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These  are responses to questions taken from injured contractors,  search requests, and more does dba insurance cover emotional harm?

AIG Claims Adjuster called before Congress?

Claims Adjusters Suing for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Does AIG hire private investigators?

Does AIG settle PTSD Claims?

why dont claims adjusters for workman’s comp like attorneys (this one’s from chicago 🙂  ?

We hope it’s because they are calling them on their bs.

My Lawyer is not returning my phone calls or emails.  I do not know what is going on with my claim.

Your lawyer is either too busy to handle your case, has given up on  your case, or is just a jerk.

Whatever the reason, if your  lawyer has lost contact with you, you apparently have been abandoned  and need a new lawyer.

Check out the   DBA Clues page for clues your lawyer is NOT working in your best interest.

Samin Papa Claims manager for CNA?

Injured Contractor would like to talk to anyone who has had Samin Papa as CNA’s claim’s manager.

Email to re Samin Papa  will be forwarded.

CNA settling DBA Claim

According the claimants we have heard from CNA very rarely “settles a claim”, they talk about it, they make offers, they make absurd offers, but they walk away from the table as a matter of rule.  CNA talking settlement is more often another delaying tactic than it is a sincere settlement offer.

The longer they keep a claim going, the more the lawyers get paid, and the longer the insurance company keeps the cash in their accounts.  The DoL never fines them for this abuse of the system so it works for them.

If CNA has something different to say about this they are welcome to chat it  up here.

AIG writes bad checks

Thanks to Information for injured workers

A: Although this is fairly rare among most workers’ compensation insurance companies we have seen numerous instances of AIG issuing bad checks. This has occurred over a period of several years, so it isn’t just tied to their recent financial problems in 2008. The Industrial Commission should order AIG to repay all bank fees you may have incurred as well as a 10% late penalty. In our experience the Industrial Commission has required some repeated reminders on this topic, even though they are supposed to be looking out for injured workers.

Can CNA stop paying my disability checks for no reason?

Yes, CNA and AIG  often stop paying injured contractors their only source of income for  no ligitimate reason.  They are supposed to file paperwork with the DoL within 14 days of the payment due date stating the reason why they are stopping. They often do not even bother filing.  When they do file the DoL either approves every controversion or they do not look at them.   You should receive a copy of this LS 207 from the DoL.   While the controversion will often be overturned at a formal  hearing the contractor may lose his home and family long before this happens.

Related Question:  How will I feed my family and pay my bills?

Apparently AIG, CNA, and the Department of Labor do not give a damn.

Your children are of  no concern.

7 Responses to “Hot Topics Q&A”

  1. On CNA settling claims….
    Our experience is that they are not any better at making stipulation agreements.

    The lawyers agree to the terms and the judge gives you 30 days to produce the signed paperwork but you don’t get the paperwork until the 30 days is past. They know it is of no consequence.

    It is written by CNA’s lawyers, full of mistakes, and doesn’t even resemble the terms that you agreed too. Has you owing them $80,000 and your lawyer suggests in the cover letter to sign it and return ASAP. You call your lawyer on it, he says he’ll call Mr. Levy and get right back to you. You never hear from him again, your lawyer that is.

    Of course because you never agreed to these terms and do not owe them $80,000 you refuse to sign it and CNA ‘s Lawyer Roger Levy tells the DoL claims examiner “that offer is no longer on the table” as though it ever really was and you were just being difficult and “uncooperative’.

  2. Fed UP said

    Oh it gets better you agree to binding arbitration. They tell the DOL a number to start out negotiations at. You give the DOL a number to start out negotiations at. Then when you get the the arbitrations CNA does not show. Then the lawyer for CNA tells you that they will only offer you 150k less then what they were coming to the table with to begin with. That number is take it or leave it.

    Now remember this has taken 3 to 5 years to get to this point. Not to mention that they have either cut your pay or stopped paying you all together. Then they walk out on you all together and tell you they will call your lawyer later to figure things out. A year later your still not being paid correctly, still not getting the medical help you need and still they will not settle with you to let you get on with you life.

    But they do expect you to settle your claim for pennies for what it is worth. So they look like that good guy. They wait till the contractor and their family is just about ready to be out on the street to offer them pennies so that they will take it. Knowing that it will not last them but a few months after all of bill collectors are paid off.

    As you know they don’t mind. They are living it up in their big homes, driving the nice cars, hanging out in their country clubs, wearing the expensive suits and living in a world of denial. They think the more they tell themselves they are good people it might come true. Oh and for the CNA “General” you little wesle you were not a true soldier. You pushed papers around for a living. When did you ever lie your live on a line for your fellow soldiers. If you ever did you would never allow this to happen on your watch. So how dare you hold that title with pride. I spit on your title on your time in service. For the true hero’s that served or country either in uniform or out. You are nothing more then a WANT A BE!!!!!!!!! As a former soldier who truely served I turn my back on you.

  3. Benjmain Pooler said

    I was injuried in Iraq back in Feb of this year. I went to the medic and was told I had a pulled muscel in my neck and returned to work as directed. A week goes by and I returned to medic again only to be told “quit being a big baby and go back to work. Two weeks later I’m sent to JBB to help out a foreman that went on R&R. I was there a few days and went to the medic there, which said that he thought I my have a injury to my neck. They sent me to Dubai were a doctor looked at me and sent me to the states. I went to the doctor which ordered a MRI which clearly showed a herinated disc at my C7 and an excellerated problem in my C3 – C6 area. Then world sourse denied my claim saying it was due to old age. I then got a attorney right away. He has given the attorneys with world source the doctors report and all related medical reports to them. I was dianosed with Bracial Plexophty. My question is does anyone know how its take once the insurance company has your info for them to make desision on your case. They denied me on the 18th of March and its now the end of April.

    • anonymousonpurpose said

      Hello Benjamin,

      I have some BAAAAD news for you…you are in for a long haul. It could be YEARS if ever that this goes through the convoluted DOL and DBA machine. The opposing attorneys will lie, cheat, and steal to make any case they possibly can. They are scum…they do not care about you and neither do the pinhead bureaucrats at the DOL, nor does anyone at the OALJ. I advise you read…a lot…RIGHT NOW. You need to watchdog your own attorney and keep all of your paperwork.

      I have been waiting 2 years…some people on here have been waiting 6 + years! You have a long road ahead of you, stay strong!

      Good Luck!

      • greg stokes said

        My attorney PROPERLY explained things to me last Sept 2010 BEFORE I departed Iraq with back injury. Usually, if you are found to have reached MMI (Maximum medical improvement) then from there, you will see insurance companies doctor and he submits his reports. That is where I am now, and I expect I am on pace to have my trial in Hawaii around Sept/Oct this year. EXACTLY one year from when I left work.
        Depends on too which insurance company you are dealing with. I have dealt with CNA and they have been very good til now. I have heard HORROR stories of buddies being stroked along by AIG. That is my two cents.

        • defensebaseactcomp said

          You were fortunate to have an attorney advising you before you even left Iraq.
          We hope things work out according to plan for you and that your back injury was not too devastating.
          Thanks for chipping in here.

  4. anonymousonpurpose said

    Still waiting on much needed spinal cord surgeries three years later!!!!!!!!!

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