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Contractor Casualties on the Rise According to the DOL’s latest DBA figures

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 11, 2011

Update:  Due to one Contract Company not filing DBA Claims in a “timely manner”, this years contractor casualty numbers are even more skewed than usual.

Civilian Contractor Deaths from Sept 30, 2010 until Dec 31st 2010      140

Defense Base Act Summary Report  as of Dec 2010

These numbers reflect only the casualties that have DBA claims filed on them.

Total Civilian Contractor Deaths from Sept 2001      2,540

Total Injured                                                                                      66,470

Unknown                                                                                                    1,123

Civilian Contractor Deaths for 2009                 336

Civilian Contractor Deaths for 2010                   513

2 Responses to “Contractor Casualties on the Rise According to the DOL’s latest DBA figures”

  1. […] recent report from ProPublica, based on analysis of US Department of Labor statistics, showed that “more private contractors than soldiers were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in […]

  2. jose said

    alguien puede responderme ;;;; por que el gobierno de usa no obliga a las companias como kbr,, dyncorp,,flour,,y otras mas a que le den atencion inmediata a los accidentados en el medio oriente ,,si el seguro que pagan por nosotros alla es bastante,,,por que el go

    bierno de usa no obliga a los seguros a que le den todo tipo de tratamiento medico por que ?????

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