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RONCO Requirements for Security Personnel In Iraq

1.  Security Manager.  The Security Manager will coordinate the overall security for the U.S. Department of State, RONCO, and other NGO’s (VVAF, MAG) expatriate personnel who are directly supporting the National Mine Action Authority in Iraq (Baghdad, Basrah, and Erbil). Currently, there are approximately 21 expatriate personnel (State, RONCO, NGO’s) who require security but that number will increase to approximately 35 beginning Jan 2004.  The selected individual will be responsible for all three locations, but be based in Baghdad.

The selected candidate will provide guidance and direction on securing workspaces, living quarters, transportation assets, mine/UXO clearance sites, and other areas as appropriate.  He will provide analysis and risk/threat assessments based on a intelligence received from the military, Iraqi staff and provide this to the NMMA international staff on a daily basis.  Assessments will be based on criteria unique to mine action. He must possess at least a SECRET clearance and must be very familiar with the military, as much of the required coordination will be done with military organizations (U.S. and non-U.S.).  As required, he will conducted training of local security personnel in close protection, offensive driving, convoy procedures, weapons handling, and rules of engagement.

He should be experienced, mature, and the type of person who will help the expatriates do their job safely (with manageable risk) with the demonstrated experience and judgment to state when a particular site has too high a risk factor to work at a particular time.  He should have regional experience.  He should have experience living and working in a continuously changing permissive/non-permissive environment.  He should have experience training local/indigenous staff.  He should have detailed experience in the training tasks noted above.  He should have experience in conducting risk/threat assessments and intelligence analysis.

2.  Security Personnel.  The following security personnel are currently needed for Iraq.  This requirement may increase after Jan 2004.  The provider must be a company vetted by the CPA and everyone who is required to carry a weapon must possess a proper CPA weapons authorization card; company must provide details of training and capabilities of the selected individuals, rules of engagement and the details of their continuous training program:

 Basrah – Regional Mine Action Center (RMAC) expatriate staff – Need two personnel with a local car, 2 AK-47’s, and 2 pistols (for more low-key support).  These security people are already in place through Cochise Corp.
 Baghdad –
o Iraqi Mine/UXO Clearance Unit (IMCO) expatriate staff – Need six local personnel with three local cars, all personnel armed with AK-47’s, two of the six must be able to speak English.  They will meet the IMCO expatriate staff daily outside of the green zone and provide security until the expats finish their work and return home inside the green zone.
o National Mine Action Authority/Iraq Mine Action Center expatriate staff – Need four local personnel with two local cars, all personnel armed with AK-47’s and pistols (for more low key support).  At least two personnel must speak English.  They will meet the NMAA/IMAC expatriate staff daily outside the green zone and provide security until the expats finish their work and return home inside the green zone.
 Erbil – RMAC expatriate staff – Need five local personnel armed with AK-47’s to provide 24 hour security at the RONCO house (not yet rented).  One of the five personnel must speak English and must have one local car for escorting expatriates throughout Northern Iraq as needed.

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