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Army Wants PTSD Clinicians to Stop Screening for Fakers: Chances are they are probably ailing

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 3, 2012

While even the military realizes the dangers of delaying and denying PTSD Diagnoses and Treatment

The Defense Base Act Insurance Companies and their Overly Zealous Defense continue to brutally delay and deny diagnoses and treatment of PTSD to injured war zone contractors, most having served their country in the military.

In fact they are still allowed to force PTSD patients to undergo psychological  interrogation by the infamous Dr John Dorland Griffith who has been discredited over and over again, and falsely accused injured war zone contractors of malingering.  Many PTSD claims were denied based on his paid in cash testimony.

In case after case treatable PTSD becomes a chronic lifelong condition, destroying lives, shredding families.

Ultimately costing taxpayers and our society as a whole much more in the long run but provide more profits for the insurer and ever more fees for attorneys on both side of this boondoggle.

The Department of Labor presented policy five years requiring PTSD Claims to be expedited but the policy was never implemented.

Wired’s Danger Room

In a big reversal, the Army has issued a stern new set of guidelines to doctors tasked with diagnosing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among returning soldiers. Stop spending so much time trying to spot patients who are faking symptoms, the new guidelines instruct. Chances are, they’re actually ailing.

The 17-page document has yet to be made public but was described in some detail by the Seattle Times. In it, the Army Surgeon General’s Office specifically points out — and discredits — a handful of screening tests for PTSD that are widely used by military clinicians to diagnose a condition estimated to afflict at least 200,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

The Army Surgeon General finds great fault with a dense personality test popular with clinicians that ostensibly weeds out “malingerers,” as PTSD fakers are known.

But the results of what’s known as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Test are flawed, according to the report. PTSD sufferers often exhibit anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks and depression — all of which, some doctors believe, can be discounted under the test. The test devotes a large swath of questions to catching apparent exaggerations of symptom severity, seemingly inconsistent answers, or reported symptoms that don’t mesh with the typical signs associated with an illness.

“The report rejects the view that a patient’s response to hundreds of written test questions can determine if a soldier is faking symptoms,” the Seattle Times summarized. Where PTSD is concerned, that’s especially true. The condition is accompanied by symptoms that can differ markedly between patients: Some are hyperactive, others are lethargic; some exhibit frenetic rage while others are simply sullen and depressed.

“And,” the Times continued, “[the report] declares that poor test results ‘does not equate to malingering.’”

Those tests were the standard of care at Madigan Army Medical Center — which is a big deal. Located in Tacoma, Washington, Madigan isn’t just one of the military’s largest medical installations. It’s home to a forensic psychiatry team tasked with deciding whether soldiers diagnosed with PTSD were sick enough to qualify for medical retirement. In March, the Army launched an investigation of the Madigan team after Madigan’s screening procedures allegedly reversed 300 of the PTSD diagnoses among soldiers being evaluated.

The reversals resulted in some soldiers being diagnosed with “personality disorders” and others left with no diagnosis at all. Madigan allegedly used the tests to save money by limiting the number of patients who’d qualify for retirement. “

2 Responses to “Army Wants PTSD Clinicians to Stop Screening for Fakers: Chances are they are probably ailing”

  1. Widow in California said

    If they would get rid of these attorney’s, who are making a money making game out of all these claims by dragging them out for years. Can’t the Government see this?

    If they would take care of the claimants medical issues in a timely manner so they can get back out there and have a life, it would cost so much less than what they are paying out now.

    The law firms for these attorney’s they are getting RICH off the war in Iraq and they don’t even have to step foot in a war zone. Plus they aren’t putting their health or their lives on the line while they profit from the war, they sit back here at home in the states safe and sound.

    I believe they make a lot more money than the claimants and they are making it while they are causing unnecessary pain and suffering.

    If someone they loved, (the attorney’s), was suffering from a disease that had a window of time to get treatment so they would be left with no wide effects, how would they react to their loved one being put off for treatment?

    Knowing that the longer it takes the more damage they will be left with?

    Would they be praying to God for help?

    Would they be dreaming of the day when they would have their old family life back, when their loved one would smile and laugh?

    Or how about your child that is just getting started in life, who needs treatment.

    They have come back a mental mess, and all your dreams to see your child have a normal life is slowly disappearing.

    No grandchildren, no daughter in law or son in law.

    All your friends brag about how proud they are of their family while your’s ended when they decided to work in Iraq. Nothing will ever be the same again.

    I wonder how those attorney’s would feel and react? Can they feel?

    I have learned one truth through my own trauma that is fact, Unless you have experienced the same situations exactly as the person you are passing judgement on, you can’t possibly for fact say what they are feeling or suffering from.

    Most of what they feel, there are no words that could make anyone understand.

    So while the government is letting these unethical cowards get rich by trying to make their lies sound more reasonable, thousands and thousands are suffering.

    The reason I called them “Cowards”, because you would never see one of them step on foreign soil to fight for freedom. They are only in this game for themselves.

    And our tax dollars are paying them to bring about pain and suffering of our fellow man.

    How so you ask?

    By denying proper medical treatment in a timely manner, prolongs the suffering and reduces the percentage of recovery to the individual.

    People are tired of a Government that we have given our trust and belief in that is blatantly letting this go on.

    We are America! The land of the free and the home of the Brave. (

    Except for the cowardly attorney’s that are creating pain and suffering to our wounded.) They should be brought up on charges.

  2. Anonymousonpurpose said

    Can I get an AMEN!!!

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