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DOL DBA Contacts

Got a problem?  Let them know about it.

Michael Niss 202-993-0944 This Miranda Chiu

Miranda Chiu 202-693-0865

John Chamberlain 202-693-0925

Public Email Address:

200 Constitution Ave NW, C-4315

Washington DC 20210

Mail Address: OWCP/DLHWC

AskDOJ@usdoj. gov

DoL LHWCA Contacts Page

3 Responses to “DOL DBA Contacts”

  1. Excellent work here. Thank you. Note that half of us at Veterans Today are defense contractors, me included.


  2. Ana Madani said

    Hello, I found the article you posted about “Medical experts call for independent oversight in nuke worker program,” and I’d like to let others who have been trying to get compensation under the EEOICPA about a petition I started:

    I hope you’ll consider signing it and encourage your friends and family to sign too.

  3. mespo00 said

    My husband was injured in a terrorist bombing attack in 2008. Today he suffers terrible physical and emotional pain (PTSD, TBI) etc. He served 10 years in the Air Force but was a Government Contractor when the bombing happened. It feels like we’re on an island by ourselves. Everyone is willing to help the military servicemen, but you can’t find anyone who supports the wounded contractor. I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing organization after organization exclude the contractor and their families. They say, “I’m sorry but the accident had to have happened while he was serving in the military.” It makes no difference that he is a veteran. They don’t care that it was still an act of war. I love our military, but I hate the organizations that exclude the men and women who are in need of the same support and medical treatment. They are left to fend for themselves. We are suffering every day and don’t know where to turn. Our doctors are trying to help, but most don’t have the experience to deal with PTSD. And to top it off, we are still fighting to get insurance coverage for my husbands back. They don’t believe its a result of his injuries, even though he was completely healthy prior to the attack. It has been a long frustrating battle that has no end in sight.

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