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Department of Labor Refusal to find CNA in 18(a) default of order

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on December 22, 2011

As referenced in the previous post Department of Labor District Offices Dead in the Water Scott Bloch filed a request to find CNA in 18(a) Default of an Order on behalf of Merlin Clark on September 16, 2011.

Merlin Clark has been denied medical by CNA since 2005 after being blown up in 2003.  An order signed by an ALJ and issued by the Jacksonville District Director in October of 2010 has not been complied with.

After giving CNA nearly a year to comply this request was filed just prior to the one year deadline for doing so.  It’s not that they did not have the opportunity for nearly year to comply, if not five prior years to live up to their contractual obligations to the taxpayer.

Yet this 18 (a) Request for a Default has been denied due process.  Three additional months of non compliance on top of nearly a year.  No attempts by CNA to bs their way out until this issue was posted here on the blog.  They know there is no consequence to them when they do not comply with orders.

Instead of issuing a supplemental order  and allowing Mr. Clark to exercise his rights outside of this broken Administrative Law System the District Director has taken it upon himself to attempt to mediate this already decided claim yet again.

Where does this Not Very Merry Go Round stop, if ever?

Why does the Department of Labor repeatedly side with the insurance company with no regard to the health and well being of injured war zone contractors and their families?

Who is benefiting from this?

12 Responses to “Department of Labor Refusal to find CNA in 18(a) default of order”

  1. Vince said

    As I mentioned before, I think someone in the Department of Labor is being paid to drag out these cases. I would ask to see the directors financial records, I would bet a pretty penny that either he or someone in his family are getting money from insurance companies. Why else would they blatantly make it near impossible to collect on benefits owed to injured or killed contractors repeatedly?

    We accept the risk of going over there based on the assumption that if we are injured or killed the benefits afforded to us under contract will financially protect us and our family’s from catastrophic costs associated with medical care.

  2. sandsucker said

    This is disgusting. Revolutions have been fought over far less. AIG and CNA have hired so many former DOL employees that the DOL is controlled by them. My representatives, Pelosi and Boxer have never replied to any of my letters or emails concerning the DBA or AIG. Turns out AIG donated over $100,000 to Pelosi. Her husband owns hundreds of thousands of dollars in AIG stock.

  3. To see how CNA and AIG are endagering lives in multiple types of insurance please view :

    To see how the Obama and Bush administrations DOL and DOJ Directors allow corporations to violate laws repeatedly and protect banks that launder drug money for mass murdering cartels (including Wachovia Bank laundering $378 billion and Bank of America laundering $3 billion and no one gets prosecuted) please view the links seen at :

    Obama and Bush and their DOL and DOJ Directors are guilty of mass murder and massive reckless endangerment for protecting these huge corporate crimes that are destroying the lives of so many very sick and dying human beings !!

    God please be with us all as we live through the worlds leaders intentional destruction of justice and the intentional destruction of America and the world !!

  4. Anonymousonpurpose said


    Little solace for all of the psychological and physical pain these vile, evil, self serving insider pricks have thrown upon us!

    It is still unbelievable that a federal ALJ can completely ignore the law, rule the exact opposite of the way the law is written, and then be UPHELD by the damn BRB!!!

    When you have proof positive you were injured in a war zone and then your lawyer falsely leads you to another jurisdiction where the Judges ALWAYS find against the contractors, then fails to even put in a brief arguing your case…you know the fix is in!


    One day, I will prevail, as I hope you do too website admins…

    Good luck to us all in the coming year!

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the culos of all these no good conspirators! They are GUILTY! May they rot in hell alongside Bin Laden, Hitler, and Kim Jung il who they are no better than!

    That is all.

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  6. Can you please write a post and tell us more about if CNA defied a Court order in Merlin Clark’s case.

    I have evidence that insurers are defying Court orders and Workers Comp Commissions orders to pay medical in Workers Comp in the U.S.

    Part of the evidence can be seen at

    I also have another injured worker in Nashville who had an insurance company defy a Court order to pay medical. He said he will provide his name if a Grand Jury asks me to provide it.

    As mentioned in my comment above this is a small portion of the deadly organized crimes that have been protected by Obama and Bush and can be seen at

    • Mr Clark had to sign a non disclosure as to the details of his stipulated agreement which CNA wrongly calls a settlement. He is only supposed to say that it is “settled” but yes we can say that CNA has defied an order and that they have not paid for any of Mr Clarks Medical since 2004.

      Orders for indemnity, or lost wages, carry a 20% fine so are more often paid in a timely manner. If your District DIrector remembers to include this in the order.

      Orders for medical care and other issues do not carry a fine and as you can see here on the blog the insurance companies ruthlessly defy them and it is with no consequence.

      The only option an injured contractor has is to ask the District Director to sign a supplemental order of default which allows the injured to take this out of the Administrative Law System which obviously has no teeth and into the District Courts.

      In the Administrative Law System the insurance company will get off scott free for further injury and suffering caused by not providing medical care.

      Untreated TBI, PTSD, Pain and more not only destroy the injured but also the families that are left to fend for themselves without as much as counseling to help them understand why or to learn how to deal with the daily issues.

      This is happening to hundreds if not thousands of Injured War Zone Contractors and from what we hear it is common practice in our other government mandated insurance schemes.

      • Thank you Marcie !!

        I am sorry for the suffering this has caused Merlin and his family and many more injured contractors who are experiencing the same !!

        You wrote : “Orders for indemnity, or lost wages, carry a 20% fine so are more often paid in a timely manner. Orders for medical care and other issues do not carry a fine and as you can see here on the blog the insurance companies ruthlessly defy them and it is with no consequence.”

        It is evil and insane for the government to allow defiance of orders of medical treatmemnt to carry no fine !! As we know they do not even enforce any of the laws !!

        There is so much evil being allowed I believe the leaders of the Obama and Bush administration must be psychopaths.

        I respect everyone’s spiritual beliefs but I have seen so much evil, including Wachovia laundering $378 BILLION for the murderous Mexican cartels and no one was prosecuted, I cannot help but wonder if this is so evil it is the wickedness in high places mentioned in Ephesians 6:12 of the Bible.

        NBC Links Prove A 12 year Old San Diego Boy Was Kidnapped and Forced To Decapitate Four People For the Cartels !!

        40,000 Murders Have Occurred Since 2006 !! 35 Bodies Were Recently Dumped in Front of a Busy Mall !!

        Many People are Disemboweled and Hung from Mexican Bridges !!

        American Farmers on the Border Are Moving Their Families Off of Their Farms and Wearing Bullet Proof Vests !!
        Numerous Corporations have violated laws repeatedly while giving huge contributions to Obama and Bush as seen at :

  7. Shafted by his own lawyer said

    scum bag lawyers like one particular in Tampa, FL refuse to defend their clients properly and are clearly part of the conspiracy with the Insurance companies and the DOL. They feel that,,”O well this contractor only got paid $30k a year then got a job making $100k got hurt and now they have life benefits at current value $65k” This lawyer along with the DOL are so far out to lunch they should be prosecuted for their lack of legal ethics.

    Let me make it easy enough for a child to understand. If you are in college working at McDonalds making say $7 a hour. Then you graduate and get a job paying $50 an hour. Now when you get hurt should you resort back to your previous job at $7 an hour and receive compensation for that? I think not. With dirt bag lawyers out there that have this mentality and refuse to properly defend their clients, how is a system going to work.

    This lawyer knows who I am talking about as he frequents this site. Just remember…. what comes around goes around !!!! Don’t think you got off the hook… you are knee deep it this and you will have to answer for your unethical ways… its time to find a new career because this career is coming to a screeching halt.

    • Causally Connected said

      I know exactly the attorney “Team” you are referring to and you are absolutely correct. I was able to “Escape” from the attorney in Florida before my second case for “Causally connected” fatal injuries goes to Court. The attorney in Fl. had stalled my case for almost 3 years, trying with all he had to keep me in his client little “Boxes”. Do not trust this team in Florida, it may cost you your very life which to them is only in terms of a “Bargaining tool” with AIG. His unethical ways are a humor to him which is already in the works of being exposed. Thank God for Marcie, who is brave enough to give so much for so many of us that have been so wronged and actually throws us a rope when we are deep in the sewer water with these sold out attorneys.

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  9. […] of Liberty Mutual, gave his seal of approval to CNA’s lies by refusing to find them in default of an order that he signed himself.  It took seven years to get this […]

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