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Harold Brown Jr, State Dept Contractor?, killed in CIA Khost bombing

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 1, 2010

Details Emerge on Victims of Afghan Blast

One victim was publicly identified: Harold Brown Jr., a 37-year-old native of Bolton, Mass., whose wife and three children live in the Washington suburb of Fairfax Station, Va. Mr. Brown appears to have been a relatively new CIA recruit, but had worked for several years in military intelligence or for contractors.

Bolton Mother recalls son killed in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Harold Brown Jr., 37, was in the US base in Khost, Afghanistan, Wednesday when a terrorist evaded security and detonated a bomb, killing eight Americans. Today, the CIA and President Obama acknowledged that seven of those killed were CIA agents. No one would say who employed the eighth American.

Brown’s mother, Barbara Brown, said in a telephone interview today that her son told her he worked for the State Department. She said he had been deployed to Afghanistan since April, and that he was formerly an Army officer who specialized in military intelligence.

8 Responses to “Harold Brown Jr, State Dept Contractor?, killed in CIA Khost bombing”

  1. aren’t some of these folks Blackwater people?
    who are we fooling here?

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  7. debra said

    Harold and his family were friends of ours. On this 10 year anniversary of what started it all…we pray for them. Harold was an amazing patriot, father, husband and friend. He and my husband served together. He had a wonderful sense of humor and always encouraged others to do the right thing. Let us all never forget those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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