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Under fire: Wartime stress as a defense for murder

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 6, 2012

This is the price that innocent people pay when PTSD and TBI are IGNORED by the Military, the Veterans Administration  and the Defense Base Act Insurance Companies.  The Defense Base Act Insurance Companies should be found guilty of murder themselves in many instances.

“We haven’t begun to see the wave of all this.”

Should post-traumatic stress disorder be a defense for murder? Watch “War Rage on Trial” on CNN Presents, Sunday, May 6 at 8 p.m./11p.m. ET.


Less than a year after returning from combat in Iraq, Nick Horner was charged with two murders.

Altoona, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Raymond Williams had just retired and was looking forward to traveling out west with his wife and spending time with his three grandchildren. But all those plans were shattered on April 6, 2009. As Williams, 64, went to get the mail on that spring day, he was gunned down by a man he’d never met.

His wife found his body.

“She said, you know ‘Matt! Matt! Somebody shot Dad,'” recalled Williams’ son, Matt. “It didn’t register. I’m thinking, ‘OK where is he now? Did they take him to the hospital? What hospital is he in?’ And before I could even get another word out, she goes ‘And he’s dead.'”

A short time earlier, the same gunman had killed a teenager and wounded a woman at a store in the same working-class town of Altoona in central Pennsylvania.

The gunman, Nicholas Horner, was a husband, a father, and a veteran soldier who had been awarded multiple medals for his service in Iraq, including a combat action badge. Less than a year after returning from combat, Horner faced two first degree murder charges and the possibility of the death penalty.

“Not in a million years could I believe this was true because Nick would never, he could never hurt anyone,” said Horner’s mother, Karen. “I know Nick. Nick pulled the trigger, but that wasn’t Nick.”

Please read the entire story here

3 Responses to “Under fire: Wartime stress as a defense for murder”

  1. widow in California said

    While these insurance companies still refuse to pay for the treatment of mental illnesses brought on by exposure to the war zone, there will be more lose of life. Who is going to stand accountable? The attorney’s that these insurance companies hire sound like old broken records. They use made up excuses, they lie, and get a person’s medical benefits cut off. Nothing happens to them for committing these crimes. When a wounded soldier or contractor is cut off from their medicine because the insurance company goons lie, that wounded person suffers. Is our Government that blind? Do they not realize that they have given authority to abuse tax payers money to these insurance companies. I bet if all the money that was given to the lawyers and law firms that the insurance companies hire, if that money was given to the wounded for medical treatment and care, they might find they’d have money left over. They are wasting millions of dollars fighting claims, claims that will be paid eventually. But they fight someone who is ill and hope they will give up. Those who stick it out long enough will finally get through the madness and finally get the treatment they have been needing for sometime. These companies are causeing unnecessary pain and suffering, and they should be made to pay for these crimes against humanity.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Sticking it out long enough to get an order that the insurance company must pay for treatment does not work either.
      The game remains the same with insurance company not providing medical.
      And the DoL enables it.

      • widow in California said

        You are right, to not be able to treat and illness or a wound while you fight the insurance company only makes it get worse and sometimes fatal. If they would take care of these claims and not fight them, people could get back to their normal lives. Also it would save sooooo much money. The insurance companies wouldn’t have to hire all the attorney’s that are milking this system. They fight cases over ridiculous reason’s, why? Because they know that the Government doesn’t have anyone there to make sure they aren’t taking advantage. Who ever gave them Carte Blanc is an Idiot!

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