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Run him through the drill Dr Griffith

7139539470                                                                                       03:59:42 p.m.    04-30-2009            “125
rugl:  1 UI  ~

Jerry McKenney


Sent:      Sunday.  December 28, 200811:12  PM

To:        Jerry McKenney

Subject:  RE:  Darcy Fraser

OK.    I will see him and prepare a preliminary report and a final after I have the MMPI read.                   Thanks.
John D.

On Sun. December 28.20083:32 pm  EST. Jerry McKenney wrote:

The current plan is to  hold the
evidentiary record open for 60  days after the hearing. Your DME will  be a
couple of says before that so the thing to do is run  him through the drill and
send  it for scoring as usual. We’ll get his testimony and whatever other
records we can work  up and get them to you.  Maybe we can target your initial
report for a couple of weeks after the report.

This is an odd case so we’ll  have to
rock along as best we can.

Jerry  R  McKenney
Legge,  Farrow,  Kimmitt, McGrath & Brown,
6363 Woodway,  Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77057
main:  (713)917-0888


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