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Injured Afghan Translator Now Refugee faces new issues

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 13, 2012

Mushfiq was taken to Bagram Airfield and treated at the American hospital. But just as quickly as he was rushed into the hospital, his employer, wanted to rush him out to a less costly hospital. “They tried to convince me to go to the Kabul hospital,” he said. “They even tried to sell the allure of flying in a helicopter to get to the hospital. If I had gone to the Kabul hospital, I would not have been protected. I was a target, too. That day I could have been murdered.”

Mission Essential Personnel said they do not make such decisions. “In this case, the transfer would have been handled by MEP’s insurance provider, Vetted International,” said the defense contractor’s spokesman, Sean Rushton. “We contacted Vetted and they said, Mr. Mushfiq ‘was NEVER at risk whilst in our care.’

Mushfiq said it was the U.S. military that helped him remain where he felt comfortable long enough to heal, and also stepped in to assist him in getting prosthetic legs. He returned home but was targeted as a traitor and a Kafir.

In July 2009, Mission Essential Personnel reached a settlement with Mushfiq.  Mushfiq spent the money on security guards to protect him and his wife and bribes to leave the country safely.

SF Gate June 10, 2012

Ahmad Reshad Mushfiq is a 31-year-old man who walks with a cane and a slight limp. His flawless English belies the fact that he has been in the United States for little more than a year. Even in the hottest weather, he wears jeans. He has a permanent smile that exudes hope. Few could guess he is missing both legs.

I first met Mushfiq in Fremont two days after he had come to California to seek permanent U.S. residence. He, and his pregnant wife, Farzana, had come a long way. They were homeless, impoverished and urgently seeking assistance. Many immigrants come to the United States in pursuit of the American dream. This couple came in quest of freedom from war and threats to their lives

Please see the original and read the entire story here

5 Responses to “Injured Afghan Translator Now Refugee faces new issues”

  1. Molly said

    Vetted International is obligated to point out that the reference to the Company’s involvement in this matter is not accurate. Vetted International is not the insurance carrier for Mission Essential Personnel. It is not an insurance carrier and has no authority to make any decisions on behalf of MEP or its insurance carrier. Furthermore, no Vetted employee has had any direct communication Sean Rushton of MEP. The author has been provided an email and published a quote in part and only in part outside the context of a privileged and confidential email. No contact was ever made with Vetted International by any publishing party to validate any statement or position taken. There is also no published evidence of an investigative effort by the publishing party to obtain facts supporting statements made with the exception of the linguist employee and his employer Mission Essential Personnel.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Welcome Vetted, your input is always appreciated.
      Are you saying you were not the assigned Third Party Administrator in this case?

  2. Molly said

    Correct, Vetted is not the TPA in this matter either.

    It is important to point out that some claims are handled by insurance carriers with a separate TPA and some are handled by a carrier’s own claims department.

    Vetted is neither a Insurance Carrier nor a Third Party Administrator.

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