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American Contractor killed Forward Operating Base Salerno

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 7, 2012

DoD American Forces Press Service

The attack on June 1 killed an American contractor and wounded dozens of service members.

Panetta was particularly incensed about the Haqqani network using the Federally Administered Tribal Area in Pakistan as a safe haven. The Haqqanis most recent outrage was an attack on Forward Operating Base Salerno in Regional Command-East. The attack on June 1 killed an American contractor and wounded dozens of service members.

8 Responses to “American Contractor killed Forward Operating Base Salerno”

  1. walleye said


    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Just another unnamed contractor casualty, not important enough to name.

      We identify less than 10% of contractor casualties and that takes a huge effort.
      Maybe we’ll catch a news story on this one, or the family will contact us.

      • Carol Austin said

        Family is contacting you! I’m his cousin. I will forward this to his siblings. Thank you for posting his picture.

  2. John Egan said

    that’s why it’s called rocket city

  3. mtsteed said

    John Kirkland (1956 – 2012)
    | Visit Guest Book

    John Kirkland, 55, of Houston, TX, passed away on June 1, 2012, during an attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Son of Jeannine and Gordon, John was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 16, 1956. He would have been 56 years old on June 16th.

    John grew up in Florida, where he lived in Melbourne and Palm Bay. He owned and operated a local stucco business until he moved to Houston in 1998. He lived there before becoming employed in 2006 as a Maintenance Mechanic for KBR, a civilian military contractor.

    John’s first job assignment was at a military base located in Iraq in 2006. In May, 2010 he was transferred to a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan named Salerno, where he worked for the civilian military contractor Fluor. He was killed on June 1, 2012 during an attack by the Taliban. His remains will be cremated at Dover Air Force Base.

    John is survived by his son, Christopher Ashley Kirkland; and his two brothers, Virgil Eugene Kirkland of Ocala, FL and Douglas Paul Kirkland of Palm Bay, FL; as well as an Aunt and Uncle, Glenda and Eddie McCoy of Mooresville, NC, along with numerous cousins.

    There are no services scheduled outside of the immediate family.

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