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All’s Fair in Love and AIG WAR? No Ethics ?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 14, 2012

Defense Base Act Claimants really are in another War Zone when they must file a DBA Claim.

As it turns out many, too many, of the Plaintiff’s own Attorneys are aiding and abetting the enemy

Last January ALJ  Berlin awarded the Dill Widow DBA Death Benefits in a very important PTSD/Suicide Claim.

This claim was denied for five years while Wade Dill’s  widow Barbara’s integrity was brutally attacked as though she had pulled the trigger herself.

KBR refused to supply Wade Dill’s medical records and other reports which would have exposed the state of mind he was in while still in Iraq.  But it is OK to defy discovery if you are AIG/KBR-SEII.  Do not try this yourself, you’ll lose your claim.

Dennis Nalick was the Attorney who brought this claim to a successful decision. 

Barbara Dill’s next Attorney, Bruce H Nicholson, refused to address misinformation in the records saying “you won the claim why would you want to mess with it”.

Mr Nicholson refuted any suggestion that this very important decision would be appealed.  He went so far as to tell the Widow that she should discontinue corresponding with those who assured her it would be.  Bad people we are, just trying to upset her needlessly.

AIG KBR SEII via Michael Thomas appealed the decision.

Mr Nicholson never responded to the Benefits Review Board on behalf of the Widow though he assured her he was on top of it and he and the widow corresponded regularly.

On February 28 the BRB overturned the ALJ’s decision, unopposed.  The widow was not represented at all.

Mr. Nicholson was though, prior to this decision, negotiating a “settlement” with Michael Thomas and AIG which would take this important PTSD Suicide decision out of this WAR as case law for all impending and future PTSD Suicide claims.  The same Mr Nicholson who posted here at the blog in response to the award:

“The decision represents a sound road map for work related contractor suicide claims and is unlikely to be overturned when followed.”

We ask, is no one in this wretched biased system held to any standard of ethical practice?

Mr Nicholson was responsible for representing the Widow and he did not.

Would it not have been a requirement of those who were involved in this to make the widow aware, to speak up?

We do not kid ourselves that this was simply a case of friendly fire.  There was too much at stake here.

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Defense Base Act Settlement Annuity Your Choice

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 27, 2010

Christopher Atkin  Agent

By T Lee Marshall

-During a mediation meeting I agreed to a partial settlement in the form of an annuity.  I was given the choice to cash out or the annuity.  I chose the annuity to receive a dependable income month after month, i.e., x number of dollars every month that I could work with.
-My Attorney assured me Ringler Associates were a good company,  “They really know what the are doing,” said Nalick.   And if this was a way to finally get AIG out of my life I was all for it.
-It took three months of inquiry to get a copy of the contract.   Opening the letter was like the shock of being asleep and suddenly falling off a cliff.  I did not own the annuity, AIG did and did so for the rest of my life.
-AIG did not inform me, or my lawyer, they would hold the annuity.
Rather they allowed our misconception that “the good company who really knew what they were doing” held the annuity.  Ringler Associates  failed to “clear the air” as admitted later in an email.

AIG continues to make money off our blood.
-Upon returning home I started a search for a reputable company; a company that would not terminate my medical claim once my doctor ordered a spinal MRI.

A company who would not terminate me for missing appointments they canceled.

A company who would not terminate me for noncompliance of a doctor ordered therapy regime, that he canceled.

AIG sent my medical records to the DOL  District Director Karen Staats  who reviewed those records and concluded AIG had no basis for terminating my benefits.
Ms. Staats ordered a full retroactive reinstatement.  Both were refused by AIG.
-After five months of denied medical care, denied financial assistance and still on crutches, we were near bankruptcy.

Each of AIG’s acts, according to federal law, is a felony. Solis knows it and does nothing.
Judge Romero, for instance, signed off on my settlement agreement and thought no more of the felonies than he did of ordering his lunch.

I did not want AIG hanging around my neck like an Albatross.
-I sought out this Man from Prudential, Christopher Atkins, to give our war-injured a choice in mediation and relief from the AIG plague.

After all their mistreatment, would you want to give them a thirty year contract extension? If I would have known, I would have walked out and never looked back.


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My Next Target

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 27, 2010

By T Lee Marshall   AIG WAR

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Believe it or not

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 20, 2010

By T Lee Marshall  AIG WAR

The court orders AIG to settle my case. Part of the settlement is $275k.  I was told by my lawyer, Nalick, that if I allowed AIG to set-up an annuity with the money I would not be required to pay taxes on the proceeds.  I agreed to it.

So AIG paid the $275k to American General Life Insurance.  As it turns out, AIG paid themselves. AmGen is owned by AIG.

The court ordered the annuity to begin on 01 Jan 2010.  AmGen was two months late making the first annuity payment.  Further, my requests for a copy of the contract was ignored until I posted the story on  Within a couple of days, my caller ID showed two calls from AmGen Life Insurance and I was graced with a copy of my annuity contract with them.

Because  AmGen seemed to be playing from AIG’s playbook, I cancelled the contract, according to a stipulation allowing the “owner” to cancel within ten days of receipt of the contract. AmGen sent the contract I canceled back to me with a cover letter telling me I don’t have the right to cancel the contract because I am not the owner.

The court orders AIG to pay me two-hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars and I don’t own the money?  We gotta get a copy of that playbook, if anyone can stomach reading it. More fun than I deserve.

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AIG-War Updates

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 24, 2010

Mine is only one case among over 31000.  Misrepresentation, falsifying federal documents—both felonies—were  used to terminate my medical care & benefits.

Is this an isolated incident among the 31000 cases covered by AIG & CNA?

OALJ Case No. 2009-LDA-00335

December 22, 2009

December 29, 2009


Insurance company abuses of war-injured Americans.

Who knew and who did nothing.
Walker & Galichon: Your firm sent me Federal Form LS-208, terminating my benefits, after it was shown to be false; based on misrepresentation. As officers of the court, would this interest the California State Bar?

AIG was paid by taxpayers to provide workmen comp coverage to military contractors.

DOL Judge Romero signed off on a settlement pushing off AIG’s liability onto Medicare and my personal health insurance. Accountability?

Federal law provides penalties for the abuses I, and others, have experienced.

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