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Untreated PTSD Endangers Families and Others-Donald Henson a result of AIG’s Deadly Mistreatment of Injured Contractors

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on October 19, 2012

Accused Saco gunman had raised red flags

The man’s wife had gotten a protection order and police saw disturbing signs before Tuesday’s standoff.

Perhaps AIG and their claims adjusters, and their  attorneys should be arrested for this

Portland Press Herald

BIDDEFORD — The wife of a Saco man accused of shooting at her and her mother and burning a house down Tuesday had secured a protection-from-abuse order against him on Monday.

Donald A. Henson, 47, was arrested Tuesday night after a three-hour standoff with police at his mother-in-law’s house at 645 Goodwin Mills Road in Dayton. He is charged with aggravated attempted murder, arson and terrorizing.

Police say he shot at his wife and mother-in-law and set two houses and a pickup truck on fire.

Henson made his initial court appearance Wednesday in Biddeford District Court. Justice Paul Fritzsche did not ask him to enter a plea. Henson was being held in the York County Jail on $250,000 cash bail.

Prosecutors had requested $100,000 bail. Fritzsche said he raised it because of Henson’s “incredibly dangerous behavior.”

Henson did not speak during his arraignment. B.J. Broder, the lawyer representing him, said Henson has post-traumatic stress disorder and is disabled.

Broder said Henson was injured in Iraq in 2009 while working as a civilian contractor and it appears that he doesn’t understand his rights because of his mental state.

In an email sent Tuesday morning to Biddeford District Court, a Saco Police Department representative said officers were concerned about Henson’s potential for “homicidal/suicidal” actions

Please read the entire story here

2 Responses to “Untreated PTSD Endangers Families and Others-Donald Henson a result of AIG’s Deadly Mistreatment of Injured Contractors”

  1. Widow in California said

    This story has sent chills through me. The gun, the explosive anger, and how it had to come to this before they could legally do anything. The family members are very lucky that he didn’t follow through with his threats. Why did he get released from treatment with all this anger? This is not normal angry behavior! He was OUT OF CONTROL and if could have cost three people their lives. Not to mention the trauma they have gone through, the loss of their homes, and just the horror that a person you loved did all this to you. I am sure he left a loving husband and father. But they sent back a man with a wound that you can’t see. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

    • AIG, along with my own layers, labor department, doctors, and everyone working on my side is actually working for AIG. AIG intended to kill me three times. I reported the incidents to my lawyer, because AIG was directly the one tryign to do it, but thanks goodness that I found a good person who always kept tract of what AIG tried to do to me. AIG was even told by this professional to stop, because they were going to kill me, but they did not stop, they continued to do things against me in order to kill me. Why? because they know that dea I am worth less than being a live, because they have to pay more in compensation, back disability pay, and medical treatment, than they would, if I was dead. So, this is the reason they tried. I have the proof, if anyone needs it. I am sure that many of the people that was injured in Iraq has been treated the same way, btu I am not sure whether they know that AIG wants them dead. As a result, I lost my marriage and my children, because I went nuts. My lawyer in the other hand, he claims there is nothing he can do about it, he questions me why I haven’t recovered completely, and he doesn’t even remember what happened to me. Now, the question is, why AIG gets away with it, because, even the federal judge is on their side. “That is what I was actually told by the AIG layers, that I either took a settlement or lose the case, because the judge was going to decide on their favor. What judge was that? Richard Abrey. Further, the person in charge of my case in the labor department never respond to my calls, or even reply to my letters, but I heard that she was talking to AIG lawyers in more than a friendly manner and laughing about the way they were treating me. In fact, after I sent her a letter she talked to my lawyer, what they said, I have no idea, but ever since I lost my benefits, my lawyer is not even returning my calls, and claims that all the issues I have and the treatment I received, I had to pay for it and that whatever is going own at the momentis not AIG’s responsibility, because the stress I am in, has nothing to do with me being depress and in pain. I know people that were killed, I actually have their pictures and their families were left unatended, others were injured and nothing was done to help them. I have many, many documents to prove my statements. If you are one of the persons waiting for AIG to take care of you, becarefult, because they are trying to kill like they did to me. SPecially if your AIG adjuster is John Gillette and Jeff Christia. These two and the father of John Gillette are taking thinngs personal and care less about the orders of a federal judge. I will release the name of the lawyers, doctors, judges, labor department people that are invilved in all of this and making a mockery of the court house. Even the Judge Richard Abrey is not doing anything to follow-up with this case. I need help, I need help, I need help, before something serious happen, because I am already tire and it will not be my fault for whatever that happen.

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