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At Least 59 Civilian Contractor Deaths Filed on in Second Quarter of 2012

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 3, 2012

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According to the Department of Labor’s Defense Base Act Claim Summary Reports there were at least 59 Civilian Contractor Deaths filed on in the second quarter of 2012.

Keep in mind that these numbers are not an accurate accounting of Contractor Casualties as many injuries and deaths are not reported as Defense Base Act Claims. Also, many of these injuries will become deaths due to the Defense Base Act Insurance Companies denial of medical benefits.

Many foreign national and local national contractors and their families are never told that they are covered under the Defense Base Act and so not included in the count.

6 Contractor Deaths this quarter were in Iraq

42 Contractor Deaths  were in Afghanistan

1 Contractor Death is Nation Pending

1 Contractor Death  in the United States

1 Contractor Death in the  United Arab Emirates

2 Contractor Deaths in Qatar

1 Contractor Death in Columbia

1 Contractor Death in Pakistan

1 Contractor Death in Liberia

1 Contractor Death in Mozambique

1 Contractor Death in Tajikistan

At least 2, 685  Defense Base Act Claims were filed during this quarter

At least 59 were death claims

At least 1074 were for injuries requiring longer than 4 days off work

At least  92 were for injuries requiring less than 4 days off work

At least 1460were for injuries requiring no time off of work

A total of 87, 505  Defense Base Act Claims have been filed since September 1, 2001

Contact for questions regarding these numbers

6 Responses to “At Least 59 Civilian Contractor Deaths Filed on in Second Quarter of 2012”

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  2. Widow in California said

    When my husband died I was devistated. My best friend told me to file a workers comp claim. I told her, “He’s not hurt, he’s dead.” She told me to file it anyway, that there should be some sort of benefits for myself and our daughter. I went to three workers comp attorney’s, it wasn’t until the third one did they tell me I needed a “federal workers comp attorney”. All the workers comp attorney’s in my home town were “state workers comp”. There is a difference. Even when I called the company he worked for to inform them of his death, they never mentioned workers comp. I believe there are people that have missed the deadline to file for claims because they are unaware that they have a claim to file on.

    • Maria said

      My husband left for Afgan…as a civilian contactor…probably going to Kandara…I am sorry for your loss…I shouldn’t be reading articles but I am so intune with my husband being there. I feel lost because I don’t know what is going on with him there. It has been very hard for me but I know that we will see the end of the tunnel…I am deeply sorry for your loss….Maria

  3. Defense Base Act Compensation Blog is highlighted the ratio values of Civilian Contractor Deaths Filed on in Second Quarter of 2012

  4. Cheryl said

    How do I report my friend to your list…she is a civilian NGO that has been missing since October 2009

  5. Marjorie Jones said

    My brother worked as a contractor for ITT(7yrs).He died while at work talking to one of his co workers on April 07,2012. His name was Tony Santiago(32) he was in Dohar Qatar Camp As Sayliyah. There was no autopsy performed we were told he died of a cardiac arrest. He did not have heart issues. When we took my brother to the morgue the funeral director told us he was never embalmed. It took them 6 days to get his body here. I would like to know the out come of his investigation. How would I go about this. Thank you.

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