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Family of Daniel Saville still fighting for Defense Base Act Death Benefits

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 20, 2012

The family has also been told that Global Security, the company he was working for at the time, had refused to pay out his life insurance

Telegraph and Argus August 20, 2012

Family Battles for Truth About Fatal Plane Crash Two Years On

The family of a soldier turned bodyguard who was killed in a plane crash in Afghanistan more than two years ago is still battling for a full explanation as to what led to the disaster.

Rebecca Lake, said her family was being “kept in the dark” despite an on-going fight for justice for her brother Daniel Saville, 40, a former Coldstream guard, who was among three Britons who perished when Pamir Airways Flight 1102 crashed north of Kabul, Afghanistan, on May 17, 2010.

Mr Saville, who grew up in Wilsden , Haworth and Allerton , Bradford, had been only a few weeks away from his return to Britain from working as a private security contractor for a US government agency trying to combat the cultivation of heroin.

A damning official report blaming the failure of the aircraft’s captain and Afghan air traffic control for causing the disaster has been obtained from the Foreign Office by the Telegraph & Argus using the Freedom of Information Act.

But Mrs Lake, 45, of Clayton Heights , Bradford, has made a fresh plea to the authorities to keep her family fully informed of developments as lawyers continue a compensation battle in the US for the British victims of the doomed plane which had been flying on false documents.

She said that, despite investigations in the war-torn country, it had been “difficult” for the Afghan authorities to fully investigate and bring to justice those who were to blame for causing her brother’s death.

The family has also been told that Global Security, the company he was working for at the time, had refused to pay out his life insurance.

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One Response to “Family of Daniel Saville still fighting for Defense Base Act Death Benefits”

  1. Widow in California said

    When I first filed for survivors benefits AIG attorney’s tried to say he didn’t work for KBR, an affiliate of Haliburton at that time. His checks said SEII! Well SEII is a division of KBR! I had read another case before this happened and they tried to pull the same thing. I’d find out what his check stubs say who the payor is. This will confirm ewho he was contracted with. From my understanding all contracting companies have to carry DBA insurance. He was killed while working for this company, Global Security? Their address is in Washington DC, so it’s an american company. This man’s family should be paid since he was on the job at the time of his death. Even if he was on a day off, but still in the danger zone, or killed by enemy or friendly fire, he is covered~! I’ve read enough cases to determine that much. It’s been two years, and that’s a big gripe of mine. It’s pretty cut and dry but they have to drag it out so they can squeeze more money for themselves out of this case. (insurance companies, and their lawyers) They have no regard for the emotional lose these people have gone through. I have found that a person almost has to do their own investigating. The attorney’s for the claimants are too busy with so many other claims, and they don’t have a battalion of assistants to do the “grunt” work like the attorney’s for the insurance companies. My heart goes out to this family for their lose. It’s shocking the lack of compassion the insurance companies have.

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