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Dan Hoagland’s Death Sentence at the hands of AIG’s Overly Zealous Defense

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 4, 2012

Injured War Zone Contractor Dan Hoagland shares his story of medical treatment denied  by KBR/AIG resulting in a death sentence by Cancer with Sean Calleb.

Scott Bloch, Defense Base Act Attorney tells the truth about the Defense Base Act Insurance Scandal and our Defense Base Act Class Action Lawsuit.

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9 Responses to “Dan Hoagland’s Death Sentence at the hands of AIG’s Overly Zealous Defense”

  1. After reading this case it looks as though this Contractor was sent home on Temporary Medical Leave and was never even sent to any medical exam at all by AIG, but was “Denied” any Workman’s Comp. How is that legal? An injury that could have been repaired so easily and resulted in a terminal Cancer. This effects all of us, and is certainly a prime example of what and who AIG are all about…and also leaving very “Suspect” the law firms they deal with.

  2. I am Dan Hoagland’s wife, and was also a Contractor in Iraq.

    What AIG has done, and continues to do to my husband, that was so proud to serve for our Troops and Country is absolutley unbelievable.

    I believe the most outstanding abuse by AIG to my husband was that when he was sent home for Temporary Medical Leave for just dental work to be done and assured by KBR that everything would be handled by AIG insurance with no problems
    and for him to even leave all his belongings in his hooch at his FOB base because he would be returning due to his outstanding service record,
    that upon his return to the U.S., not only would AIG not return his phone calls,
    they never sent him for any medical exam, any medical assessment of any kind, and without any medical review what so ever by them here at home, sent him a “Denial of Coverage and any Workmans Comp”.

    Leaving him in extreme pain, existing dental infection and disease excelerating, and then the developement of Throat Cancer that due to no medical attention, or even income to seek medical attention for 2 long years, with nothing for pain at all increased to stage 4 cancer, now Malignant,
    with such strong effects from all the radiation and chemo daily life is a difficult struggle, and his odds of making it 5 years has slim odds.

    The continued harrassment of Dan, his doctors, never stops.

    They defied the courts orders to pay for medical billing during the 2 years he had to wait to get them to court and where the arrogance of AIG’s famous attorney Michael Thomas even delayed the final court date another 30 days so he could go on vacation to Hawaii for 30 days .

    If it weren’t for the selfless aid and work of Marcie Hascall Clark and Scott Bloch, Dan’s case would without a doubt still be stalled, and buried.

    What we have to endure now daily is very difficult, with a mountain of medical bills, and ruined credit thanks to AIG’s refusal to follow the courts orders.

    If you Contractors out there that believe for any reason your attorney is not doing everything he/she can do in your best interest, work day and night to find another. God bless Marcie Hascall Clark that gives so much of herself for all of us, and never stops.

    Is this what we proudly volunteered for, to come home to these insurance attorneys that consider our deaths…a win, a victory. It is only through bringing the truth into the open, though this web site, Marcie Hascall Clark, through any media, and also this Class Action suite that will bring about any change…for all of us that have had the backbone to go into harms way for our Troops, our Country.

  3. superman said

    Well it appears that the DOL needs to ensure that CNA & AIG are unable to WAR HAZARD any of the claimants who are involved in the DBA Class Action law suite filed last year by lawyer Scott Bloch.

    From what I have read they were all harassed by these insurance companies, therefore at least until the outcome of this Class Action, CNA & AIG should not be allowed to War Hazard any of these cases.

    I am sure you will find that the DOL has not even followed their own guidelines as it is apparent that many cases already granted War Hazard have clearly been done so improperly.

    OK DOL you can be the hero or you can implicate yourselves and make the DOL even more liable for its improper actions.

  4. superman said

    If you think Mr Hoagland case is bad go to the link below and look at the DBA Class Action case then click the link
    “Brink vs CNA ” and you can read the horror stories from the other folks that this and other insurance companies have
    harassed while injured.

    • That is so true, but the reality is that what is in store for my husband is grim, it is slow, and it is extremely painful.

      Malignant/Terminal Cancer.

      It is his own words that others have had to come home with much more serious injuries only to be put into the wrongful hands of CNA or AIG sold out attorneys.

      When we asked the interviewer why Dan was chosen for this he explained that he wanted to show the limitless extremes these people will go to in order to wrongfully deny even the simplest of injuries,
      but what those injuries can and do become without medical attention.

      Our hearts go out to all injured Miltary Contractors, Military, their families, their children, and are always in our Prayers.

      • What is extremely upsetting is that Dan had an outstanding work record for KBR, in Iraq, and when he was sent home on temporary medical leave the AIG people never even sent him for any doctors exam or assessment of any kind, and just sent him a “Denial” of any coverage.

        Then he was stuck because he couldn’t go back to KBR to pass any medical and they “Terminated” him, for medical.

        The AIG adjuster actually laughed at Dan and told him if he didn’t like it to get a lawyer.

        One year later and in incredible pain the AIG attorney M.Thomas sent Dan for an IME dental exam.

        The results of the exam were never revealed to Dan, but in that exam were all the signs of a serious throat condition and Dan should have been informed to go and have further tests…but nothing.

        It was still another year before he could get to court where he was upheld as being wrongfully denied coverage.

        He was diagnosed a week later with stage 4 throat cancer, and now is Malignant with Cancer.

        Is this how any of us are to be treated.

        Laughed at and just thrown away.

  5. We thank all of you that have taken the time and concern to view this interview of my husband Dan, and what tragedy can come from being “Wrongfully Denied” coverage by the insurance companies, and their highly paid over zealous attorneys, who count “Deaths” as “Wins”.

    We are so appreciative to Marcie Hascall Clark, her world wide Humanitarian work, her selfless and brave work she does “Daily” for all injured Contractors, and her very real to life hero husband, that is the very real “Locker Room” explosives expert, now wounded and also still fighting for the medical coverage promised by the courts, and ignored by the insurance company.

    Dan has just been asked to be in a further investigative report interview that will be aired on national news and where he will be able to discuss in further detail the realities of all this “Wrongful Denial” of medical and income benefits when turned over to the hands of these insurance companies and their attorneys, and paid doctors for any DME/IME examinations.

    We sincerely hope that all will keep attention to these web sites so we can let you know when and where this new Investigative Report will be aired.

    May God Bless you all.

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