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  1. Injured Contractor said

    I was injured twice in Iraq, and have two claims with AIG. AIG started sending me to their doctor’s and the most recent stated that “No work restrictions in the U.S., but he (me)is unable to work in Iraq due to the extreme heat and the body gear would ? with his pain”.
    The surgeon recommended I see a specialist, have an MRI and AIG denied that.
    Another doctor recommended I have the teflon-mesh removed, – didn’t (hasn’t happened.
    Apparently, I have something called “Inguinal traumatic neuroma”. Severed nerves at double hernia sites. Shooting pain, on both sides most of the time, even wakes me up. I take pain medicine throught out the day.
    This IME doctor saw me for less than 10 minutes 1 time, didn’t do a proper exam, and of course the IME nurse was there taking notes.
    The extreme heat in Iraq never bothered me (I am from Arkansas).
    I am terrified of AIG/
    AIU Holdings.
    Is it possible or would it be advantagous if one of your reporters/camera man/woman came into the examination room with me during my next exam on August 4, 2009 @ 1015AM ?
    AIG can have one of their hired nurses in there – why can’t I have an unbiased reporter in there too ?
    I was a Fuel-tanker convoy driver – being shot-at, dodging I.E.D.’s, all over Iraq for 2 years – and I have come home to a different kind of “Terrorist”, one that can ruin me completely.
    I could lose my home, car, furniture, good credit and be homeless, and of course be bankrupt.
    I have a DBA attorney now – but from past dealings with AIG – they seem to prevail while the rest of us injured contractor’s suffer in ways only (we) can understand.
    Please don’t post my name as I am certain that AIG reads everything that is written and published.


  2. i was ijured in simul circumstances.
    worked for the colation of the willing in kawait.
    15 years pasedd still waitng for compsation.
    cheeers ia
    i do not think are aware of the risk
    let so other bugger do it

  3. AL said

    I cannot find a doctor in the Sierra Vista/Tucson Az area that knows what the hell Defense Base Act is. When I try to explain it to the receptionist they only understand workers comp and turn me away. Does anyone one know of a doctor in this area that works with DBA? AL

    • Rick Howard said

      First you file with your Employer, Then your doctor files his paperwork with to the employer just like workman’s compensation until the employer notify’s them of the DBA Carrier they have. Then they file all remaining bill with that carrier.

  4. Art said

    I am just looking for someone to talk to. When I came here in 04, am still here (Iraq), PTSD was the furthest thing from my mind. I think there might be a problem. I am not looking for a handout or formedical attention or compensation in any way. I would just like to know if there is someone to talk to about the stuff in my head. Those of you who have worked here for any time at all know what I am talking about.

  5. looking for a detail.
    Thank you.

  6. im a former us marine and been driving a tractor – trailer for over 22 years. I am very much interested inworkingfor you or and company like yopurs, but cant seem to get the infomationIneed. Can youhelp inany way? Thank you,ED Simmons

  7. Deborah Lobaugh said

    I am trying to find out if anyone knows anyone that I can contact to find out if my fiancee is alright? He is a contractor in Afghanistan I haven’t talked to him in 4 months now the last time I talked to him he was on a mission and was suppose to try to skytype me a couple days later and I haven’t heard from him. I am very worried and don’t know who to contact or anything about him. Does anyone have any suggestions of who a good contact would be? He is a special forces trainer.

  8. Brit guy said

    Not sure how it works in the USA but the British consulate keeps track of contractor movements. If not the company he worked for should be able to tell you. However in large areas of the country comms are difficult and if he is in a FOB then comms can be nearly impossible. But I am sure he is ok so try not to worry

    • JK said

      Dear Brit guy
      I have read several of your replies on this blog, you come across as a bloke who is very much clued into the DBA and the way it works. I am a former UK security contractor who was injured in Iraq while working on a US contract. I would very much like to talk to you either by e mail or phone ?
      Hopefully hear from you soon mate.

      Best regards

  9. Laura Wells said

    Does anyone know a mailing address for the Bagram AB in Afghanistan? I have read here and other sites that communications is difficult at best…what are the chances if I sent a laptop to Bagram that the right individual will receive it? Anyone have any positive or negative experiences and willing to share them with me? Thanks…

    • Brit guy said

      Do not send anything of value through the postal system. Here is number for Bagram Airfield Base Operator (318)-431-1110 Not sure how the US system works but it might be worth a try good luck

  10. Terry said

    just a few weeks ago my truck was blown up by an EFP while driving outside-the-wire in baghdad. i was sent home due to a mild/moderate concussion that has turned into a mild TBI. i also was diagosed with PTSD. after reading this website i am terrified. are there any contractors that get injured and get settlements that are fair? or timely?
    i am truly petrified i will lose everything…..

    • Dave G said

      Youll be ok mate,
      1 U have to now secure close friends around you,
      2 Find a doctor that refers you to a rehab PTSD EXP!!!!!! doctor.
      3 dont drink, any form of drugs
      4 sty away from any forms of exposure to negative aspects
      5 delegate decisions
      6 or bounce off your daily routine, DONT do the SAME thing daily!!! f…..kin boring
      7 be positive an work with yur councillor ref DBA an your case manager an allocated nurse.

      I was EFPd also mate you will be ok.

  11. brit guy said

    Today we remember those killed in the attack on the USA by a group of extremists. Some of us from foreign lands at the bequest of our political masters stepped forward to join the fight against these terrorists. After fighting as part of our armed forces to end the war on terror some of us stepped forward yet again on private contracts to support the war on terror. Yes we were well paid but if you consider what we earned it is nowhere near what attorneys or the heads of the insurances companies get paid forget the bonuses just look at the salaries. Yet when injured we face the terror of the insurance industry with no support from the political masters who went to war to prevent this terror.




  12. widow in California said

    I thought I would be able to move on after I was awarded my widows benefits 1/21/2011! I knew that they would appeal, they alway’s do. Dennis Nalick was the attorney at the final hearing, but while waiting for the decision he lost his license to practise. So up steps BRUCE NICHOLSON! He was the one who called me with the good news. He gained my trust with his speeches of “how he likes to be able to sleep at night”, and how he couldn’t stand the way the people were getting screwed. He also tried to drive a wedge between myself and another lady from another support group for the contractors. It didn’t work. I kept in touch with her but figured their issues were between them, not me. Well they appealed, (of course), and Mr Nicholson told me that he would get on it right away. Then his assistant called me with a “pay out offer”. It was an insult that they even would suggest a pay out so ridiculous. I said “No Thank You”! I emailed Bruce and I never heard from him again. The last time we had talked he said he was working on the response. Well guess what, he never responded to the appeal. So my benefits have been cut off because I had no counsel to fight my case. He did nothing for me! The BRB have “Vacated and Resended” my case for widows benefits back to the OALJ. Mr Nicholson is a truely evil person who lies to the people. He gains their trust, so thinking he’s fighting for you , he’s helping the other side. Not sure who to trust since I have had three attorneys and they have all been bad. There should be some sort of legal recourse to stop these criminals. They need to be behind bars. I thought I could start relaxing. I moved to Idaho for a new beginning for my daughter and myself. Well, here we go again!

  13. anonymousonpurpose said

    Hello Widow,

    Same story here. My “lawyer” (sawed off runt in Atlanta) did the same thing to me…


    How can a judge in good conscience (yeah right, like they have a conscience) make a decision based on one-sided lies from the defense?

    My judge NEVER looked me in the eye or acknowledged me in the courtroom…but you should have heard him joking around with the defense team! Evil, evil people…they RUIN lives and give NO thought to the consequences…sooner or later…karma is a bitch!

    My “lawyer” manipulated me from day one! So many things had to fall in lace exactly for me to lose my case. The evidence on my behalf was OVERWHELMING, and yet, I LOST! Amazing what kind of corruption is in place in this crooked system. The OALJ’s and the DOL are just shills for these monied corporations and do not give a damn that they were formed to PROTECT US FROM THESE EXACT SAME HAPPENINGS!

    I am sick of it all….

  14. widow in california said

    I’m so sorry you have to go thru this crap too. We need a higher court to look over our cases. But better yet we need to be sure our voices are heard, and get LOUD! They are destroying lives. The attorney’s that pull their double agent crap need to go to prison. If they take our case on then they should do the best they can to help us. Where are the laws that protect us? Do they think we are going to lay down and let them bully us? Ruin our lives? We have lost our loved one, others sit back and watch their loved one go through endless suffering. If they would just take care of their responsibilities to the those they promised it to, they would actually save a lot of money. The law firms, and Lawyers are racking up a huge bill. The insurance companies are getting FAT! TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE NOT THEIR WALLETS!

  15. Adrian DeLoche said

    I tried before, and lost the page. I was driving a truck that hit an I.E.D. and was destroyed on Dec. 20, 2005. The blast made me feel as if I had slipped on ice, and slammed my head to the concrete. I seen stars, like on cartoons, and it really hurt. My ears have been ringing since, and have problems with my left wrist and hand. A fellow driver pointed out an add in Stars and Stripes paper. There was a law firm called Barnett and Lerner. I contacted them, gave them photo’s, and all kinds of information. I know that the Dept. of Labor was involved, and someone represented the other side. Never made it into a courtroom. They made some sort of deal, and I got NOTHING. The name of the firm, was Barnett & Lerner. I don’t know what they did, but all I wanted was coverage for future problems, the other side treated the case as if I wanted total disability, and I never once requested that. Last year I filed a charge with the Florida Bar, and nothing was done on my behalf, but at least I made them realize I was not happy with how I was treated. I still have foto’s of the destroyed truck, still in contact with eye witnesses/friends, and still have the reports. Not one witness I provided was ever contacted.
    How do I contact a DBA Lawyer? or how do I put one in contact with me? A friend told me about this DBA site.

  16. mellowman said

    I was injured in 2004 rocket attack and more. I have a very good DBA atty you may try out of Houston Tx.web site: www defensebasecomp com GOOD LUCK

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Your DBA Attorney is one of the worst out there.
      He has lost many of us here at the blog many many years of our lives and for many outright lost their claim.
      Single handed he has saved the insurance companies millions of dollars.
      We sincerely hope he does a better job for you than he did for us.
      Thanks for participating.

  17. widow in California said

    What I am learning, ( now on attorney # 4), there are Lawyers out there that are working for you for the “right” reason’s but there are many more out there that only are looking at the bottom line. “How much can this case get me?” “Maybe I could throw this case and so and so will throw his case later for me”. Ah the world’s finest at work. I remember the saying, “they’re all in bed together”, now I understand. However not all are like that. I suggest looking them up on line and writting the State Bar for information on them. Trust me you don’t want to be a victim of a hollywood actor, pretending to act like an attorney that cares. His acting was excellent, his skills as an attorney were lacking, he should stick to acting. To find out after the fact can destroy everything you worked for.

  18. anonymousonpurpose said


    My FIRST “lawyer” was an excellent actor. If I had caught on to him at ANY point, I would have won my trial…the evidence was so in my favor….

    Dammit, there is no way I could have lost!!! The damn judge contradicted himself and wrote a D&O that completely went against the spirit of the DBA law, but my “lawyer” knew enough to get me down to the Covington Cabal crooked bastards club in order to screw me over! S.O.B.!

    Old fart has NO BUSINESS whatsoever ruling over peoples lives like he is. He needs to hurry up and die to get someone UN-biased towards the insurance companies!!!!!!!! How you still be an OALJ up into your 70’s and 80’s???? Mandatory retirement should be the law of the land!!! DAMMIT just thinking about it makes me so very upset, I need a xanex now…

    One day! I WILL WIN!!!

  19. MAJ Frederick C. Howard (Ret) said

    Overseas Job Seekers Beware!

    Does the Philosophy “It is easier to ask Forgiveness, than Permission!” have any business in the way Insurance Carries service their Claimants accounts? If you insure the disabled from our war efforts, under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, 33 U.S.C. § 901–950 (The Act), I say NO!

    ESIS Incorporated, a division of ACE Insurance Company does this as Standard Operating Procedure. They will either drop your benefits at their leisure, without notice, or explanation, or drastically reduce your benefits. Then when you finally get the forms they provided to the Department of Labor(DOL), “Information Copy,” it is weeks after the benefits were affected. If your benefits are terminated, it is over a frivolous unverifiable assumption. Do they have to provide evidence first and get approval before the termination of benefits? NO, they just do it! If you prove their assumption wrong, they won’t change it. ESIS Inc. makes you take them to court, through Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Review Process. My ALJ review took three years!

    Then when you win your ALJ case, they use another entity to conduct a job survey to find the average wage for positions you qualify for in your area. ESIS Inc. takes this survey to fix your wage-earning capacity in the same way they terminate your benefits, behind closed doors, in secrecy, and without approval. They determine that you could have performed positions that you may never have seen your entire life and never would have qualified for, let alone have been able to perform. But they said you could do it—that’s that—and as a result they only have to pay two thirds the difference, drastically reducing your benefits. In my case my benefits dropped almost two thirds.

    Even though the ACT specifically allows for the introduction of evidence by the claimant, ESIS doesn’t provide you the opportunity. They make the changes and provide the DOL an Information Copy. The Act, 33 U.S.C § 908(h) places the responsibility of the establishment of the Claimants wage-earning capacity in the hands of the Deputy Commissioner, not the insurance carrier, “[T]he deputy commissioner may, in the interest of justice, fix such wage-earning capacity as shall be reasonable.” NOTE: Is there any Justice in what ESIS Inc, their law firm, or ACE insurance companies are doing?

    Regarding your benefits, the Regional office of the DOL does not feel they have the authority to order them back—so along comes yet another ALJ Review. All along, who is expected to pay for all these legal fees? The claimant, because the DOL doesn’t compensate Lawyers enough to make it worth their while. If you live in an area with no Harbors or Longshoremen, there are no lawyers in your area to help. So, you either don’t fight or do it Pro Se (Represent Yourself).

    If you agree with me, then send a resounding statement by not using ESIS Incorporated or any ACE Insurance Company subsidiary, when looking for an oversea position. Check to see who your prospective employer uses for their Disability Insurance Carrier. If they use an ACE Insurance Family carrier, ask if there is another option. Let them know that the Disability Carrier is in your decision process. If they don’t, then think twice before accepting the position. For when you are injured in the line of work, you don’t deserve to be continually harmed and harassed by the very insurance company who is financially responsible for your care.

    MAJ, OD, USAR (Retired)
    Defense Intelligence Agency Contractor

    • widow in California said

      Mr Howard,
      Thank you for sharing this information. ESIS sent a person to my home to take a deposition telling me they were trying to figure out if my husband was covered under “state” comp or “Federal” comp. I wasn’t schooled in the difference between state and federal comp. I couldn’t find an attorney and didn’t have counsel at the time they took this deposition. They knew that it was federal, and they knew that in the town I came from there wasn’t a federal workers comp attorney locally. Finally an attorney in town gave me a phone number to call in the city. That is when I got the ball rolling. ESIS never did contact me again. They were just trying to figure out if they were the carrier. Which they weren’t, I am fighting the , “Oh I gotta go to the Spa” AIG group. SO I see how they can be sneaky. ESIS is just another AIG, one dirty trick after another up their sleeves. The more of us that share our experiences with these clowns will bring about change. I read a case on line where they were trying to claim that a certain company wasn’t the same company filed on. Well, Halliburton had many contracted companies working for them. Then under those companies they would hire smaller groups. Still the mother of them all was Halliburton at the time. Then they tried to pull that same scenerio with my case. I couldn’t believe it, how lame of a game was that. Well, I squashed that attempt to through out my case. Do they think we are going to lay down and let them walk all over us? They need to think again!

  20. widow in California said

    To Anonymousonpurpose,
    You do have a chance, don’t you? They haven’t shut you down yet, have they? These crooked worms can’t even give a good fair fight. They HAVE to LIE and CHEAT to win. The system needs to be revamped. If they are going to keep calling it a justice system, then they need to enforce ethical practice habits for all attorney’s. Criminal’s lie and cheat, the lying and dirty tricks need to be exposed and dealt with. There should also be some sort of recourse that can be taken by the people that are put through pain and suffering do to not getting medical treatment in a timely manner. Everyone knows that if you have a wound, any type of wound, if it isn’t treated to promote healing then it can get worse or turn into a huge medical problem that will cost a hundred times more. This is common sense. Has this whole world lost it’s common sense? I can tell that common sense is a thing of the past. Shallow thinking is the norm these day’s. Well, not for this girl, I am not a sheep, or a Lemming! There is one Lady I hope will get another chance at hearing her case heard. She fought so hard and she was represented by an attorney that didn’t give his all. Bless her heart. She has a heart of a warrior and fought hard for the right. Where ever she is now I think about her often and how she was just blatantly screwed. Her judge didn’t check to see if their “expert” witness was even telling the truth or getting it right. Because of this she lost her fight. Where is the justice there? Don’t give up! I’m one stubborn crazy woman and I won’t ever stop. What’s right is right and you can’t change that! No matter how they twist stories around. The truth will always come out. Lie’s will be exposed, eventually.

  21. anonymousonpurpose said

    Dear widow,

    Yes, LAST CHANCE… I am scared to death! I have no other options. Cannot work. Cannot hardly even bring myself to do the daily needs of a household. I know disgusting, but I am so depressed and dealing with so much internal conflict that I haven’t even taken a shower in 10 days. I am disgusted with myself, and yet all I do is lie in bed. I hate what they have done to me. I hate my life right now…living on pills. I hate the lawyer whose malfeasance caused ALL of this. I hate AIG. I hate them all…

    It is not right nor fair…

    I just have to lay all of my hopes on my current lawyer who I have not even spoken to on the damn phone for NINE MONTHS NOW!!!!!!!!!

    I check my e-mail excitedly every few hours hoping and praying for SOME NEWS, ANY NEWS! I check the mail eagerly everyday hoping for some piece of mail showing my cases going forward instead of being stagnant!

    I hope and pray…that is ALL I have left…


  22. widow in California said

    I know exactly what you are going through! I would sit at my computer and just stare, just sit there! I was afraid to open my mail because at that time the only news I was getting was bad news, over and over. My first attorney let me down, he demanded that I pay him $10,000.00 six weeks before my final hering or he said he wouldn’t be able to represent me. I panicked, he knew I didn’t have any money to speak of having just fought a foreclosure on my family home. I was in fear of moving my mother out of her home of fifty years. (She had deeded her home to us and we had a modular set up next door on the property so I could care for her. We had created a mortgage to do all this.) So here was my attorney, my last hope I thought, demanding money or he wouldn’t defend me? Thank the lord for a couple of wonderful ladies that took control of the situation and explained to me how illegal it was that he should even attempt that. So low and behold, I got another attorney that ACTUALLY was on my side and wanted to help me. At this time I was on two different antidepressants, and seeing a psych once a month. Because of them I wouldn’t have know what to do or who to turn to. To lift me out of my “funk” I started getting angry. Really angry, everytime I would hear about how another person was screwed out of medical treatment or benefits. I started writing my congressman and every other email address I could find for our government. It’s a shame that we live in the most wonderful county on this planet and then to be treated like this. Who was protecting OUR rights as American’s? We take care of other countries but what about our own people? I felt like we were the “unwanted stepchildren”! They were trying to sweep us under the rug, so to speak. Well with the amount of contractors out there that need help we were not going to be ignored for long. Don’t give up, call your attorney’s office. Try and be calm, and ask them what is the progress on your claim. Don’t lose your temper even if they come back at you with some lame excuse. Always write down WHO you spoke with and the date. Call their office………..Remind them how long it has been! It’s been way too long.

  23. Gil Unger said

    Trying ti find an answer to a question. Was a law enforcement professional assigned to marine bn. Stepped on Ied. Out on dba and curious if I can be a reserve police officer while healing, mainly to keep up on my certification requirements for state of Texas. Don’t know if this will affect dba, since i’ll be on dba for probably another year.

    • Widow in California said

      From what I have learned from working in a medical office when it comes to ANY type of workers comp, “don’t try to go back to work even part time.” It sounds like a good thing to do, you are trying to keep up on your certs. They will cut you off asap! The insurance companies will use it against you and they usually win. Their logic: If they can work, then they are not disabled. I’ve known people that try to ease their way back to work after an injury. They go back too soon and reinjure themselves and then have the hassel of dealing with workers comp. Be careful.

  24. i am woking us kbr sub contacter daud&&padna company 2005 -07-o4 injead 2005-08-08 re;insures dba-601-113672 clam office mr ,bustami.hedeel emal;
    ples halp me no my copastion k.g.r.dias [

  25. Andrea Lima said

    Incident # 12092672
    Frisco TX Police Dept.

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