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DoL DBA Connections Miranda Chiu

Miranda Chiu,

U.S. Dept. of Labor, Chief, Branch of Policy, Regulations and

Miranda Chiu’s job

National Office. In connection with job-related injuries and deaths sustained by employees eligible for benefits of the LHWCA and its extensions, the NO establishes program policies, regulations and procedures; and provides professional and technical guidance for claims and benefit payments, administration of the Special Fund, and technical assistance programs.
Functional Statements.
1. National Office

NO is to establish policies, regulations, and procedures for the administration and operation of the program. The Division’s responsibilities also include: administration of the Special Fund; providing technical guidance and direction for the evaluation/adjudication of claims and benefits; conducting Accountability Reviews of DOs; and providing ADP technical support for the Longshore Case Management System (LCMS). Both OWCP and DLHWC interface with the Office of Management, Administration and Planning (OMAP) on matters of ESA objectives and program evaluations, and with the Solicitor’s Office on such matters as legal advice, assistance, and opinions.

Roger A Levy
(Lawyer for AIG and CNA)

Original here

” I remember remarking to my legal assistant, Miranda Chiu, who is now with the
Department of Labor in Washington D.C., that “we’re not in Kansas anymore”.

“Since then, my practice in this area has taken me all over the country where I have worked
with many claims professionals
and have met skilled attorneys who represent both
claimants and carriers

I have likewise met administrative law judges in the Office of Administrative Law
Judges and Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs personnel from every office in both of those Department of Labor branches.

My travels have even taken me out of the country where I have been introduced to claims
representatives in Dubai and a lawyer and claimants in South Korea.  This is not untypical for
those of us who do this kind of work these days.
While there are many people in the Department of Labor who make the system work, special
mention should be made of one man who, until very recently, along with his staff, was
responsible for administering the vast majority of claims filed under this act.  Richard V.
Robilotti, District Director in New York City, can best be described as the engine that drives
this machine

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