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Winlom Woods, Injured Contractor with Traumatic Brain Injury gets help

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on December 28, 2010

Acres of Hope is Lisa Alberte’s effort to restore life after brain injuries

Lisa Alberte and Winlom Woods take a walk at Acres of Hope and Aspirations, a home and farm in Muskego that helps people with brain injuries and children with special needs, which is owned and operated by Alberte. Woods suffered a brain injury when he was shot in the head in Iraq; the bullet remains lodged in his brain.

by Mike Johnson of the Journal Sentinal

Muskego – A nearly 5-acre compound nestled in a rural area of Muskego is a beacon of hope for people living with brain injuries.

Nurse Lisa K. Alberte started Acres of Hope and Aspirations in May after years of working with those who suffered brain injuries and seeing the toll the injuries took on them.

Some have lost their ability to work. Some have seen their marriages end in divorce. Some can no longer drive.

“I listened to my patients cry. I listened to my patients lose everything,” Alberte said.

She thought: “There needs to be more out there. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

So she plowed her heart into Acres of Hope, a home and mini-farm where she and others provide care, vocational rehabilitation, cognitive skills training and safety training to those living with brain injuries. The organization also helps children with special needs.

Alberte and Acres of Hope also are helping Winlom Woods, 36, of Milwaukee, who was shot in the head July 15, 2006, by a sniper in Iraq while working for a defense contractor.

Woods, who served in the Army National Guard, starts telling what he was doing before he got shot, but he momentarily can’t recall the specifics. He snaps his fingers several times and remembers.

“I was riding in the bobtail (truck). I was the person who rescued people if something happened to them.

“I can’t remember what happened, but I know I got shot. I got shot in the right ear and it got lodged in the middle of my brain,” Woods said.

The bullet is still there.

Alberte, who won a nurse of the year award in 2008, has been working with Woods for some time now.

“I’ve stood by him when most people have given up. I helped put his life back together. Helped him get a relationship back with his children because he didn’t have that for almost two years after being shot. Helped set him up with 24-hour supervision – supportive living,” she said.

“We try to go out and have fun in the summer. We’ve taken him on a boat ride and some convertible rides. He deserves to have the best quality of life possible. We’ve gone to the zoo, the library, movies. We do a lot of different community integration so he can feel like a whole person again.”

The above are excerpts from this excellent story.  Please read the entire story here

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