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Shaun Sexton, UK Security Guard, Killed in Afghanistan Attack

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 5, 2010

A UK private security guard killed in a suicide attack in northern Afghanistan on Friday was a former British soldier.

Shaun Sexton, 29, from Ashington, Northumberland, died in an attack on offices of US consultancy Development Alternatives Inc (DAI) in Kunduz.

Mr Sexton’s employer, Edinburgh International (EI), said Mr Sexton had served as a platoon sergeant in 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment.

Three other security guards were killed in the assault.

All four men – Mr Sexton, two Afghans and a German – worked for DAI’s security sub-contractor EI.

A second Briton was seriously injured in the attack.


The Taliban claimed responsibility for the pre-dawn raid, which began at about 0330 local time on Friday when a suicide bomber blew up a car outside DAI’s compound in Kunduz.

At least five other militants wearing explosives vests ran inside the building and started a fierce gun battle that lasted several hours before they were killed.

The men who died were hailed as heroes for their attempts to defend the compound.

Washington DC-based DAI is contracted by the US Agency for International Development to improve governance and community development in Kunduz, which is largely patrolled by German troops.  Original Story here

15 Responses to “Shaun Sexton, UK Security Guard, Killed in Afghanistan Attack”

  1. brit guy said

    May his family not have to suffer as we do.

    May they take comfort from knowing that his life is only worth halve of that of an American even though he died defending them.

    Let us hope he sleeps in peace never knowing this.

    Another British hero who’s sacrifice will know doubt be blighted by the US insurance industry and the corrupt immoral government that hides behind them.

    Rest in peace friend

    God bless

    My sympathy to your family and friends may their pain at your loss be eased by knowing that you are at peace.

  2. brooke said

    my beautiful beautiful cousin R.I.P we miss you so much words cannot describe the pain we feel. you done us all proud and im so proud to be your cousin! love you sooo much sleep tight xxx

  3. Baz said

    Goodbye mate. You were a true mega bloke who will be sadly missed. I will remember all the good times we had. God how you made me laugh!!! Again you showed courage and no fear and one to be there to defend at no cost. May you rest in peace my mate. And this world will be a lonely place without you… My heart lies with your family at this very sad time… Goodbye Shaun.

  4. Wiz said

    Good Bye mate. Rest in peace

  5. John HOLMES said

    I never met Shaun but he was married to my son’s cousin.
    Having heard of the action in which he was killed, he was a warrior in every sense of the word, a brave and courageous young man who laid down his young and precious life defending others less able.
    Such are the stuff of legend, and he will be sadly missed I know.
    My thoughts are with his young family, sleep well brave man.

  6. nicky sexton said

    HERO thats all that descibes you mate x

  7. kerrie and valdi lawrence said

    Shaun, you were a fantastic and brave lad, you was like a brother to me, ill never forget you mate. were thinking of laura and family. well never forget you, got photos of our good times together. love bin (Val) and kerrie.xx

    • daniel wormald said

      hi there, ive been speaking to shauns x girfriend who they met in dover in 1999, she has only just found out today, she has a daughter to shaun, i have told her today the new as she never knew, shaun use to post stuff for millie his daughter, she is called dawn cole and she only has 2 pics of shaun for millie, is there any chance you could send me sum pics to my email which is i am an x 3 para also, many thanks, shaun was a true warrior and a hero that showed no fear and allways looked out for his mates in the field of battle, he will be sadly missed, R.I.P. Shaun, sleep tight, Dan xx

      • kerrie n val said

        hi, yes thats not a problem, well dig some out and send them on for you.x

      • sharlene sexton said

        Asking you now to stop it now,engouh is enough!!!…. Im so sick of hearing/seeing your name pop up,askin different people for pictures ect… this is nothing to do with you. Also would appreiate it if you would also stop sharing my brother’s life stories to every tom,dick and harry too.

        Have some respect for his wife his daughter and the rest of my family… its hard enough trying deal with him not being here anymore as it is,without you constently askin for stuff for this woman. its not on!!!!

  8. sarah said

    What a sad lose… My heart goes to his family, and the little girl he will never know…. God bless his wife and child, and his mother… Very very sad times. Shaun was an amazing guy…God bless. R.I.P Shaun.. Mega….

  9. Ryan sexton

    shaun ya the best bro we could ask for and even tougth we cannit see u we still dream about u and still feel u around us AND YOUR THE BIGGER HERO THAT SUPERMAN TO ME so love u lots ya lil bro RJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. nicky sexton said

    still thinking of u m8, will always miss u x

  11. Nicky sexton said

    Still thinking of u m8, wish u were here u have left a big hole in people’s life’s that could never be filled as no 1s big or good enough miss u and I will see u again xx

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