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USG Contractor Entry/Exit/Residence Procedures IRAQ

Regional Management Office (USG Contractor Entry/Exit/Residence Procedures)


All non-Iraqi companies contracted to do work in Iraq, including those contracted by the US Government, are required to apply directly to the Iraq Ministry of the Interior for exit/entry/residence documents for their staff. Below are the guidelines for US Government contractors and links to related documents. To avoid delays, follow the guidelines exactly.

  • USG contractors must use when making an application for entry/exit/residency to the MoI.  Please follow the format exactly.  Do not change any of the settings or formatting, to include paper size, margins or fonts.  Every block that is highlighted (in the memo) and in red text (in the spreadsheet) must be completed.  Dates are in day/month/year format.  It is not required, but if you have the capability to do so, entering the names on the spreadsheet in both English and Arabic is helpful to the MoI, especially for those employees of regional/Arab ancestry.  Note that the Arabic text reads from right to left when entering the required information. (Contractor Employees Spreadsheet Form; Contractor Memo to Director General for Passports and Residency Template)
  • A completed example of both the memo and spreadsheet is included in PDF format.  Please use them as a guide when completing your own forms. (EXAMPLES: Contractor Employees Spreadsheet; Contractor Memo to Director General for Passports and Residency)
  • Email address for all packets and inquiries sent to the MoI is:
  • This replaces the old Embassy Mission Policy 27 process.  The MoI has agreed to issue cost-free visas and residency stamps to those USG contractors that use these new formats.

Key points:

  1. As a reminder, all USG contractors are obligated by both US and Iraqi laws to ensure their employees are allowed to reside and work in Iraq. Contractors must verify their personnel, and those of their subcontractors, are in compliance with all Iraqi immigration laws.
  2. Contractors must establish a single point of contact (POC) with the MoI and identify that person as such.  If the POC is on leave, make sure to indicate that the stand-in POC is just that, a temporary contact until the regular person returns.  MG Yassri was emphatic on this point.
  3. Communications with the MoI work best if there is an Arabic translation of the English version.  If at all possible, your POC should either speak/write Arabic, or have access to a qualified translator.
  4. To the maximum extent possible, subcontractors should work through their prime contractor for entry/exit paperwork.  It will limit the number of people with which the MoI has to communicate and will give the prime contractor more oversight regarding for whom the sub contractor is requesting entry/exit paperwork.  It will also allow for increased personnel accountability, something that will be of ever increasing importance as the military continues to draw down.
  5. Provide a copy of the contract signature page ONLY with your submissions.  If there is any information regarding amended contract value, etc., it can be blacked out.  The key is that the page with all signatures and dates completed, thereby proving to the MoI that the contract is in force, is the one sent to the MoI.

Address questions directly to the Ministry of the Interior:

2 Responses to “USG Contractor Entry/Exit/Residence Procedures IRAQ”

  1. Deobrah Holt said

    What is the date of this document?
    Please and thank you


    There is a company called MEDICORP–a partner with INTERMEDIC, that is one of the most corrupt companies doing business in Iraq:

    The owners: GABI MUNTEAN, and ROBERT McVICKERs. are from Australia, with a headquarters in Jordan.

    1) They are doing business illegally in Iraq–they do not have the business registered there

    2) They are trafficking in people from other countries and then refusing to buy them VISAs to return home. 4 employees were arrested and Gabi Muntean secretly paid off corrupt Iraqi officials to get the employees out

    3) MediCorp moved out of Baghdad and moved all of their crap to a camp in Al Zubair, and have been sending employees who are not certified to conduct physicals for KBR and Global Linguist Solutions. They have a janitor doing X-rays!!

    4) The owners force employees to travel throughout Iraq on exit VISAs in order to get thee physicals completed, and then they submit the claims forms to the insurance companies for payment. This is ALL ILLEGAL!!

    5) They have refused to pay at least two Americans for the last month of work, and left an American expat in Iraq without a place to live, saying that he “abandoned his job”, after he left the camp to work with the residency officer to help get the 4 TCNs out of jail

    They have refused to contact him, answer his emails, or do anything to make things right–it will cost a small fortune that he does not have to sue them for it, and the DODIG was contacted, but they haven’t done anything about it. The U.S. Embassy has not reached out to him, the D.O.S. is not available—and these two people, who are among the richest people in Australia, get away with doing business this way!!!

    The guy just wants to get paid—


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