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Dan Hoagland’s Death Sentence at the hands of AIG’s Overly Zealous Defense

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 4, 2012

Injured War Zone Contractor Dan Hoagland shares his story of medical treatment denied  by KBR/AIG resulting in a death sentence by Cancer with Sean Calleb.

Scott Bloch, Defense Base Act Attorney tells the truth about the Defense Base Act Insurance Scandal and our Defense Base Act Class Action Lawsuit.

Join our Defense Base Act Class Action Lawsuit here

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Defense Base Act Attorneys: Attorney’s Fees

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 21, 2012

The Defense Base Act provides for claimants fees to be paid by the Insurance Company.

See Who Pays your Defense Base Act Attorney Fees ?

Why then would Defense Base Act Attorneys either charge their DBA clients on a contingency basis, by the hour, or take their fees out of a settlement amount ?

And why would you let them?

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Defense Base Act Defense Medical Examinations: Rewriting the Report

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on November 23, 2011

As a Defense Base Act Claimant you are required to submit to an examination by a physician the insurance company chooses for a second opinion.  These examinations are often improperly (fraudulently ?) referred to as Independent Medical Examinations which are something very different under the LHWCA/DBA.

Doctors who will do this work for insurance companies are generally known to write reports favorable to the insurance company.  Otherwise they would not continue to reap the large fees they receive for a single visit and much larger fees for being deposed under oath or testifying live at an ALJ hearing.

On occasion a DME Doc will actually acknowledge the claimants true diagnoses or simply not deny it vehemently enough to suit the insurance company that hired them.  So the insurance company asks them to rewrite the report, sometimes even telling them exactly how they want the report worded.

When the DME Doctor does not comply some insurance companies will go so far as to have another physician who has never even seen the patient, rewrite the report in their favor, and without your permission to use your private medical records.  This may be referred to as a Peer Review.

We know they do, we have some of the emails and the reports.

Add to your DME preparation list a signed HIPAA form directing the DME Doctor to provide your treating physician with any and all medical reports regarding you.  Your treating physician will have these forms and prepare them for you.

You are entitled to any and all reports, lab results, test results, regarding your medical.  You will probably have to have your attorney subpoena these but never ever allow them to not provide them.

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RIP Dennis Nalick

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 21, 2011

With heavy hearts we must announce the passing of

Defense Base Act Attorney Dennis Nalick this morning.

Dennis was a friend to many and one of only a few DBA Attorneys who devoted the time and effort necessary to secure a fair outcome for his clients.

Dennis was responsible for the Zimmerman case which set the precedent for proper AWW rates under the Defense Base Act.

One of Dennis’ last and most important DBA battles was winning the Dill KBR/AIG PTSD Suicide Claim.

Rest in Peace our troubled friend

Funeral Arrangements

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