspect closet deals of Thomas and AIG…Violations of Federal Court Orders take place, in what world is the refusal to follow a Federal Judges Order, business as usual, which is taking place with a game of “Fear” being played on clients that do in fact have Federal Court Ordrs in place, as most injured Contractors have. It is the “Most Contractors” I address, and hope to bring word of a wide spread client manipulation going on. Keeping a client in control, through constant misinformation with the only motive being manipulation in order to facilitate a “Settlement deal” is a wide spread status quo.

    • Great, will sincere, honest Attorneys please step forward and offer your services for DBA clients, your greatly needed.

  3. I ask all of you that have been injured, and are under the DBA to watch the Investagative Report at the following web site. I will ask you to make your own conclusions at the end of the report. And even though this injury started as the simpliest of injuries, this can happen to you. The representation I had that brought me to the point you will see and was in fact the Law Firm of Barnett & Lerner, Barry Lerner. It was only with the help of a selfless and courages woman who’s only motive is to help that I now have new, Honest and forwarding representation. My sincere thanks to you Marcie Haskell Clark. A truely remarkable woman, and you can locate her on the Blog. A report for all Contractors. A must see.

  4. anonymousonpurpose said

    Pot calling the kettle black…one day justice will be served!

  5. anonymousonpurpose said


    Watch out who you trust, you never know what their motivations are (cept for the wonderful lady running this website, she really is altruistic!)

    Many others are motivated by greed and nothing else!

    They come at you with friendly, assuring words all the while plotting with the other side to short change you, obviously getting a kickback or a future promise for another client they favor.

    You never know who is on your side! Just have to trust your instincts and if something doesn’t add up…ASK QUESTIONS AND DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY! These “lawyers” need to know THEY are not the boss, you the client are! They work for YOU!!!

    Some real shady lowlife rat bastard scums out there, sometimes right under your nose.

    Just make sure to take the time to smell them out before they ruin your life!

    Good luck to you sir!

  6. superman said

    This lawyer needs to burn at the Steak!!! He is the ultimate Piece of Sh*T and he is either working for the insurance companies or just a worthless oxygen theif.

    If anyone knows the wereabouts of B Nicholson direct him to shark infested waters or a lava field. He only deserves the very best !!!

    • Widow in California said

      To Superman,
      Bruce Nicholson pulled a dirty on my case too by not responding to an appeal, which led to losing my benefits I fought for for five years. He was licensed in the State of Illonois. You can write the State Bar of Illonois and they will investigate him. I did. If the people he has screwed up their cases or blatantly lost their cases wrote the Illonois State Bar and filed a complaint I think they would HAVE to do something about it. He needs to be stopped from ruining peoples lives, and causing mental pain and suffering. You can get the information off the web. It’s easy. Bruce Nicholson thinks he is untouchable, that he is above the law. Well he is not. If the Illonois State Bar sees that there are more than just one person with the same type of complaint, they dig deeper with their investigation on him. I am sure he has quite a few skeletons he’s been hiding in his closet.

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