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Contractor Wounded in Rocket Attack on Green Zone Government and Diplomatic Enclave

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on September 23, 2010

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Sept 23

BAGHDAD – Three rockets targeting a security company were fired at Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone government and diplomatic enclave, wounding one foreign contractor, an Iraqi army source said. Police said two rockets were fired without giving any further details.

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Three Triple Canopy Security Contractors Killed Green Zone Rocket Attack, 2 Americans Wounded

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 22, 2010

BBC News Middle East

A rocket attack on Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone has killed three foreign security workers and injured 15 more, according to the US Embassy.

The dead and wounded are all employees of the US contractor Triple Canopy.

Two Ugandans and a Peruvian died, and two Americans were among the those wounded when the rocket struck on Thursday.

Triple Canopy, based in Herndon, Virginia, guards security checkpoints for US military facilities in Iraq.

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Suicide from PTSD not compensible?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 15, 2009

It does not state anywhere in the LHWCA or the DBA that suicide from PTSD is not compensible.

PTSD is the injury.  The cause is exposure in the war zone.  Death is the result.

The theory that PTSD cannot be proven post mortem has clearly been blown out of the water in every other venue outside of the Department of Labor.

First AIG and CNA will try to prove that the contractor’s state of mind had nothing to do with working in the war zone.

They generally go after the claimants wife and try to show that she has somehow made this contractor so miserable that he no longer wanted to live.    Either the wife is accused of cheating on her husband, or the deceased husband is accused of cheating on his wife.   The stepchild may be accused of causing this state of mind.  These cases read like trash television, and are likely just as badly plotted.

Co workers are called on for depostions in which they state that working in the war zone is not dangerous.  In one case a coworker was sent to the families home to try to convince the wife that working in Iraq was not dangerous in 2003.  No bombs going off in Baghdad, no insurgents lying in wait for convoys to come by, no snipers, no kidnappings, no beheadings, no UN buildings being blown up, no mortar rounds landing in the green zone.  Really, it was safe.

Have we not gotten past the lies that  promoted the notion that it was safe to work in Iraq, ever?

Even if the contractor were having stressful  issues in theirs lives as so many of us do it has been proven that additional stress such as that of working in the war zones could be the trigger, the cause, that sets this injury off.

AIG, CNA, with the approval of the Department of Labor drag these claims out, drag these families throught the mud.

On top of losing their husbands and fathers, these families lose their homes, their finances, they lose everything else.

As long as they can keep a successful claim for death by PTSD out of the public record it is well worth their while to deny treatment and compensation to hundreds of other contractors injured with PTSD for five years or more.

When these injured contractors snap and kill themselves, maybe take someone else with them, they no longer have a claim to pay.

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