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Sit Rep April 23, 2009 The Defense Base Act and the Injured War Zone Contractor

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 23, 2009

Injured Contractors have been in the news again over the last week.

Injured Contractors were on Good Morning America and 20/20.

The LA Times and ProPublica published a story that the LA Times sat on for a year.

Representative Elijah E Cummings on Tuesday asked for another hearing by Congress, this time by the Domestic Policy Committee.  He is outraged at what he has just read about.

In the meantime the abuse of the Injured War Zone Contractor continues with no intervention.

AIG continues to get away with having claims hearings post poned to keep important information that would help other injured contractors  out of public record.

AIG gets away with not showing up for hearings.

CNA continues to deny Traumatic Brain Injury screening to bomb blast victims.

The Department of Labor OALJ is not assigning claims for hearings, at least not for the last three months.

The Department of Labor is AWOL.

DBA cases are lingering in the twilight zone for as long as six years while the injured contractors are denied medical benefits and financial compensation that the Defense Base Act put in place for them and the taxpayer already paid for.  They continue to have their credit ruined,  lose their homes, lose their families, lose their lives.

Injured Contractors and their families join forces to ensure their voices are heard.

They are not going away.

You can join them by using the contact information at

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How CNA Treats Foreign DBA Claimants

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 20, 2009

I thought they saved this treatment for the TCN’s….
Daniel just posted this at ProPublica

My name is Daniel Brink. I worked with Tim Newman at Dyncorp and was injured during December 2005. I’m from South Africa and have the same problems with CNA Global. I also lost my leg and most of my fingers in an EFP/IED explosion in Baquba. My medical debts are not paid. My credit has been revoked and the bank has repossessed my house. I have lost so much because CNA Global does not want to pay me debts.

Dyncorp invited me to the alumni launch in Texas with the promise of a job as the CEAP rep for South Africa. Nothing ever came of it even though i have all the e-mails to prove their promises.

CNA Has recently sent me a letter from their attorney stating that i have reached MMI based on a finding from a doctor that they employ. I still have major surgery ahead of me for the next two years. What a load of “Bulls@$%$it”.

I met Chritstian T at the CEAP Launch and he is a greatr guy. Thanks to him and others, Companies like CNA and AIG are exposed as the only regulated Mafia of the Insurance industry.

I leave you with this information:

“I arranged for a meeting with CNA Global and Donna Sprags. The nursecase manager Jody Mcewan arranged the meeting In Chicago at the offices of CNA Global. Im left South Africa with a Medic, a Nurse and my wife.

When  I arrived at the building of CNA i was told that she will not see me and was thrown out of the building by security”. The trip cost me $15 000 and i have outstanding medical debts of $150 000.



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