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VA PTSD Ammended Adjudication Regulations

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 13, 2010

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is amending its  adjudication regulations governing service connection for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by liberalizing in some cases the evidentiary standard for establishing the required in-service stressor.

This amendment eliminates the requirement for corroborating that the claimed in-service stressor occurred if a stressor claimed by a veteran is related to the veteran’s fear of hostile military or terrorist activity and a VA psychiatrist or psychologist, or a psychiatrist or psychologist with whom VA has contracted, confirms that the claimed stressor is adequate to support a diagnosis of PTSD and that the veteran’s symptoms are related to the claimed stressor, provided that the claimed stressor is consistent with the places, types, and circumstances of the veteran’s service.

This amendment takes into consideration the current scientific research studies relating PTSD to exposure to hostile military and terrorist actions. The amendment acknowledges the inherently stressful nature of the places, types, and circumstances of service in which fear of hostile military or terrorist activities is ongoing. With this amendment, the evidentiary standard of establishing an in-service stressor will be reduced in these cases. The amendment will facilitate the timely processing of PTSD claims by simplifying the development and research procedures that apply to these claims.

2 Responses to “VA PTSD Ammended Adjudication Regulations”

  1. I know that you have gotten numerous replys to this update however I must ask. Will this update help veterans of the Viet-Nam error? I have been thru a number of channels, provided statements and proof that were required by the VA and have undergone treatments. My DD-214 clearly states I was in a combat area but there is always the request for just a little more or this did not answer the specific criteria the reviewer was looking for. Nothing aganst the Soldiers of the present war but it seem they have very little to do to file and be awarded PTSD compensation. Does Amercia turn it back on those that have served in past wars?

  2. superman said

    PTSD, as someone who has delt with both the Insurance companies CNA or AIG and the VA.. first the VA will provide care. Incompetant care, in appropriate care and they refuse to write anything in their doctors notes that would allow the veteran to obtain a high compensation rating. They leave the key words out. I had to go get civilian Care for every aspect of my case and injuries for proper diagnosis prior to receiving anything from the VA.

    As for CNA or AIG Insurance company for those who have worked for the Government after their military service and are covered under DBA. Well CNA and AIG will malinger and avoid treatment. You cant get care. These folks are worse than Al Queda!!. They will litigate at the Department of Labor for a year before you get any care. This is why there are many suicides in the DBA world, catch is they do everything they can to conceal these events.

    I hope one day we have a President with some BALLS that will go out their and do the right thing, not just do things for political reasons. Remember many of us Protected these Diplomats, the same ones that won’t help us when we return home injured.

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