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tl bunker smAIG WAR  by  T. Lee  Marshall

A series on AIG and the DBA by

T. Lee  Marshall




War-injured Americans are a resource for the American International Group.

AIG is KBR’s workmen’s compensation carrier; paid by and bailed out by the taxpayer.

I was a convoy bulk-fuel truck driver for KBR. In May, 2005, FOB Spiecher, I fell from atop an army fuel tanker, shattering my right hip.

Following five surgeries and four years of wheelchairs and crutches, I could finally walk, somewhat assisted by cane. The price of using two legs was severe pain in my spinal cord.

In response, two doctors requested an MRI to “get a closer look for any damage.”

Their requests were denied and AIG promptly terminated my disability compensation and medical treatment, i.e., their liability.   The mere hint of a spinal injury sent my medical claim scrambling from doctors practicing medicine to AIG practicing medicine.   The due date for my disability check came and went with no explanation from AIG.

AIG later filed Form LS-207 “suspension, termination of compensation” with the Department of Labor.   “Employee medically non-compliant.  Employee uncooperative. Employee failed to attend two Independent Medical Evaluations,” were cited reasons for termination.   No mention was made of a suspected spinal injury or the requested and denied MRI.   I asked AIG for clarification.   AIG was silent.

The DOL later clarified AIG’s charges.   Within a week, I had proven to the DOL that Federal Document LS-207 AIG submitted terminating my benefits was falsified.   To put it nicely, AIG’s reasons were outright lies.   Falsifying Federal Documents is a felony.

My doctor ordered twelve physical therapy sessions.  I completed eleven when AIG scheduled an exam with my doctor expecting some miraculous recovery.   I could barely walk; looking half dead and using a cane. “Did the doctor release you?”   was the first question AIG’s case manager asked as I emerged from the exam room.

My doctor terminated the physical therapy.   I did not complete all twelve sessions.   AIG charges me with “non-compliance.”   I demanded all communications in writing and restricted their case manager from the exam room. I wanted her forced to base her reports on the doctor’s case notes.    AIG charges me with “uncooperative.”    AIG scheduled an IME for 24 February,   and then rescheduled it for 04 March because of a conflict with the spinal exam.

AIG’s local case manager was advised of my impending spinal exam. The case manager then advised AIG. Within minutes, I received an email cancelling my March IME “as per insurance carrier.” AIG rescheduled the first evaluation and canceled the second. AIG charges me with “employee failed to attend two IMEs.”

Reputable companies, once their charges were found to be a mistake or mis-communication, immediately rights the wrong.   Reputable companies would not deal with human lives and their families with AIG’s depraved indifference.  AIG’s refusal to reinstate implicates intent to defraud.    “We didn’t know,” cannot be a defense.

The DOL requested an update for my case file.    The documents AIG submitted substantiated my evidence proving the company lied.    AIG had those documents in their possession from the beginning.     The use of false charges to terminate benefits is a felony.

The Dept of Labor has requested reinstatement of my benefits in reply to every form AIG submits and re-submits.   “In consideration of [my evidence],”   writes the DOL in a letter to AIG’s law firm,   “…there appears to be no basis for the employer/carrier to have terminated Mr. Marshall’s entitlement to compensation and medical treatment.”   Still AIG persists with the same charges.   What I proved to the DOL means nothing.

AIG reigns over the injured with no fear of accountability.

There are Federal penalties in place to protect the claimant from such abuses.   It is the DOL’s mission to enforce those penalties, but they fail.   The DOL is limited to making requests.   The only authority AIG recognizes is the Administrative Law Judge.   Unfortunately for the contractor,   AIG has paralyzed the system with hearings from the war-injured they deny.

Thirty-one thousand contractors injured, 1400 dead, and AIG made 100 billion off our blood while paying out less than one percent in medical care.   Why does the Department of Labor and the Administrative Law Judges excuse these Corporations of felonies?    If the Corporations were held accountable to the Longshore Act and United States Code the system would not be paralyzed.

According to UCMJ § 802. Art. 2.(a)(4)(10), AIG, CNA, KBR, all contractors, are subject to military law.

Could the money bloating these fat corporations be better spent?

And we, the American taxpayer, own 80 percent of AIG.

T. Lee Marshall, “Streetgang”
KBR, Iraq 2004-2005

95 Responses to “AIG-WAR”

  1. Terry Steward said

    I too was injured in Iraq after being shot several times during an ambush. AIG owes me over $65,000 in underpayments. I have 6 damaged nerves and PTSD, which was verified by two psychologists. AIG wants me to go to their doctor for his opinion on the PTSD. This seems like a total waste of money since they already have a second opinion (which they asked for), from the second psychologist.

    I understand from watching the congressional hearing held on the 18th of June, that AIG will profit another 15% for the costs associated with getting a third opinion. Those costs will involve a round-trip flight from Boise to Houston, a Hotel for probably two nights, meals and transportation. Have you ever heard of getting a 3rd opinion? What a waste of the American taxpayers’ money!

    In your case, I wonder if the FBI can investigate AIG’s apparent criminal activity. I would think they should be the agency involved with the investigations and charging the “organized criminals” appropriately.

    • sc said

      spoke with you over phone couple years ago concerned with your attorney being the same as mine after my case was denied can you contact me i lost your number

  2. defensebaseactcomp said

    Thanks for joining us here at the blog Terry.

    Flying from anywhere, much less Boise, to Houston to see AIG’s doctors is one the worst abuses of the injured contractor and the taxpayer that has been allowed to happen by the plaintiff’s lawyer and the Department of Labor. It is obvious why the defense lawyer would think this is OK.

    You can see the results of many of these trips to Houston at the X Files

    So far we’ve not heard of anyone being asked to attend a second Defense Medical Examination. They have drug your case out for quite awhile haven’t they?

    If there is a dispute after the taxpayer paying for two opinions I would think this is the time for the Department of Labor to request and arrange for an Independent Medical Evaluation as provided for under the Defense Base Act.
    The chances of an unbiased evaluation would be much greater.

    Under NO circumstances do you have to fly to Houston to see AIG’s doctors. That is way past “reasonable”. They are under scrutiny for this sort of abuse right now and it is amazing that everyone involved would still try to pull this stunt.


  3. Terry Steward said

    I have made a complaint to my congressman (Walt Minnick). I am not sure he can do anything, but at least he is aware of the problem. We are also trying to get the Attorney General of Idaho involved. Once again I don’t know what he can do, but not allowing AIG to do business in Idaho would be a great start.

    Everyone needs to keep political pressure on AIG to get these cases resolved quickly so as not to further medically and financially damage our contractor’s lives.

  4. Terry,
    That’s an excellent idea to have the FBI investigating AIG for their torture of American (and other) Military Contractors injured or wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I also was injured serving our troops in Kandahar. AIG denied my case as soon as I got home for medical treatment. I had no say as to whether I was to come home. They SENT me!

    I contacted my Congressman, John Hostettler, and he got it opened immediately. He has since been replaced by a democrat that doesn’t give a damn about contractors or their families.

    I think the DOL shopuld also be investigated because they ALLOW AIG to do all the horrible things that they do to us.

    When my case is finished, I plan to sue AIG’s top adjuster for torture and for permanently crippling me.

    That was HIS own personel choice. His bosses back him 100% so they will also be named in the suit. Alaso will be the U.S. Army, the U.N. and the U.S. Government, on whose jobsite we worked.

    People tell me it will never fly, but the way I figure it, Nothing ventured…Nothing gained!

    Hang in there Brother. Eventually WE will prevail!

    Be Well and May God Bless You and Yours!

    Your Brother in Liberty,

    Jim Mallett
    Wheatland, Indiana

  5. jayhawk said

    terry i dont now if you remember me or not but i was in flatbeds and hets at anac. and i listened to yours and other radio transmissions the day you were shot. i was also shot in mar. 05 took a year to get compensated. they said they woundn’t pay me for ptsd because i went back to iraq after being shot. i had to go back to iraq, i had to finish the job and be with my brothers. a.i.g. are criminals, all of them..congress doesnt care because they have been bought off. dol doesnt care because they are the gov’t.
    if enough of us file the kind of lawsuit (maybe class action) the media will pick up more on our plight.
    i dont know anything else to do..
    im currently waiting on two cases to be settled. they one is 4 years old the other over a year old…they just now got around to saying they will have conference. delay and deny is a.i.g.’s standard operating procedure. the labor dept. has not hired anyone to help with these cases since the war started. jim let us know if you do file so we can get in there and make it a class action.

  6. Terry Steward said

    Thank you all for responding. I have an informal hearing by the DOL on Nov. 3rd. In reference to my comment about getting my congressman involved, they received a written response from AIG. The response stated they are not going to deny I have PTSD or that I was injured, but they are going to fight permanency and the wage amount.

    The doctors told me I have six damaged nerves. I hurt all the time, so I don’t know why they are going to fight permanency. This happened over 4 years ago and things are not likely to change with the exception of getting worse as I get older.

    As for the wage amount, there is now case law that states we get the maximum amount no matter how long we were over there.

    It is too bad one of us does not have an attorney in the family who would take on our cause and sue the adjusters, CEO’s, Dr. Silverman and the other Doctor (for malpractic) and everyone else involved in this mess.

    Take care my friends and hang in there.

    PS Jayhawk, how bad were you injured? I bet it was stressful just listening the the ambush over the radio. It sure was being in it! Have you seen Preston’s video of the attack?

  7. wallace mcnabb aka "jayhawk" said

    i got shot twice in the left hand. took one finger and damaged one. got bullet fragments in the left hand to this day. yes i have seen prestons video. gives me chills, it was hard to watch. i went to mc kenzie after you guys got hit. got pics of the convoy. a bradley got almost cut in half on that road by a command det. ied
    five died in it. aig cant figure out why i went back after being shot. i would not expect them to understand. they claim that my settlement for my finger covered the ptsd too. there is nothing in the first claim about ptsd.
    they are criminals. the labor dept. is their protector now that the gov’t owns most of it. we will never be treated like we are supposed to be. the media has branded us war profiteers and mercenaries. if i would have known what kind of crap this country was going to put me through i would have never gone over to help.

  8. Jlbadd boy said

    Guys pleeeeeeease tell me how does one get AIG’s attention? I was injured in Iraq in August 08 and took me until late April 09 to get treatment and have AIG agree to it. AIG still refuses to pay me workers comp and thumbs it’s nose at the DOL. Had a court hearing but continued because AIG told DOL they want to pay be but failed to tell them they want to beat me out of three months pay. One is one to do? How do I get their attention? My attorney is getting the run around too! Need help also broke and no money coming in. JL

  9. jlbadd boy said

    I am told if I change lawyers it will be out of my pocket because of the DBA stating they will (AIG) only pay for one attorney. Frustrated because AIG told the DOL ” oh yea we plan on paying him ” but did not tell them they were going short me by three months. I could go along with that. Open for other suggestions, JL

  10. Jibadd,

    Contact Dennis Nalick, on this page, and tell him your story. Also, keep the letter, or a short dated narrative if you were told, via telephone of the three-month penalty imposed by AIG for changing lawyers. That issue can always be confronted later. What is primary is competent legal representation.

  11. JLBadd Boy said

    T Lee Marshall thanks for the tip. I will call him Monday after checking with my attorney one last time. I don’t want to piss off to many people. Thanks Again. JL

  12. Hello everyone glad I found this blog. I too are having big time problems with AIG. My congressman/senator could not get involved because my case was in adjudication. AIG knows that and as long as it is in adjudication pending an hearing before a so called judge it buys AIG time hoping one will go away. Funny the person I was dealing with at AIG knew what she could get away with and did not fear the Department of Labor. Not sure what’s going on here but no one wants to step up to the plate. They want us to go work overseas and risk our lives but when we are hurt they want us to go away. In closing just want to say Kitty Dixon at the Dallas AIG office is heartless, cold, mean and does not care about one but AIG and how she can beat one out of what’s due to them. I hope so one is reading and paying attention to this blog! Hurt and suffering in GA.
    Oh yea! AIG just made an big profit this last quarter some of it belongs to the war workers they refuse to pay!!

  13. defensebaseactcomp said

    Many congressmen and senators have become involved in DBA claims. Yours may be thinking your claim is in a real court system where the term adjudication might apply.
    The injured contractors are the only ones who are bound, literally, by the DoL’s Administrative Law system.

    Thanks for joining us here at the blog.

  14. I am not sure why I am in adjudication becuase AIG already agreed I am hurt, they are treating me but don’t want to pay my worker’s comp. I don’t understand or get it. Why is adjudication needed to tell AIG to pay me what’s due under the law? It’s frustrating to me.

    I tried to get both my congressman and senator involved but there is an hands off in my case. Twice I was scheduled for an court hearing and both times continued because AIG claims they were close to agreement. I am not sure how that was possible since they were NOT talking to or returning my lawyers calls. As I see it the only ones benefiting are the lawyers especially the one working for AIG. The longer he puts my case off the longer he stays on the payroll. What’s wrong here? Is our government not listening to us or blind to what’s going on?

    Department Labor is not looking out for us or doing their job that’s the bottom line here. I think they are too cozy with AIG for what ever the case might be. (you read between the lines).

    How do we get the attention of AIG and the American public? A large chunk of AIG is owned by the American Taxpayer. Someone tell me and throw some ideals out here. Not sure how much longer I can last.

    Hurt in Ga.!

  15. -From what I have found, especially in my state of Utah, the Republican Party seems to be more the Corporate Party, supporting the Corporation more than the people– I suppose the Corporations donate more campaign funds than do the people.
    -Keep sending your letters to your local politicians, but keep proof of your submissions. It could be valuable later– if not for your cause, but for the greater cause of every war-injured.
    -Duplicate your submissions and send them to Cummings and Kucinski. AIG testified they “couldn’t discuss individual cases.” If your case is particularly corrupt as mine was, if this investigative committee was more than just window dressing they would use these cases as a lead; examine the case file then call the insurance company onto the carpet to qualify their actions. Once the war-injured has opened their case to the government there should be no reason for the insurance to hide behind :confidentiality.” My entire case is available for anyone who asks for the download link. The hard copy weighs 38 pounds.

  16. jayhawk said

    mr. marshall please keep your personal political opinions to yourself. this forum is not the place for them.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Understandable that the mention of the Republican party might come across as political.
      In this case the statement is really just a substantiated fact and presented very politely.
      Not too mention that this is Mr. Marshall’s forum.
      It’s true that we try to keep politics out of this even though we are the victims of politics and corporations. This doesn’t qualify though.
      Hoping we can call this a draw and carry on.

  17. Thank you Jayhawk. This is an important issue affecting more than just the war-injured. The corporate warriors in my state pretty much ignore me. The point is who knew and who did nothing.

  18. jayhawk said

    whatever you say mr. marshall! if you are going to use this forum to attack republicans count me out..and im sure there are others who feel the same way. you want to get into a political debate on who is more attentive to the needs of us contractors? if not, dont start one.
    it is not a matter of your so called facts, it is a matter of
    priorities and focus. the apathy of the gov’t goes across party lines.

  19. The elected officials are charged with the duty of representing the people. When they fail in this duty they need to be challenged.

  20. jayhawk said

    like i said the apathy goes across party lines…its not just a republican thing..

  21. Duke99 said

    Well, lets all go down to the AIG Dallas location and protest..or look up our adjusters addresses on the net and camp in their yards………….

    I will be living in a snow cave in Alaska this winter because AIG wont pay my benfits and the DOL wont give me an informal
    and my greedy lawyer wont file for a hearing because he’s afraid he wont get paid…..

    These people need to be brought up for crimes against humanity

  22. Duke99 said

    Anyone recommend a lawyer ?

    • freedom said

      My lawyer which handles my Workers comp from Iraq is Robert Nizich in San Pedro, Ca. I haven’t had any problems with KBR after hiring lawyer.

  23. Duke99 I am not sure whop you are dealing with at AIG but it’s Kitty D. you are in trouble. She has no compassion and does not care about us. Her job is to save AIG as much money as possible. If she can make one out ten of us go ahead out of frustration she is doing her job. It’s sad but I could not get anyone to listen to or take my side. I guess maybe the right money is being paid to the right person… and it’s not me. By the way Duke where do you live? Thanks

  24. As soon as DOL Judge Romero signs off on “AIG’s” settlement, we will have evidence that AIG accepts taxpayer money to provide workman’s comp insurance for the war-injured only to push-off their responsibility for medical care onto Medicare and the employer offered health insurance of the war-injured spouse.
    AIG makes record profits with the taxpayer’s bailout only to push-off their paid-for liability onto the taxpayer. Hell, in my case, part of their settlement agreement I am to use my settlement to cover any future medical treatments,
    Here is my choice, deal with AIG’s constant modification of treatment or accept the push-off onto Medicare or my personal insurance.
    There is no accountability for fraud or the felony misrepresentation to deny benefits or falsification of federal documents. These are excused and overlooked by the DOL Administrative Law Judges and the Corporate Republician Party who have been briefed on the problem.
    But who cares. Thirty-two hundred cripples and just as many siucides to escape PTSD means nothing. Eating a bullet means one less constituient to answer to. .

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  26. crazedchef said

    I am so sorry to hear of everyone’s problems, but relieved to know that I am not alone in this boat.

    I know that I will be a cripple for the rest of my life for their inaction. Could have been able to recover if treated in a timely manner, now, I will have to deal with nerve damage and pain for the rest of my life. It has been well over 2 years since I was injured and I kept working because of inexperienced KBR medics who mislead me into believing that all was fine.

    I came home with MRI’s in hand after working in Iraq for almost three years with a Dr.’s recommendation for surgery. WHAT MORE DO THEY NEED. MF’s (do not want to curse on here, but just screamed it at the top of my lungs!)

    Every damn one of the adjusters and and corporate mucky mucks (and even the opposing attorneys, even though they did not break the law per se, they definitely were not morally bankrupt) should be brought up on CRIMINAL CHARGES!

    I would be more than willing to sign on for any class action suit if one ever comes up.

    DBA Blogger host knows all my personal info.

    I wish I could put the pain I have suffered onto them.

    p.s. My Republican Senator John Cornyn is the only reason I have made it as far as I have. The DOL was dragging its heels and the DAY he received my letter, he contacted the DOL and that same day an informal conference was set up. Every single Senator or Representative that I contacted followed up my case by contacting the DOL. I have nothing bad to say about any of them. The DOL on the other hand is run by a bunch of corrupt incompetent bureaucrats that should be hung out to dry.

  27. crazedchef said

    One Correction:

    It should have read the opposing attorneys WERE morally bankrupt.

  28. Hurt in GA said

    You know it sad how we are treated by AIG when we get hurt. AIG seems to know how far they can go and get away with. I get the feeling the DOL is involved and lets AIG get away with it. One gets the feeling maybe something else is going on. I too am tired of the countless congressional hearings that go nowhere and are a waste of time and money but make for a good horse and pony show for the congressmen. What does one have to do to get AIG’s attention?

    The lawyers too seem useless and only care about getting paid for their services they provide to us the hurt war workers as they call us, and seem to happy if at least they get some money.

    Anyway enough of my venting. I am at the end of my rope. Come on guys someone must have some ideals how we can be heard!

  29. crazedchef said


    I see everywhere people thanking the soldiers for their sacrifice during this Holiday season…but have yet to see any thanks for those supporting them…:-(

    The soldiers deserve our love and respect for defending our freedoms….but so do those who put themselves in harms way to support them!!

    Stay Safe!

  30. Hurt in GA said

    You know Crazedchef you are so right. When I tell people I was an contractor in Iraq they go ” Ooooo you must of made lots of money” I say yes if you like 70-80 hours work weeks, little time off and lots of mortars and rocket attacks. If you do the math it was NOT lots of money.

    But not that I am hurt and AIG refuses to pay me and than hires an doctor 1000 miles away in NY to perform an IME ( Independent Medical Exam) on me without me present and he says there is nothing wrong with me! What’s wrong with that with picture?

    I say it again how do we get someone’s attention to pay attention to our plight? Tired of the endless pony shows by congressmen with no results but lots of face time on the TV and in the newspapers. DOL along with the folks who work there are useless.

    Merry Christmas everyone. ( Second Christmas in row waiting on AIG to pay me)

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Hurt in GA
      That was not Independent, nor was it an exam, simply a biased opinion based on selective medical records.
      Can you tell us the name of the doctor that they used?
      We need to expose these abusive tactics.

  31. Hurt in GA said

    I will get that information Monday and if you want I can post it. Let me know. Frustrated and tired of the endless bullcrap from AIG.

  32. Valerie Haysom said

    All of these stories break my heart! I feel your frustration! My husband was injured July 2005, in an IED attack. He has had multiple surgeries. Among some of his injuries are traumatic brain injury, and residual effects from a stroke (from the injuries). AIG has put us under survellience, and delay after delay. We went before an adminitrative law judge in July 2009, and we are still waiting for a decision! Before the hearing the attorney for KBR/AIG admitted they hadn’t been paying my husband his full benefits, but we haven’t seen any back compensation yet. Also a warning to all- be sure and check to make sure your bill at Landstuhl has been paid by AIG! After 5 years we got a bill for over $28,000.00 from the DoD. Then they turned it into the treasury dept, who were going to take money from my husbands social security disability check to pay for a bill that was AIG’s reponsibility. We had to get our Senator involved to get this straightened out! No one in these government offices would listen to us! Stay strong, you are in our thoughts and prayers!

  33. UK Contractor said

    I’m reading all this with my jaw on the floor! I cannot believe the way some of you have been treated.

    I’m from the UK, got blown up Nov 2007. From day one I have never had ANY problems as far as Insurance. All medical bills from Llandstull, private plane home, 22 operations in the UK, using any Doctor/Hospital I wanted have been no problems. I take it you are all covered under the “War Hazards Compensation Act” of the DBA?? My insurance carrier is ACE which I hope has nothing to do with AIG?
    I have a long way to go still with multiple injuries and the treatments.

    I really feel for you guys and also feel really guilty that I’m treated well by the American taxpayers, and for that I’m thankful.

  34. jayhawk said

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner.
    Liberty is a well-armed lamb.”

    ~ Benjamin Franklin
    our gov’t has always treated other citizens better than their own…..

  35. I keep saying to write and brief your state’s politicians. Does it do any good? Probably not. But it does give you a base for argument.
    I wrote and briefed Utah’s Senator Hatch and Chavez. Hatch I cannot stand, never could. Chavez I don’t know. What happened when I informed them of the felonies AIG perpetrated to deny me of my medical benefits the American taxpayer paid them to cover? Nothing. They sent me a form letter looking for re-election campaign contributions. Whoa… is this a surprise?
    Actually, no. Nashville 1976: A Gunny told me “The only way to get a politician to move their lard ass is to embarrass the prick first.” I was driving this Marine to the Vet’s hospital. He had both legs blown off in Vietnam. He smelled of cheap booze, stale cigarettes and terrible body odor. Of course, this gave him no creditability. He was a bum not worth looking at twice.
    I have told my state’s lard-asses many times of how AIG had terminated my benefits when my doctor’s wanted to explore the possibility of spinal damage as a result of my accident. I told Governor Huntsman of the fraud and abuse. He did nothing expect to go on to become our countries representative to some friggin country in Asia– a matter of priority. AIG’s henchmen actually admitted to their guilt in these felonies in the settlement agreement they wrote up. DOL’s Administrative Law Judge Romero read these admissions, signed off on the admissions and did nothing. Here is another “officer of the court”, like every one of AIG’s and CNA’s attorneys, who conspire and turn a blind eye to federal felonies– hint, hint, hint.
    Send these ethical, lovely people a registered letter to explain WHY and then send me a copy. The only way to get them to move their lard-ass is to embarrass the pricks first….and then hold them accountable.

  36. Mr. Marshall I feel your pain and frustration! You are so right in your above assertion about AIG. The politicians can care less about you and I and how we are treated.!!! I keep asking the question how do we get one’s attention to our plight? I wish someone in the media would read these blogs and reach out to us and put this before the public… but I know I am only dreaming! Money talks louder than you and I and that’s what is driving this thing with AIG. Too bad it’s not us getting the money but instead the admin judges and lawyers and rest of the no-goods at the DOL. Life goes! and we continue to suffer at the hands of AIG.

    Oh yea a big shout out to my adjuster Kitty Dixon in Dallas. Kitty how do you sleep at night?

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  38. james zimmerman said

    i was one of first cases heard at any level,this shit has been going on since 2003 ,and i know that because they tried pulling the crap on me..get a lawyer(mine was DENNIS NALICK) need another name for class action add mine.and to you richie rich garelick(cause i know you or your henchmen read these and or report on them)THE METS SUCK!!!

  39. I had my back hurt from a construction accident at AL ASAD 04/2007 AIG payed for treatment and comp. for eleven months .A MRI shows a disk bulging and the surgoen my Dr. refered me too stated that I need surgury to remove the damaged disk. AIG never aproved my surgury and sent me to a IME who saw me for a total of 10 mins. and said I was at MMI And that surgury would not relieve me of my pain or the numbness and tingaling in my leg.After firing my lawyer and hiring Dennis he got us a phone conference.When AIG was paying me (for 11 months) They had sevevealy under payed me (my first lawyer didn’t have a clue) Anyway I no my injureys aren’t as severe as some of you guys but I am being screwed to.I think the problem is the public does not realise that if the military did not contract out all the trades then the Government would have to reinsate the draft. And I don’t think that would go over to well. As to how to get AIG’s Attention I dont think you can.I wonder if anyone has tried to contact FOXnews as they love to exspose the Govment and they get their attention.
    May GOD Bless Us all

  40. Terry Steward said

    If anyone is suicidal, I have an idea. Just shoot me an email. Hint, what happened to the IRS building a few days ago?

  41. Philip said

    I only needed knee surgery. But I followed company policy and did what AIG asked. However I’ve been in Thailand for 8 months now, and know they owe me for every minute of it plus 10% for not paying when they were supposed to. BUT?? Am I covered under the War Act. I wasn’t taken prisoner by hostiles, but my contractor has not returned me to the U.S. yet.

  42. Hurt In GA said

    Philip I am confused! Are you in Thailand being treated? If so that is not good. It seems like your company is trying to keep you away the states and seeking legal counsel. Also if you are seeing an doctor in Thailand you can not see an doctor at AIG’s expense should you return to the states. I am assuming you are American. I would like to hear more about you and what happened. Because of this Blog I was able to get some good advice and finally have AIG playing by the rules. Please tell us more. Take care

    • Philip said

      Injured knee in Iraq. When it seemed the knee may actual be seriouly injured. I took medical leave for an MRI. Came to Thailand. Had MRI. Needed surgery to REPAIR. AIG denied approval for treatment. That was July 12, 2009. Kitty Dixson had MRI report and Doctors report, and I reminded her I was supposed to recieve immediate health care. I finally got them to pay the hospital for surgery in Jan-2010 for REMOVAL NOT REPAIR of the cartilage in my knee. I threathened to come to America for treatment which would cost them more. And because I wanted to meet some people face to face. And they said Thailand had excellent medical care and they saw no reason for me to come. If I came they would not pay for plane ticket. They sent 1 check in the wrong amount to the wrong address in Thailand. In March-2010. I fired my attorney and I’m taking Nalick. My knee will never be the same now. I will also be looking at knee replacement surgery in the future. I simply did not want to use up my vacation time trying to get mri someplace like Kuwait. But mri showed I had to have surgery. I thought it would be a 10 day R&R. ( Kidding myself, It hurt like hell) If they had approved surgery. I would have been back to work within 6 weeks.

  43. Hurt In GA said

    Philip you should of came to the states right from the beginning as I did and your company had to pay for the ticket NO QUESTIONS asked!. I am not trying to tell you what to do but you need to come home and seek counsel right away. It is funny because if you look back at my earlier comments Kitty is also my adjuster. It took a while but my attorney was able to get her attention and even more important AIG’s attention. Philip do yourself a favor and get back and stay away from the TV attorneys.

  44. Philip said

    Do you think Dennis is a tv attorney.? My son will be born in 3 weeks and I’m still recovering from surgery. As far as coming to the states. I don’t think its going to have any bearing on what the Ins will owe me.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Dennis is one of the best, most knowledgable DBA Attorneys out there. He has a proven track record of fighting for the injured. He will give the judge a post brief before he has to ask for it several times and still not get it. He won’t try to win just a small part of your claim so he will get paid, while giving the rest of your claim to AIG, or maybe it’s not a gift.

  45. anonymousonpurpose said

    I just fired my attorney too….imagine that. There are a lot of attorneys out there looking to get paid without doing any work and snowballing their client. I am looking for payback….soon. This cannot go on.

  46. Philip said

    I wonder if I can sue CIGNA in civil court. Since they were a primary carrier of my AD&D Ins. They said I was not 80% disabled and that it was a workers comp case. I had 2 Ins. Policy s, so to say. And niether 1 pays!!!!!! What a joke.

  47. Philip the only way to get AIG’s attention is with an attorney. AIG plays games and the attorney has go to the Department of Labor and than threaten with an Admin Hearing. It took my attorney about 11 months and I finally received my back pay and now receive an comp check every two weeks. Kitty will now listen to you without a attorney. Do yourself a favor and especially your family and return to the states and protect yourself and your rights. Bring all your documents, medical records and save all your emails from Kitty. She is a real snake and heartless. I am sorry this is not what you want to hear but this is the way it is. I wish we could talk more on the phone. By the way are you prior military? Take care and good luck.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Can you share the name of your attorney with us?

    • Philip said

      GA.. Recommend someone. I think your right. But I’m a long way from the states and you and I are way outta time sync. Whos your lawyer or whos a bad lawyer?? Any help is apprieciated.

  48. Philip said

    Yes. I’m prior military. I don’t worry too much right now. I’ve got to worry about getting well and taking care of my knee. Everytime they miss a payment or send a wrong amount- They owe me 10% penalty plus interest. The longer they take to pay me, the more they owe me.

  49. anonymousonpurpose said

    Do not count your chickens before they hatch…you can easily get screwed. The judge can decide what “pay” you get without any true guidelines. He could give you the 10% or not. He could pay all of your back pay, or not, he can do what ever the hell he wants. In this system the ALJ is tantamount to God. Their decision is with out reproach. How could they possibly make a mistake? Also, DO Not TRUST JUST ANY LAWYER! Get some REAL advice from people who know what they are talking about…not just because they are an attorney with a blog looking for business on the internet(the owner of this blog is not an attorney).

    • Philip said

      You know, all this seems like a dream. Its very plainly stated in the Longshoremans Act what they are to pay, when they are to pay it,, and the penalty for not paying it.

      • defensebaseactcomp said

        Nightmare you mean 🙂
        It states that the insurance company will provide medical care “forthwith”

        The glitch that allows the insurance to claim they need to investigate first is in direct conflict with this. They should have to provide medical and benefits then seek a reimbursement if on the rare occasion the injuries are fraudulent.
        That would save many contractors from further permanent injury and financial destruction

        • Philip said

          Yeah, but a person with a MRI report and a doctors report. Plus a emergency room report from an Army Base in Iraq. SAYS YOUR GONNA PAY. A contractor 1st injured in country, they know itd their bill and resposibility. They should be crimanally neglejunt. Sorry, I had to take a pain pill. Spelling messed up.

  50. Bamanator said

    Dear Sir, I was injured in Iraq while supporting our troops. which showed torn cartilage. I needed surgery to repair. I was denied surgery or benefits by both Cigna and AIG. I have suffered in pain from July 15 2009 to present. They finally paid for my surgery in Feb 2010. Whats up with this DOL thing? I was suppossed to be covered by 2 insurance compaines. However AIG was the one supposed to take care of me. I was covered under the Defense Base Act an exstintion of the Longshoremans Act. It’s plain english what they are suppossed to do. But they don’t have to do it. And nobody has the authority to make them do it. Since I’m trying to recover from surgery I have nothing better to do than browse the internet and have found that their are hundreds if not thousands of people just like me. Since I was not provided immediate medical care. It couldn’t be repaired. I’m looking at Knee replacement surgery in the future. They say they don’t owe me a plane ticket home either. Sir?? Didn’t our tax dollars BAIL this company out?? Didn’t they report making 1.4 billion dollars?? I can see how Sir. They owe me right now over $48,000. I have done everything they asked of me, only to be denied treatment by Kitty Dixson.( Of AIG Chartis) and CIGNA said because its a workers comp claim, they don’t owe anything. I’m not very keen on the presidents health reform. ( I didn’t vote for him) BUT!! When free enterprise health care works like this!! I think everybody wants something different. If you have time sir. I’ll show you a website that has people like me and the tricks used by AIG. They sent me 1 check sir for the wrong amount to the wrong address and all this is part of their don’t pay policy. is the check amount and the DOL Department of Labor was sent a letter stating they had begun payment of the maxim amount. THEY BOTH KNOW THATS NOT TRUE. They DOL sets the maxim. Sir, If I was sitting in the U.S.A. I would be broke with no food and lost everything I owned!! And thats whats happenning to a lot of people. Here a place where someone can see some of whats going on.

  51. Bamanator said

    This is part of the letter sent to my Congressman and both Senators and Nanci Polosi.

  52. Philip, I cannot stress enough you are screwed unless you have an lawyer back here in the states. YES! it does make an big difference.You have to play the game and go see their doctors and everything but if you are really hurt it does not matter. I seen three of their doctors and they all said the same thing. In the end they had to pay and treat me. Jump on an plane and haul ass quickly to the states and let someone who deals with this kinda of stuff handle it. I all ready found out trying myself it does not work. You have a short fuse too on doing something. Take care and good luck.

  53. Yes I think you should and bring all of your medical records and anything else that help your case. I played this AIG game with Kitty Dixon in the beginning but didn’t get her attention until I had a lawyer and also contacted my congressman and senator. It’s slow going but it works. Have to be patient. Take care and congrats on your first son.

    • Philip said

      With a response like that, I better help you pick a lawyer Bud. I’m still trying to recover from my surgery. They can’t push something thru while I’m disabled and stranded. My doctor, (whom they agree is a good choice) has not released me to travel. Besides. If I was there. They might try to put me under watch and want me to see their doctor. All kinds of stupid stuff. I know it will boil down to who the judge is. Because it is a very plain case. I have kept everything for my lawyer. I work hard for my lawyer going over everything he’ll need. I already have things for Dennis to look at and the points of prove marked. So that it will save him time. Its his job and mine to see that these things get admitted as evidence. You need to help your’s to. Don’t leave everything to him. Bring up points you want made and check his responce. If he never listens to you and thinks YOUR AN IDIOT, he’s not a good attorney. P.S. A good attorney can READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Speaking of which. I asked for your help and never got an answer. Also a couple of other people asked the same question, and no answer. Maybe your kin to my last attorney or something. You never answered direct questions. This is a sign of untruthfulness. I’m only replying because you replied to me, direct. But you skip the questions I ask and give vague responces. Like my last lawyer. I like direct Answers. YES- NO- I DON’T RECALL.

  54. Philip I am not dancing around or ignoring your question on who my lawyer was. I did ask my lawyer for his permission to use his name on this blog and he finally responded to my email that it was OK as long as I do NOT recommend him or try to steer someone toward him. His name is J Merchant III and I was happy with his results. As I mentioned it was slow going but found out it was because of the large amount of claims filed with AIG many of them bogus and because of that everyone is treated as if their claim is bogus hoping one will go away after many rejections by AIG. Again I personally think you get better results if you were home in the states. Just my belief. Others who read this may disagree with me. Again good luck and hope you see your new son soon.

    • Philip said

      Thanks, I appreciate the info. I didn’t think about the bogus claims. They probably do get alot. Have a good one. And thanks again.

      • defensebaseactcomp said

        It’s actually a much smaller number than you would think though there will always be people trying to make the system.
        What would normally happen is that the insurance company would come back and sue the claimant who filed a fraudulent claim. In this system they do not have to do that because they don’t have to pay claims in the first place.
        What is so tragic here is that many contractors injuries become permanent disabilities due to a lack of medical care during these years that the insurance company refuse to pay.
        Some even die while fighting for benefits, problem solved.

        • GoingSilent said

          Yes!! I read the X-Files and couldn’t believe my eyes!! 1 guy blown off a trailer and fracture of T-12 and round up oweing AIG. I just thought my family would get the benefits. I’ve kept records and I’m in the process of insuring that the paper trail will tell the complete story. In case I’m not around. But I truly think. I will wind up seeing congressman and senators, sooner or later. I’m going to see my doctor this week. Because I don’t see where I’m all that better after surgery.

  55. anonymousonpurpose said


    A whole lot of new responses…all I can is “Let’s get em!” Every damn one of them should be harassed and sued the way they have treated us. I PRAY to win the lottery so I can sue these adjusters,insurance specialists, Deadbeat lawyers who do nothing, these so called “independent medical examiners”, and last but not least the ALJ’s who disregard the facts and write law from the bench instead of interpreting what is already written. Oh yeah, I would put so much pressure on the DOJ that they would HAVE to file criminal charges because what these people are doing is tantamount to fraud! They all should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Going Silent said

      I watched the sub-commitee hearing and its plain to understand. AIG makes money for denying. The lawyers get their fee (and probable do little or nothing) plus %15. Its win win situation for the Ins. Co.

  56. brit guy said

    It is not surprising that the insurers do not want to play by the rules. The act designed to protect workers is just a cash cow for the insurers and their attorneys. The war hazards act is an excuse for abuse. A worker falls from a lorry breaks his leg triggers a claim but it is not covered under WHCA. Another worker injured by insurgent actions must be a trigger for the insurers attorneys to start fighting the claim. Regardless of the outcome they know they will be paid. In fact it is in their interests to fight the case. The longer that they can fight it the more money they earn. So those most seriously injured not only suffer because of their injuries but must also suffer so the insurers attorneys can profit from their injuries and sacrifice. They sit behind desks coming up with dubious reasons to deny the claim whatever the human cost. I wonder how many of these claims would be fought if the attorneys did not get paid if they lost the case. They could write this into the WHCA should the insurers and their attorneys fight and lose the case then they are unable to claim the money back. Why should these people be rewarded for destroying human life? If I may roughly quote your President on his recent trip to Afghanistan that this war on terror is being fought against people who do not value human life. I cannot wait to see the US Marines storm the offices of AIG the 101st Airbourne tramping around the offices of CAN well maybe not. It might be worth pointing out to the President though that he may wish to choose his words more carefully or maybe he might want to look closer to home to see what value the insurance industry places on human life of those who support your Armed forces.

    • anonymousonpurpose said

      I couldn’t have said it better myself…Cheers!

      (LOL…the 101rst charging into the offices of AIG with all guns blazing!)

  57. […] AIG-WAR […]

  58. Fire In The Hole said

    I think we need to give Tanya Harding and her Ex Husband a phone call..we have a new job for you..take cake of some idiots at AIG who do not know what pain is. it has been my unfortunate experience, that these people will never help you like they are supposed to unless something like what has happened to these brave folks, happens to them or their loved ones. God Bless You All, and I Hope Someone in Congress will do something soon to right this reprehensible wrong!

  59. david brown said

    You can forget that.Congress ain’t gonna do squat.There all in bed together.They are all a Bunch of felons and the only hope we have is to get them in court.I was hurt in 2007 and still no court date.

  60. t s said

    I been fight AIG. well read lot of the post we can say they are ass, I won my case permanency and the wage ,medical treatment. I have not had any of my medical bills pay past or present AIG was order to do. Well my law firm seem to be ready to sue again. It funny AIG have paid for fight from Thailand to Washington D.C. 3 times for me. long flight too, see AIG doctor , and take my statement.
    I hate AIG, pmc are the wrong people to mess over AIG worker can be Google for name and addresses, They all live in Huston area. Look my adjuster address and home number up.So call him up tell him how your family is getting a hardship, now we are hurt can’t work, don’t have money for gas and food, house. bullets are cheep AIG CEO need PMC service soon. LOL

    • Going Silent said

      It’s funny you said that, because, most contractors are prior military. In this day and age. When people learn of impending death or get so old they know they will die in prison before anything is done. They go after vengence. I wouldn’t have thier job!! I’d be looking around every corner and see people hiding behind trees looking for me.

  61. Yeahlike Youwont Spammetodeath said

    Why are all the links on this site dead? Did AIG finally pay the right person?

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      If they are Department of Labor links it is because they intentionally, regularly, change their links.
      Please let us know of any specific links you’ve come across and we’ll update them asap.
      AIG has certainly not paid the right person yet 🙂

  62. ALLAN BARNETT said

    BIG AL


  63. David said

    Pretty sure they are only intitled to 1 –2nd opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      In a reasonable system that would be the case.
      They drag the claim out and then say it’s been so long they need another DME.

  64. David said

    Then it should be with the same doctor or your own doctor. They are fishing for a doctor to say what they want to hear.

  65. anonymousonpurpose said

    To Allen…

    I understand..I am fighting so hard, for so long…It hurts to live. Yet I am still going. I am at my wits end…it has been three years..started seeing a psychiatrist and things are only going downhill. All I have left is hope. I am a virtual hermit sitting on my ranch property. Not happy, incredibly zombified…life is not worth living like this, but I will not give them the satisfaction of beating me….one day I will PREVAIL!!!!!!!

    To anyone I explain my case to in less than one minute cannot believe I am in the situation I am in. I am only here because of a crooked, lying DBA Lawyer who lied to me about EVERYTHING for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! The S.O.B. deserves to die, but I’ll settler for suing him for malpractice when I finally win my case (you have four years under Georgia law, MF won’t know what hit him).

    I just skipped my 25th High school reunion (I paid for tickets for both nights) because I feel completely worthless. I haven’t worked in three long years, I can’t function sexually worth a damn, I am running out of money (and yet my lawyer keeps wanting me to spend more) and I am at my wits end…I literally am losing my sanity….

    I need help so badly and yet I don;’t know who to ask to make it all better….this is so wrong that they have stolen my life from me…

  66. anonymousonpurpose said

    Still waiting.

    Hope and prayer are all I have left………………

  67. walleye said

    They are criminals of the lowest order.

  68. John said

    CNA is no better. I know many hurt as myself over sea’a that are fighting the Insurance Company’s.

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