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Dementia Risk Linked to Combat Head Injury, Study Says

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 18, 2011

Defense Base Act Insurance Companies CNA and AIG  have been extremely negligent in denying Contractors injured in bomb blasts diagnoses and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Diagnoses and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury delayed and denied results in irretrievable life long damage.

Bloomberg  July 18, 2011

Head injuries may more than double the risk of dementia in military veterans, a study found.

The dementia risk was 15.3 percent among U.S. veterans who had sustained a traumatic brain injury, compared with 6.8 percent for those who didn’t suffer head trauma, over a seven-year period. The risk was significant for all forms of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, according to researchers, who reviewed medical records of 281,540 veterans ages 55 and older.

The findings, to be presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Paris today, highlight another potential hazard of war. Traumatic brain injury is a“signature wound” of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, accounting for 22 percent of casualties overall and 59 percent of blast-related injuries, said Kristine Yaffe, director of the Memory Disorders Program at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center and a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, who led the research.

“This issue is important because TBI is very common,”Yaffe said in a statement. “The data suggest that TBI in older veterans may predispose them toward development of symptomatic dementia. And they raise concern about the potential long-term consequences of TBI in younger veterans.”

‘Pretty Conclusive’

“It’s pretty conclusive that there is an association between serious head injury and dementia,” Thies said in an interview. “What we can anticipate is that in all those soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, 20 years from now we are going to see a big increase in the amount of Alzheimer’s that’s going to develop.”

Please read the entire article at Bloomberg

One Response to “Dementia Risk Linked to Combat Head Injury, Study Says”

  1. Superman said

    Ok let me tell you how to solve the problem its easy. If CNA refuse to send you for treatment, which will prove your injury.. it’s easy to solve the problem. Either on your other insurance if you have it or pay out of pocket. Go to another doctor get your diagnosis. If you have the VA then go there. Problem with the VA is that their medical care is very poor. But if you get the diagnosis needed great. Then have you lawyer send that to the Department of Labor proving your injury and whala.. DOL will order CNA to pay for it. This also makes CNA liable for Insurance Fraud. as they have refused medical care in Bad Faith. Making them liable for legal action.

    Personally, they have attempted the same with me and on 7 separate issues I have taken the steps mentioned above, the result was shoving it back down CNA throat 100% of the time.

    FYI.. NEVER release your VA records to any of the insurance carriers as they are protected under Federal Law and Congress. Screw them. They don’t need them. If they took care of your medical condition in the first place they wouldn’t need them.

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