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Defense Base Act Insurance Company CNA’s TPA Private Investigator/Interrogator in South Africa: From SpyKids to Double Agent

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 9, 2011

Since this was posted Injured Contractors “covered” by CNA in South Africa have been intimidated, had their lives threatened, and their family members have been threatened.


South African Injured Contractors want to know:

“Since when is it ok for honest injured contractors suffering from “TBI” AND “PTSD” plus others who lost legs and arms and even eyes to be investigated by criminals and people who served terrorist dictators????

According to those SA Injured Contractors we’ve spoken with this double agent has promised them

“the world, the stars and the moon, even telling them that he will see that they get better and higher amounts for mileage traveled than what CNA are currently paying”

All an attempt to placate them while CNA continues to screw them over.

Well at least they hired a professional liar and thug this time.

Kevin Woods Convicted Murderer

Were you forced to deal with this man in an attempt to get your Defense Base Act Benefits?

All three were serving life prison sentences and several attempts have been made, to get them earlier released, a violent one by the apartheid South African government in 1988 and Nelson Mandela as well as Thabo Mbeki have pleaded with Robert Mugabe, to pardon them, Mandela on a state visit in 1997 and Thabo Mbeki on several occasions after he became President.

Frequently they have been described as political prisoners and Peter Stiff described them as the last POW’s (Prisoners of War) of the South African Conflict in his book Warfare by other Means.

But were they really political prisoners or POW’s?

Let’s have a look at their past.

All three had been recruited after Zimbabwe became independent in 1980 into Project Barnacle that was later renamed Civil Cooperation Bureau, an apartheid South African death squad, that can take credit for countless extra judicial killings inside and outside South Africa.

They were recruited by a former Rhodesian police officer by the name of Brian, his correct name was Gary Branfield.

Branfield was also responsible for the planning of the terror attack on Gaborone on 14th June 1985. He died two years ago as mercenary in Iraq

He formed a murder squad in Zimbabwe involving only Zimbabwean citizens.

The group, codename Juliet, consisted of

– Kit Bawden, ex Rhodesian Soldier, gang leader –

– Michael Smith, Ex Rhodesian soldier, born in Bulawayo, who after Zimbabwe’s independence served for a short while in apartheid South Africa’s terror and destruction gang, called Reconnaissance Commando. He then returned to Zimbabwe and served as farm manager in Chikari.

– Barry Bawden, cousin of Kit Bawden

– Guy Bawden, brother of Kit Bawden

– Kevin Woods, former officer in the Special Branch of the British South Africa Police

– Philipp Conjwayo, former British South Africa Police officer, not member of the inner circle of that group, apartheid also here.

All of them were united by their hatred for black majority rule and their admiration for apartheid South Africa.

Their first task was the murder of Oliver Tambo, ANC president with a car bomb, while Tambo was attending a ceremony at the Heroes acre in Harare.

The plan was later abandoned for unknown reasons.

Next came the attempted assassination of Jeremy Brickhill on 13th October 1987.

Brickhill was a journalist and apartheid enemy. Pretoria decided, that he has to be murdered.

Guy Bawden planted a bomb under Brickhill’s car, when it was parked at a shopping center and detonated it. Brickhill survived that assassination attempt, albeit with severe injuries, His abdomen was ripped open, his left leg and hip severely injured and he had to undergo several operations first in Harare and then London and remained permanently disfigured and disabled. Eighteen people nearby were also injured.

Next came apparently the kidnapping and smuggling of an ANC cadre by the name of Jabulani to South Africa.

This was followed by a bomb attack on an ANC safe house in Bulawayo on 11 January 1988.

This attack was specifically hideous, as the gang including Philipp Conjwayo recruited an unsuspecting Malawian jobseeker, Obert Mwanza, to drive the bomb loaded car to the ANC house and hoot at the gate.

This was the signal for Kevin Woods and Kit Bawden for the remote detonation of the car from a safe distance. Mwanza died, one ANC man was severely injured.

The Zimbabwean police arrested Woods, Smith, Conjwayo and Guy and Barry Bawden. Except for Guy Bawden they were all sentenced to death in November 1988, later on the Supreme Court converted it to life imprisonment.

Guy Bawden was charged for the attempted assassination of Jeremy Brickhill, however the Police could not prove it, he was released on medical grounds in 1990.

Kit Bawden managed to escape to South Africa.

That was, however, not the end to it.

The CCB decided, even before they were convicted, to free them.

Again this plan was cooked up by Major Brian, who never appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, assuming, that he could get away with all of it.

They recruited a white Zimbabwean army pilot by the name of Gary Kane. The plan was, to attack the prison van, that was ferrying the prisoners from the prison to the court, free the prisoners and pick the whole party up with a helicopter to be stolen by Gary Kane.

Part of the ground attack party was assembled in Namibia, later on reassembled and supposed to drive via Kazungula border post from Botswana into Zimbabwe.

Here everything went wrong, for them as their car was searched and they try to flee.

The Botswana police managed to arrest one guy by the name of Sammy Beahan, he was deported later on to Zimbabwe and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The other part of the attack party, who had entered Zimbabwe from South Africa ran into problems as well, the stolen Helicopter picked them up and they managed to escape to Redcliff, where a South African plane was waiting for them, however not before shooting and severely injuring a 11 year old girl, who was watching them out of curiosity.

Were they political prisoners? Certainly not.

They were simply mercenaries, Zimbabweans killing foreign freedom fighters or their supporters and on the payroll of a foreign country.

They were given later on South African citizenship, before the apartheid government went out of office.

Now the buck was passed on to the new South African government, to look after them as well.

Mugabe was right not to release them on the request of Nelson Mandela, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Thabo Mbeki.

Nobody could have blamed him, if he would not have pardoned them now.

A few quotes on Kevin Woods:

He is a cowardly killer, capable of shooting anyone in the back.

Woods is a snivelling coward. He should answer for the murder of Eric Roberts – he is no hero.

9 Responses to “Defense Base Act Insurance Company CNA’s TPA Private Investigator/Interrogator in South Africa: From SpyKids to Double Agent”

  1. dante said

    Thanks for exposing this.

    Makes a lot of sense now why my husband’s police file disappeared with impunity if these sort of people were in CNA’s pay. The US government just loves these types of thugs, anything to get their corporations off the hook.

    Do you know anything about a certain Pieter Stofberg? And Henk Liebenberg.

    Will be watching this space for a while.

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  3. dante said

    julle is ‘n klomp lafards, waar is die kommentar? Te bang vir wat, hulle weet in elk geval nie wie jy is nie as jy nie jou regtigte naam noeem nie.
    Ek weet hoe bedreig baie van julle voel maar dit beteken nie die die KEVIN WOODS van die wereld ‘n rol in ons lewens moet speel nie, gaan aan en ontbloot wat hy en CNA doen, ons het niks om te veloor nie, hoe de fok het julle in elk geval met die klomp deurmekaar geraak?

    die punt is jy skryf nie met aantygings en “then just fade from the scene”. back them up with more than remote history. WAT het hy onlangs gedoen om jou die moer in maak??????

  4. Superman said

    Don’t worry this scum bag would never come to the USA because someone would make this scum bag disappear!!

    But you need to understand he is part of the same system that General Fay is working with. The art of deception..

    But never forget many in the game .. many of the injured have the same training as Fay and his scum cohorts..

    Bring it on.. we are waiting.

    I just home Fay will be one of those who will be jailed.

    • dante said

      Who is General Fay and what is his connection with this case?
      it does not help anyone if you speak in riddles.

      Of course this war criminal has already been and will continue to travel to the USA because he is employed by CNA based in Chicago and you won’t even know about it.
      With death threats recently issued against claimants and their families this whole DBA insurance farce has gotten way out of control, its not a mere administrative courtroom game any longer.

      Hope and pray that the Covington cabal judges who caused this fiasco in the first place choke on their New Orleans polluted shrimps tomorrow night at their annual longshore Borgata.

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