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Wade Dill AIG/KBR PTSD DBA Casualty July 16th, 2006

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 15, 2012

After many years of surviving an extremely abusive and Overly Zealous Defense

Wade Dill’s  family was finally provided death benefits under the Defense Base Act

These benefits were recently taken away by the Benefits Review Board when Attorney Bruce Nicholson, who was actively pursuing a settlement with KBR/AIG’s Attorney Michael Thomas, had a contract with the widow, was an attorney with the Law Firm of Peyman Rahnama, was the attorney of record with the BRB, did not as much as respond to the Appeal.

While Bruce Nicholson is the one who apparently purposely abandoned the claim, Michael Thomas and the BRB were more than happy to carry on without notifying the widow that AIG’s appeal of her claim was unopposed.

The man I married was my prince charming.
We had grown up together.
High school sweethearts, we were married 17 ½ years.
I believe that if he had never gone over there he would still be
here today.
Something happened in Iraq.
He committed suicide the morning of July 16th, 2006
He left behind a lot of pain and two ruined lives.
I never dreamed I would be without him
my daughter without a father.

Our thoughts are with you today Barb

3 Responses to “Wade Dill AIG/KBR PTSD DBA Casualty July 16th, 2006”

  1. This is SHOCKING, M. Thomas that works for AIG insurance and counts contractor deaths as wins, was actually in this case also.
    A mercenary, is a mercenary, paid for death work no matter how you look at it.

    The last time I saw this Thomas he was standing tall and arrogant in his very expensive three piece suit, ready to walk into court and ruin me…makes you wonder how he even can look at his family at a table as if he has done a good days work.

    When a person becomes void of any conscience, we call that person a sociopath….but AIG calls them their attorneys.

    And it is us, the Injured Contractor accused, cross examined, insulted, ridiculed by these…these sold out attorneys, that made a very conscious decision to become the instrument of ruin, and death.

    For all Injured Cotractors, when and if this Thomas comes at you for any settlement, anything that he disguises as a willingness to do the right thing…think of this post…this devastated woman…PLEASE.

  2. barbara dill said

    I want to thank this Website for remembering my husband and our struggles. Six years and it feels like yesterday. Our daughter , who is now 22, still is a mess.
    Thank you Casually connected for your words of support. They say that time is a healer, but it’s a really slow one. They fought me and lost, now they have only won on a default, (My attorney let them win on the appeal due to his non response. Even thought he told me he had already taken care of everything! He sure did!) I wonder how it makes AIG Attorney’s feel to get a victory due to no skill of their own. There is something wrong when you have to “cheat” to win. That is low budget Boy’s!
    Again I thank this website for remembering my husband and to let you all know I will never give up or give in and settle because of all their harrassment. That’s how they get over on so many. Those out there that might not be mentally strong enough to endure the harrassment of the insurance companies. Call me crazy, but wrong is wrong! I will keep struggling along until justice is delivered.. I’ve got time, maybe I’ll write a book.

    • My Prayers are with you. It is my belief that the Lord has opened a door that may very much surprise you as which one of these evil attorneys has finally, finally been caught in his own web of corruption and deceit.This photo of you and your sorrow just breaks my heart. Perhaps the time has come for a certain attorney to be exsposed, Nation wide, for his illegal tactics he actually thought would go unnoticed into a Federal Court…a true megalamaniac, finally caught….And will be exsposed, and made to answer by those that can take all from him…as he has done to so many. I can only hope the reprecussions will open doors for you, you thought closed….and for, many, many, more.

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