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The Defense Base Act Compensation Blog

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on October 26, 2008

Welcome to the Defense Base Act

$$$$   We are the Best Kept Secret of the Wars   $$$$

DoL Jacksonville District Office and CNA

Blood on their Hands

 Is the Department of Labor covering up for companies who fail to provide DBA Insurance and those who fail to file claims, late or never?

and how should the taxpayer feel about them hiring “Reputation Management” Firms to cover up their cover ups?

CNA Lies to the DoL

Civilian Contractor Casualty Count

Our Fallen Contractors Memorial

At Least 121 Civilian Contractor Deaths in Third Quarter of 2012

At Least 59 Civilian Contractor Deaths in Second Quarter of 2012

At Least 49 Civilian Contractor Deaths filed on in First Quarter of 2012

At Least 418 Civilian Contractor Deaths in 2011

After Injury, The Battle Begins House Oversight Committee

“Something cruel, heartless and cynical took place in the back rooms of carriers with responsibility for civilian claims. If you like Edgar Alan Poe, you’ll love the claims files of AIG and CNA.”

War Hazards Act pays Insurance Companies

more for expenses

than to Claimants for compensation

Class Action Tax Misclassification filed against Xe, Formerly Blackwater

CNA May Finally Face Criminal Charges

Eysslinck Vs Ronco Consulting Injustice Prevails

CNA’s Double Agent in South Africa




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10 Responses to “The Defense Base Act Compensation Blog”

  1. John Jones said

    I have been looking for the documeny “Workmans compensation A guide for the employee” or alternatively a guide to how benefits are paid out. I am new to the disuccion board so forgive me if it here and I havent noticed.

  2. John Jones said

    Sorry, my e mail adress was given incorrectly

  3. defensebaseactcomp said

    The Defense Base Act Workmans Compensation
    A guide for the employee
    is a website where you can find links to the Defense Base Act, the War Hazards Act, and the Longshore Harborworkers Workmans Compensation Act which is the basis for the DBA.

    The Acts themselves do not seem so complicated.
    The Defense Base Act pretty well states what benefits you are entitled to and how much.
    Then the insurance companies, their lawyers, and oddly enough the Department of Labors Claims examiners will “interpret” the Act in ways which are often detrimental to the injured contractor.
    When you get as far as a hearing, which can take as long as six years, you may then find the AOlJ Judge and Benefits Review Boards “interpreting” the Acts as well.
    These interpretations are said to be based on past determinations, which were also based on interpretations of the DBA.
    Good luck with your research.
    Please feel free to share any answers you find.

  4. Barry said

    I have just received a written response from the Department of Justice regarding my request for information and an investigation of the organized insurance company crimes in multiple forms of insurance, including the DBA crimes that have been listed on this and other DBA websites.

    Normally I would not post anything this sensitive on a website but I am doing so because I am concerned for my safety because of the extreme lack of conscience of the insurance companies involved, and their awareness that I am seeking widespread prosections for organized crime.

    You can see the combined evidence by going to

    Thanks to this DBA blog administrator and all of you for allowing me to post here !!

    Barry Schmittou

  5. jayhawk said

    If the people that represent you arent doing anything about this crap then vote them out. We need just one congressperson with the guts to investigate these criminals. YES THEY ARE CRIMINALS…i have ptsd from being shot and 12 months of convoy and recovery.
    i also spent 10 months at a place called bucca till my feet went bad from walking on large rocks. kbr had the audacity to say it wasnt work related..guess thats sop for the a holes. between a.i.g. , k.b.r. and the labor dept. how can a person win? the deck is stacked and it was before we even got there. the sad thing is no one in gov’t cares..oh they will give lib service but in 5 years i havent seen any one has been hired at labor to handle these cases since the war began and a.i.g. is protected by the gov’t because of their campaign contributions. kbr is just as bad if not worse.

  6. Ms Sparky said

    Sorry to hear American Contractors got hi-jacked. That is very messed up! Who would have the unmitigated gall and pretentious audacity to do something so heinous?

    Way to prevail. I have changed all my links to from .com to .org

    It’s been great working with you this year. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  7. Zweenna said

    I have come to an agreement with the insurance carrier for the DBA and their attorneys. I am supposed to sign it and send it back then they will send it to the Department of Labor for approval. My consern is that in the settlement agreement the way they portrayed my medical history lokks like none of my injuries were work related…they have omitted my side and filled it full of their opinions. Does this matter if we have come to a settlement agreement? Can the DOL not approve the settlement? The orginal filing was from 2007, I am ready to get this done and over with but I don’t want to sign it if there is a possiblity that DOL won’t approve it. Anyone have any information on this or has anyone’s settlement ever been denied by DOL?

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Please be very careful. These Attorneys for the Insurance Companies know every trick in the book.
      If you are being offered a cash settlement that you feel is fair it may not matter.
      But they do not always come through with what they are offering AND a settlement is often just an agreement to pay you monthly and provide medical.
      In this case, if you sign papers that misrepresent your true medical condition and their cause it will be the same as if you admitted your injuries were not work related and make you out to be a liar.
      You simply cannot trust these cut throat insurance company attorneys.

      • anonymousonpurpose said


        How can you tell when a Lawyer is well hung???

        He stops twitching…hehehehe


        Good luck to you. They offered me $25,000 for herniated discs all up and down my back! I told them stick that low ball where the sun don’t shine! One day I will prevail!!!!!!!!!!!

        p.s. Please excuse my current Lawyer from the above joke, really think he is a stand-up guy.

  8. walleye said

    Bout freakin time…”we arent going to compensate you for ptsd… it was included in your wound went back to iraq”
    the three “reasons”…after i was tested and proved it..

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