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Al Qaeda attack on US convoy in Yemen hit civilian contractors

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 21, 2012

AFP at New York Post  May 21, 2012

HUDAIDA, Yemen — Al Qaeda militants claimed Monday that they attacked a convoy carrying four US military advisers in Yemen, but American officials said the targets were civilian contractors.

The terror group said in a statement that jihadists opened fire Sunday on two cars carrying four American military advisers who were in Hudaida on a training mission with the Yemeni Coast Guard.

The militants “opened fire on them as they left their hotel on their way to work,” the group said, adding that the attackers were able to flee despite efforts by Yemeni security forces to cordon off the city

But US officials said the four were not Department of Defense personnel and were civilian contractors training Yemen’s coast guard.

A local security official confirmed the attack took place. One of the contractors was slightly injured.

An email from the US embassy in Sanaa said,”Reports of US military trainers in Hudaida are false.”

Please see the original and read more here

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