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CNA Claims Adjuster Looking for New Job

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 12, 2009

You can read here about her experience  making peoples lives a living hell.

Donna Sprags
Casualty Consultant
Preferred Location: Chicago, IL (within 25 miles)
Donna Sprags’s Dream Job Delivers…

• 401k matching • advancement opportunities • career change • c-level position • collaborative environment • corner office • eco-friendly company • flexible schedule • free Starbucks coffee • higher salary • international travel • leadership I respect and admire • management/leadership opportunities • mentorship program • more recognition • onsite/paid childcare • paid gym membership • performance bonuses • sense of accomplishment • shorter commute • stock options • training • tuition reimbursement • unstructured environment • work/life balance •
Donna Sprags’s Experience Map

The Experience Map is a visual representation of my skills and strengths. Mouse over the to view a question I answered while defining my work background. Click on any skill name in the map to see details about my experience.
Donna’s experience includes:  Evaluate and settle claims,  Assess liability levels, complete required paperwork,  conduct investigations, Interpret medical Records, Interview/contact claimants, negotiate settlements, obtain back up information, review settled claims, supervise/train other adjusters, confer/work with legal counsel, communicate with brokers
Claims experience
CNA Global Insurance
Casualty Consultant
Jan 1996 – Present

Update October 2009

Donna Sprags apparently still works at CNA, still abusing injured contractors

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CNA’s Claims Adjusters

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 4, 2009


We love the new position that our favorite CNA Claims Adjuster has gotten herself into but find it hard to believe that she went so far out on the limb without the full knowledge and  support of her superiors.  So many years of breaking lives and families with no supervison….

We don’t think so.

We smell a scapegoat.

Now another CNA  Billy Goat Gruff,  also a  favorite of the injured contractor and soon to be exposed,  signs off on what should be considered a fraudulent LS 208 that the scapegoat would have needed to file nine months ago, according to the DBA, when her attorney cut off payments to the injured contractor.  The document is fully loaded with false entries that would appear to be intended to falsely deny the injured payment.

The Department of Labor District Director forwards it to the claimant without as much as an explanation.

Does that mean that the Department of Labor thinks this is OK?  Did he read it, check the claimants file to see why he just received something so vital to the injured contractors life nine months after it was due?

Does he just not want to acknowledge how screwed up this is?

Scapegoat is not out there on the limb by herself.

This CYA episode could take a whole herd of sacrificial goats.

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DoL Cracks Down on DBA Paperwork

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 28, 2009

In a promising new change of heart from the Department of Labor……

word is they are requiring the insurance companies to start handling paperwork properly.

Word also is that CNA’s claims adjuster is under particular scrutiny.

Let’s hope that those who have falsely denied medical and lost wages

by filing LS 207’s that say things like “deny all issues” to bomb blast victims

are made to pay in a way comparable to the losses incurred by the DBA

Casualties and their families.

……and  that those Department of Labor employees who allowed the LS 207’s

that said things like “deny all issues” to bomb blast victims to become the

acceptable standard,  no questions asked,   are removed from their positions.

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