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Wade Dill AIG/KBR PTSD DBA Casualty July 16th, 2006

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 15, 2012

After many years of surviving an extremely abusive and Overly Zealous Defense

Wade Dill’s  family was finally provided death benefits under the Defense Base Act

These benefits were recently taken away by the Benefits Review Board when Attorney Bruce Nicholson, who was actively pursuing a settlement with KBR/AIG’s Attorney Michael Thomas, had a contract with the widow, was an attorney with the Law Firm of Peyman Rahnama, was the attorney of record with the BRB, did not as much as respond to the Appeal.

While Bruce Nicholson is the one who apparently purposely abandoned the claim, Michael Thomas and the BRB were more than happy to carry on without notifying the widow that AIG’s appeal of her claim was unopposed.

The man I married was my prince charming.
We had grown up together.
High school sweethearts, we were married 17 ½ years.
I believe that if he had never gone over there he would still be
here today.
Something happened in Iraq.
He committed suicide the morning of July 16th, 2006
He left behind a lot of pain and two ruined lives.
I never dreamed I would be without him
my daughter without a father.

Our thoughts are with you today Barb

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Defense Base Act Claimant Alert, Bruce H Nicholson Clients

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 18, 2012

It has been brought to our attention that the following claimants at  some time thought that their DBA Claim was being handled by Bruce Nicholson and/or his assistant Ken Youngman, of Los Angeles California at Peyman Rahnama.  Ken Youngman now works for a lawfirm that represents AIG and ACE, though he most recently reported working at Law Office of Bruce Nicholson as a Federal Workers’ Comp GURU on LinkedIn

If your name is listed below you need to find out the status of your claim immediately if you have not already lost your claim or found another attorney.  If you recognize someone’s name please contact them. 

If your with the DoL, the BRB, or an ALJ, and recognize these names it would certainly be upstanding of you to let these people know they are not being represented.

Maybe even an Insco Defense Attorney out there that can resist an easy kill just because it is the right thing to do.

 Dill  (never responded to the appeal but was negotiating a deal, settlement, with the defense attorney Michael Thomas)

Reuben  (we believe this claim was lost due to failure to respond to a motion)

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