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PTSD Casualty-Hidden war zone scars claim another soldier/civilian contractor’s life

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 5, 2012

Another Defense Base Act PTSD failure.

McIntosh took his own life in February in Harlingen, Texas. He was 35

Doug Robinson at Deseret News  June 5, 2012

Dale McIntosh stands with children in Central America. McIntosh did private security work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dale McIntosh was no stranger to death. When it wasn’t everywhere around him, it was a constant threat, something that kept him literally looking over his shoulder for months at a time.

A former Marine, he hired himself out as a privately contracted bodyguard in the Middle East, where he lived on the edge and saw and did things so terrible that it haunted him. He survived firefights, ambushes, exploding cars, road mines, snipers and rocket-propelled grenades. In the end, he escaped without any wounds, or at least none we could see.

When he returned, he seemed to be the Dale that his friends remembered — charming, gregarious, warm, outgoing — but inside, he was hurting and disturbed. McIntosh brought demons home with him.

In 2006, I wrote a lengthy profile about McIntosh, then a student at Westminster who took time off from his studies to pursue quick money and an adrenaline fix in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the postscript: McIntosh took his own life in February in Harlingen, Texas. He was 35

After graduating from Utah State, Dale served five years in the Marines — part of it in special ops — but felt unfulfilled because he never saw action. He compared it to being an athlete who never got in the game. Eager to use his military skills and see action, he signed on to do private security work. At the time, there was a big demand for security firms, the most famous and controversial of which was Blackwater. With a shortage of manpower, the U.S. government hired the firms to protect American interests and personnel in the Middle East. They were largely ungoverned by law, which did not make them popular at home or abroad. McIntosh spent six months in Afghanistan, five months in Iraq, two months in Bosnia and then another two months in Iraq before returning to Utah in the fall of 2005.

Doug Robinson has written at length about his friend Dale.  Please read the entire story here


One Response to “PTSD Casualty-Hidden war zone scars claim another soldier/civilian contractor’s life”

  1. How many lives are going to be lost as a result of coming home injured or wounded only to be referred to as “Falling through the cracks”.

    This is far from the truth.

    The law firm of Thomas, Quinn & Krieger, LLPs job and their chosen role in life is to ” Make the cracks”, and make them so deep and inescapable with representing “Denied coverage”, lost wages, loss of medical coverage, and everything they can do to dishonor, discredit, and ruin Defense Contractors in the highly paid profession of representing AIG/Chartis, CNA Insurance companies whose history it is to decline benifits.

    A win for for Michael Thomas of this law firm is the ruin of lives, and yes, of life itself.

    This is “Victory” to this law firm, and lawyers that ajoin in the same. Forty pieces of silver is the price of a life to these that find honor and victory in those that found honor and victory in going into harms way for our Country and in support of our Troops.

    Lets not call it “Falling through the cracks”, let’s call it what it is…out loud…when in fact the truth is that Attorneys like Michael Thomas go into federal Court constantly with the goal and purpose of the ruination of lives, for money.

    How many ruined and lost lives can be notched in blood to your bank account “Micky” Thomas…how many?

    This is the enemy, the Battle we come home to, these that have crawled out from under some rock to fill their bank accounts…from our suffering, pain, loss, and our deaths.

    ‘Falling through the cracks!” that are being dug every day and the evil waiting at the bottom, in his three piece suit, and briefcase.

    God bless to all of you out there that have made a choice for the Honor of our Country and Troops…and go on “Micky”, keep digging, it’s just a little ways further…to hell.

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